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Picking a profile name: do's and don'ts

Please have a good think about your profile name before you register it and make sure you're really happy with it, as changing your profile name at a later stage will cost a small fee.

  • Ideally, a profile name should give other members an idea about your preferred fighting style.
  • Profile names referring to your location are also good (but be aware that if you move, changing your profile name will cost a small fee.)
  • Erotic profile names are not allowed; if you register one anyway, you will be forced to change it.
  • Avoid profile names that are similar to profile names already in use; while not against the rules, it's impolite to steal someone else's thunder.
  • Avoid profile names that refer to your actual age, as your actual age will change every year. Referring to your year of birth avoids that problem ("XXXXXX1999" is timeless; "XXXXXX20" will be out of date in a year's time.)

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