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What I’m looking for (or, ‘Biceps, bulges and big BIG weights’)

Hi MF Community,

Still being very new, but beginning to find my way around, I thought it would make sense to be a bit clearer about what I’m looking for, as it might not quite fit everyone else.


I want to put at least an inch on every body part.
I want to bench with 40kg dumbbells in each hand with ease.
I want thighs that burst out of my workout tights.
I want a massive, rock hard arse.
I want traps that explode with veins when I crunch my arms together.
I want to push myself harder and longer than I ever thought capable of.

Want to lift with me?
I’m in London.
Want to force me to workout/report back?
Online encouragement is cool too but standing over me, telling me not to stop, forcing me to flex until my whole body shakes, telling me that I’m stretching the tape measure...well, that’s pretty hot, right?

So get involved.


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hugefan (105 platinum) 4/10/2019 10:50 AM

That is quite a niche request for what is site for fighters to meet others to fight in whatever form, wrestling, boxing, judo etc. However if you keep posting progress pictures who am I to complain. Your doing a grand job so far, great proportion as well as size, hope you find someone to help and look forward to updates.


Thebrat (0) 4/10/2019 1:25 PM

Thank you for the feedback - I know it is and so thought it would be helpful to outline it in a blog. There are Forced Workout/Strength Fetish Forums so I thought why not!

I hope that the Community continues to make me as welcome as you do, and I’ll keep you posted!


rasslin bodybuilder (147) 4/11/2019 2:11 PM

bro, if you are here in the US with me, i WILL def make sure you will grow as big as fuck, get all swole up with me, online encouragements are cool but nothing beats the real time of flexing, slapping your muscles and tell you that i wanted to see you bursting out of hose shirts/tights, flexing with me and making you do the same! i work out shirtless al the time here and nothing beats the real flexing, veins popping out on neck, arms, chest after a thorough pump and having another guy doing that with me, thats a dream coming true.


gymrat (18 bronze) 4/14/2019 2:32 PM

I want to put at least an inch on every body part."

And who doesn't? :-)

At the end you say you want to push yourself harder and longer.... and that, along with great nutrition, lots of rest is what it takes. Youth helps a lot too!

You might want to check out my blog. I'm naturally on the small side, and WAY old for this nonsense, but it contains some solid info.



Thebrat (0) 4/14/2019 6:19 PM

(In reply to this)

Thank you - I will be sure to take a look!

Thanks for taking the time to comment, too.