Closed Issues

Search by interestFighterGuyyClosed[5] (2 votes)
Ranking FeatureStrikeFighterClosed[1_5] (4 votes)
Small suggestion for Recommendations FeatureStrikeFighterClosed
need to keep the Main Menu on the left of the page - no matter whereK400KClosed
new windows pop up during browsing - options...K400KClosed
Show the number of recommendationsFighterGuyyClosed
Map FeatureStrikeFighterClosed
Remembering Language InterfaceStrikeFighterClosed[2_5] (2 votes)
Friends Feature issueStrikeFighterClosed
Log-in / Language Interface BugStrikeFighterClosed[5] (1 votes)
New Profiles FeatureStrikeFighterClosed
Being marked as a friend by someone you've never met or are never going to meetMCRLON30UKClosed[5] (1 votes)
Clickable Site Bannerredcloud2008Closed[5] (1 votes)
Clickable Site Bannerredcloud2008Closed
First ReactionStrikeFighterClosed
Travellermature jobberClosed
Suggestion for a new "interest"StrikeFighterClosed
Bug on new preferences pageStrikeFighterClosed
Photo Gallery with tagging and search by user / date uploadedAbsFreakClosed
Be Direct - "Guys I Have Fought"NJWoodbridgeClosed
Better implementation of Advanced Search for the member listAbsFreakClosed
Search by geographydevonwrestlerClosed[5] (7 votes)
Bulk InvitationsSmashmanClosed
Chat Application VerificationSmashmanClosed
Who is logged in and who is in chatChurdClosed
Privacy setting for photosyoullsubmitClosed
Access denied in Chat roomLondon WrestlerClosed
Logon multiple timeslkn4awrestletoyClosed[0] (1 votes)
email notification about new messages to include sender and message text (optionally)ikfClosed
Search ALL USA states and ALL Canadian ProvincesLetswreslClosed
Travel sectionAllanmacClosed
Missing message?LondonHeelClosed
Special Interest Groupssqueezetoy1984Closed[3_5] (7 votes)
Blocking FeatureAnimal KingDomClosed
Some ideas which i would like to see in real wrestler's sitewrestoClosed
Editing blogdevonwrestlerClosed
pics of wrestlersfrankspeClosed
Access denied on the tchat ...ladron frClosed
Blocking FeatureAllanmacClosed
facility to see who has viewed a profilemarkaskeyClosed
Battle ReportsAdminClosed[5] (5 votes)
Search results - page lengthikfClosed
Picture gallerywrestoClosed
cosmetic, oneliner: profile edit page URL refers to birko.huikfClosed
A wrestle meet or tournement in London.The StranglerClosed
Member's ListTygerClosed
Language issues with messages - incorrect languageMCRLON30UKClosed
Chat Room PromotionNW UK WRESTLERClosed
Suspended member accountFighterGuyyClosed
Profiles: recommendations could be pairedikfClosed[3_5] (31 votes)
System remembers when you've challenged someoneMCRLON30UKClosed
View dialog/messages exchanged with 1 userMCRLON30UKClosed
Real vs Cyber Past OpponentsWrestleboyjoeyClosed[5] (4 votes)
who is onlineyimClosed
Erklärung der schwarz-weissen Symbole/Stile waere schoensqueeze meClosed
Feature: Venue ListingssouthernwrestlerClosed[4_5] (16 votes)
Torrent trackerwrestoClosed
cosmetic, oneliner: friend-favourite: You're receiving this message, because xxx has marked you as a _friend_.ikfClosed
notes about usersikfClosed
Small bug related to deleted profilesStrikeFighterClosed[0] (1 votes)
Profiles visible by members onlyFighterGuyyClosed[0] (1 votes)
chat log inboretsClosed
Add main photo thumbnail to the list at /profileviews ikfClosed
problem in marking as a past opponentluctatorClosed
Invite to Chat featureStrikeFighterClosed[5] (4 votes)
Chat ignore agmjClosed
Blocking preventing negative referencesMCRLON30UKClosed[2_5] (2 votes)
Reference retention upon profile deletionMCRLON30UKClosed[5] (3 votes)
