New Support Request

My profile is suspended for a violation of site policy.

You can log on when the suspension expires.

Appeals process:

If you are being falsely accused of using multiple profiles, you may appeal.
To do so, follow the instructions below precisely:

  • Open a support request using the form below. Be sure to mention the profile names involved.
  • Provide conclusive proof that you, and the other profile(s), are indeed different people who have been sharing a computer. A clear photo showing the two of you together is sufficient.
  • After the support request is open, attach this photo.
Please fill out this form to submit a new Support Request.
We will notify you at this address.
  • Try to explain your problem the best you can.
  • Also, please try to remain civil even if you are feeling upset. Our supporters are people too; they will be happier to help you if you are nice and calm.
  • We will try to respond to your request within a day.