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On Reflection………..

Thank you to everyone who replied to my earlier blog & wrote to me privately, both here in the UK & abroad. I was very touched & a bit tearful.
(Also the guys at John1953 meet at Pippas yesterday especially John himself, Physical & Squash lad.)
As one of more forceful messages expressed it, I need to use some willpower to deal with my "addiction" lol
Leaving the site would mean losing my extensive collection of recommendations built up over several years. As someone said I will just end up rewriting them at a later date. (Even more time on the site !) A couple of people told me they do actually consult them & find them useful when considering a new opponent.
Finally what other site would the admin send you a personal message suggesting you reconsider.
I am very lucky to be part of such a community, so international & cosmopolitan, who look out for one another.
Why would anyone want to leave ?
So on reflection I am staying.

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Time to say goodbye………..

After many happy years on meetfighters the time has come to bid a fond farewell to you all.
The reason is this site is just to addictive & there are other things I wish to do.
This is not a total severance of my ties with the wrestling world , still want to attend the Manchester meets organised by old & very dear friend Matworker & the Clash of Titans in America. I am also in the process of talking to some guys about meetings in the near future which I hope will go ahead . More than likely I will be back on this site with my tail between my legs in a few weeks!
A big thank you to the guys at meetfighters, what a brilliant site! Also a big thanks to all my past opponents especially the ones who wrote me recommendations & had repeat matches with. To those people who ignored or refused my request for a match, I forgive you ! (Shame about your lack of discernment though lol !)
I am gonna leave my profile up for a few days before I hit the delete button

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