Change of LocationscotsgrapplerClosed
TickerStrikeFighterClosed[5] (3 votes)
Interests - distinctionspshawfocusClosed[5] (1 votes)
favorets log in yimClosed[0] (1 votes)
Events: send notification messagesikfClosed[4] (14 votes)
Could profile show online status?hashbockClosed
Events one-liner: clicking on username on "my leg is in pain, I can't come" list gives 404ikfClosed
removing profilesTumtitumsClosed
miles awayBikerE1WClosed
Events: Feedback + archiveMCRLON30UKClosed[3_5] (14 votes)
not all past opponents visibleladron frClosed[0] (1 votes)
Please have a checkoff for folkstyleeuropa92103Closed
Unable to load Member ListsteviebakClosed[5] (1 votes)
Message DeletingFightnmanWAClosed
Search by city, locality, region keywordjonnyukClosed[5] (2 votes)
Distances ??BikerE1WClosed
Cyber vs RealozwrestleClosed[5] (1 votes)
Feature request: Additional link directly to online member listmunichsubfightClosed
Can't get into chatheadscissors998Closed
Add "Wrestling with Bodypunching to "Styles"mikesfightshowClosed[5] (4 votes)
Add VideosnewageClosed[5] (2 votes)
Add new location: Changed Profilebirkozas25bpClosed
Opening ChatsqueezerianClosed
Brit Pro Wrestling / WOSkennyClosed[5] (2 votes)
Glossary of termsStrikeFighterClosed[5] (5 votes)
Events ListingSpotland ScrapperClosed
Specifying locationdevonwrestlerClosed[5] (1 votes)
Error message while opening chatlutadorClosed
CHAT ROOMcrabbinmanClosed[0] (1 votes)
recent changes page / latest blogs - show date of blog entryikfClosed
search by usernamebeefyClosed[5] (1 votes)
Changing the usernameLeanmachineukClosed
using chatturpinClosed
Chat ErrorHalifaxUKfightClosed[5] (1 votes)
Profiles: checkbox for "don't show member in searches until their profile changes"ikfClosed[2_5] (53 votes)
Compact Members ListHammerClosed
Suggestions concerning privacypaul4funClosed
Feature: Report memberikfClosed[3_5] (39 votes)
Section for storiesrobbsmgpClosed[5] (1 votes)
Visual cue to show Members' list & What's new? has sub-menusMCRLON30UKClosed
New profiles by areascrappyClosed
Sent messagesBearhuggrukClosed
impossibilité d'entrer sur le TchatPancrace92Closed
Email message with updatesboineClosed[4] (4 votes)
Map: Favourites by locationboineClosed[2_5] (65 votes)
changing user nameGaygophergodClosed
Feature: Mobile (lightweight) versionboineClosed[3_5] (42 votes)
external sites pop upXaosClosed
recommendation form help text refers to nonexistent featureikfClosed
Email Smooth InterfaceprosubmanClosed
Recent changesslickClosed
two one-liners: system email senderikfClosed
alert box displays messages in sender's language - should display in recipient's insteadikfClosed
one-liner: new flag image option: "duplicate image"ikfClosed
clicking on notification should consume itikfClosed[3] (38 votes)
"not interested in real meetings" should be indicated in listsikfClosed[0] (1 votes)
Delete Messenges in a Threadulx1Closed
reducing number of stored messages (expiring old messages)ikfClosed[0] (1 votes)
dialog: show messages between me and another userikfClosed[5] (1 votes)
chat / language interface issueStrikeFighterClosed
Saved searchesmunichsubfightClosed[5] (1 votes)
Feature: "Code of Ethics"StrikeFighterClosed[1] (13 votes)
Style descriptionboineClosed
Additional Information In Profile ViewsWrestleboyjoeyClosed[3_5] (3 votes)
Ability to Remove Recommendation of Deleted ProfileWrestleboyjoeyClosed
Idle timezeuscentauroClosed
Please put a "city" function in search.mikesfightshowClosed
MINUS message totals??????????BikerE1WClosed
GayGamesmatthiasClosed[5] (2 votes)
