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Freedom of speech on #meetfighters

Freedom of speech on #MeetFighters
As some of you noticed, we had to point out our ToS and limited the main Chatroom #meetfighters to fight related topics as some political discussions went out of hand.
It did not even take one day until some comments and support cases were raised with concerns about the ‘freedom of speech’ on MeetFighters (chat room). I want to clarify a few things here as this topic goes on until today. Freedom of speech in its original interpretation can’t be taken away by a rule in a chatroom on a website done by one administrator. Only when a government suppresses specific topics, it can be considered a violation against the freedom of speech.
But I know that today the term freedom of speech gets used more loosely mainly on the internet. Limiting a chatroom to a specific topic does not qualify as restricting your right to freedom of speech. That would only be true if MeetFighters and the #meetfighters chatroom would be the only platform in the whole world where you could talk about your politics. I think we can agree that this is not true. The next private conversation, #policts room, or even website is just one click away. I do allow politics in our Chat, for that we have the chatroom #politcs you are happy to discuss any pearls of wisdom there.
I only ask you to respect the ruleset of our main chatroom. Like our website, this room should mirror the website’s main topic, fighting. And that’s all behind the rule. I’m not a bad guy suppressing the subject of politics (again, use the #politc room :) ); I’m a guy pushing the subject of fighting.
Do you remember the 1st of April when all avatars on the website got switched to food pics? Most of you had an excellent laugh, but I also received a few comments: “This is a fighting site WTF are you doing. I cancel my membership, you suck.” Turning this now around: You are all right, this is a website about fighting, so let’s not talk about politics here (or food, except you know a RALLY tasty steak recipe!)

It is not fun to write these lines (and I’m mainly doing this to point future support requests to it). But even with a few loud screaming keyboard worriers, trolls and self-called ‘fighters for justice,’ I will not change my mind; this website is for fighting, if you have to talk about politics move one or use the designated #politics room. Please stop calling me or us the breaker of freedom of speech. The buzzword “freedom of speech” gets used way too often out of context.
If your still not convinced, you may try the following self-experiment: go to the next police officer and call him ****, and you experience the most important lesson: “Freedom of speech” does not equal “freedom of consequences.” Let’s all respect each other, and please respect my decision as a site owner for my #MeetFighters chat room.
And I’m aware most of you guys thanked me for these rules, and are very happy about them. It is always the small majority who screams the loudest.
Thank you for understanding.
Stay safe!

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