Style CategoriesWestSubnWrestlerClosed[5] (1 votes)
list of people in the chatroom with thumbnailsikfClosed
Who has seen my profile?ChurdClosed[5] (2 votes)
Messages: Drafts folderLeanmachineukClosed[1_5] (11 votes)
Miles apartBikerE1WClosed
UI: put message Send button further away from pictures to sendikfClosed
Comments on Wrestling stories ...ladron frClosed[5] (1 votes)
newsletter email does not specify UTF-8 character encodingikfClosed
Profiles: Age preference indicationfuntowrestleClosed[1] (18 votes)
[search] Show the results of a search on the mapikfClosed[2_5] (62 votes)
Fight the balls optionFairUndHartClosed
Advanced search not workingTorrnadoClosed
Search term: genderhumanPunchingBag1969Closed[2_5] (40 votes)
Chat does not load in safari 5/PCredlandguyClosed
Events: Regular Repeated EventsmatworkerClosed[2] (14 votes)
Messages: Multi receivers of the same email, like a normal email systemAdminClosed[2] (37 votes)
First page after log inSturdyClosed
Message NotificationsSturdyClosed
blocking/chatgrievous angelClosed
this person is obviously underageredlandguyClosed[5] (1 votes)
Member Profile ID during Chatwrsl4stakesClosed[0] (2 votes)
Events: Date formatsUKrenegadeClosed[3_5] (44 votes)
spam from "datelinda"CymrofightClosed[5] (1 votes)
Thumbnails of past opponents.boineClosed[0] (1 votes)
Recommendations: Wording on Recommendations in EnglishhashbockClosed[5] (1 votes)
Interests: With body punchesdonphoenixClosed[5] (1 votes)
"Fight/Wrestlsing" Stories DisappearedmilitarywrestlerinwashdcClosed[0] (1 votes)
Interests: "Pins"NateMcCloudClosed[5] (1 votes)
Incorrect locations on World Map for UK fightersIrishfighterClosed
Who has seen my profile should show locationhashbockClosed
new statistics item: some kind of bulkiness measureikfClosed[5] (1 votes)
Profiles: Use of BMIdonphoenixClosed[5] (1 votes)
Profiles: Language information in profiletapoutClosed[4_5] (34 votes)
Website slow since upgradeandy1975Closed
font size options for Chat's "uesr-list" right hand panemilitarywrestlerinwashdcClosed[0] (1 votes)
COuldnt invite people to Interest groupdragonukClosed
Private notes for deleted members still appeartapoutClosed
"Cookie solution" for the language problem: What about session cookies?paul4funClosed
Cyber IconTygerClosed[0_5] (8 votes)
Private Wrestling pics GalleryGiulianClosed[1_5] (28 votes)
Larger imagesRough EdgeClosed[4_5] (22 votes)
photo moderation: highlight where final classification is different from my classificationikfClosed
Site layout ideaswrestoClosed[0_5] (11 votes)
video chathardandy312Closed[1] (13 votes)
Bei "Gallerie" kommt mir die Galle hoch ;-)Sven 1976Closed
Strangers have marked me Past Opponentsfighter samClosed[3] (21 votes)
Leaving an Interest GroupdonphoenixClosed
Profile link from Chat is wrong sometimesAustralian WrestlerClosed[3] (18 votes)
reine kmmk4711Closed
Profiles: Body typeNateMcCloudClosed[1] (15 votes)
New interest groups / recent changesStrikeFighterClosed[0_5] (10 votes)
Body statsStrikeFighterClosed[1_5] (40 votes)
American or British spelling in English?donphoenixClosed[2_5] (4 votes)
Tiny skript on the chatletssfightClosed[1] (16 votes)
Translate button needed in Interest GroupsdonphoenixClosed[5] (1 votes)
Spanish version of the pagetapoutClosed[5] (2 votes)
Show number of past opponents in search resultsStrikeFighterClosed[4] (25 votes)
"Last fought"StrikeFighterClosed[1_5] (37 votes)
facebookGaygophergodClosed[1] (12 votes)
PhotoMod: Messages in PMbirkozas25bpClosed[1_5] (28 votes)
check the minors profiles in brazilJACAREClosed
Private notepadtapoutClosed[1_5] (10 votes)
Unable to see my profilewrestle funClosed[5] (1 votes)
Photo upload does not work from Google Chrome browserCDSClosed[2] (12 votes)
"Show messages" button shows start page instead messagesmunichsubfightClosed[1_5] (4 votes)
More LocationsWrestleboyjoeyClosed[1] (20 votes)
Full contact section suggestionFighter MattClosed[5] (15 votes)
Top MembersChurdClosed[4_5] (13 votes)
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)tapoutClosed[3] (17 votes)
chat filterzeuscentauroClosed[1_5] (24 votes)
Location indicated on mapWildcatLesClosed[4] (4 votes)
100 past opponentsChurdClosed[1] (10 votes)
Speedo photosStrikeFighterClosed[3] (7 votes)
facebook fan page Rough EdgeClosed[5] (1 votes)
Who won?HunWrest24Closed[2] (44 votes)
make event notification emails sound less like a personal invitationikfClosed[2] (11 votes)
Useless clustering on google mapshashbockClosed[5] (10 votes)
Login: Remember me feature is broken.matthiasClosed[0] (5 votes)
Messages: Search feature for messagesLincoln LadClosed[2_5] (28 votes)
better way of red flagging/ or giving a bad recommendationhardandy312Closed[1_5] (16 votes)
Instant translationsdonphoenixClosed
all my recommendations dissapeared ? why Rough EdgeClosed
Hotmail blocking Allfighters NewsletterolderguyClosed
Include picture in RSS feedsboineClosed[3_5] (23 votes)
Merging "Freestyle" and "Greco-roman" stylesAdminClosed[3] (19 votes)
Merging "Gallery" and "Softcore Gallery" categoriesAdminClosed[4_5] (12 votes)
the thump nail photos are not showing in my profile spirit6060Closed[0] (4 votes)
I cannot work out how to post any of my photos as a profile photolondonscissorsloverClosed
PROFILE PhotolondonscissorsloverClosed[1_5] (7 votes)
Make "Past Opponents" a search criterionStrikeFighterClosed[3] (17 votes)
PhotoMod: option to rotate picturesikfClosed[1_5] (17 votes)
No thumbnail photos in the bannerspirit6060Closed[0] (1 votes)
Better sorting in "Who is on chat?"matthiasClosed[2] (16 votes)
SockpuppetstapoutClosed[5] (3 votes)
PhotoMod: new option "off-topic picture"ikfClosed[2_5] (2 votes)
low priority: profile translation includes superfluous JS codeikfClosed
Double-check prompt for: Send a generic "No interest" replyMCRLON30UKClosed[4] (12 votes)
Cyber matchesZeusClosed[5] (1 votes)
2011-05-08GaygophergodClosed[0] (1 votes)
Your map reference pagesockvidClosed[3] (10 votes)
favorites online gargieuxClosed[5] (11 votes)
Evet Machine sends request to give feedback even if the event was cancelledikfClosed[5] (10 votes)
Deceased ProfileshashbockClosed[4] (17 votes)
When a profile is using a pic that is NOT his own.RusnakClosed[5] (2 votes)
Willing to host / travelferocemisteriosoClosed[5] (28 votes)
Bug ReporthashbockClosed
System auto-thank you upon donatingMCRLON30UKClosed[5] (2 votes)
Refresh Button in "Who is in Chat' PageFistfitem2mClosed[1_5] (10 votes)
Wrestling Gear in "Interests"Boots160Closed[4] (59 votes)
Willing to hostStrikeFighterClosed[2_5] (13 votes)
make TCP timeouts short on chat connections and enable TCP_KEEPALIVEikfClosed[3] (16 votes)
event notifications: only send notification when event is finishedikfClosed[1] (12 votes)
Full View of Pics in Photo ModerationWrestleboyjoeyClosed[4_5] (15 votes)
New feature: Calendar-AgendaLugiClosed[3_5] (25 votes)
Show levelHunWrest24Closed[0_5] (15 votes)
Changing Age in ProfilepouochhClosed
Top photos should not change when I click on a photo.. mikesfightshowClosed[1_5] (15 votes)
Age range wrestlingdamicoClosed[2] (24 votes)
Ehemaliger GegenerRudiClosed[2_5] (2 votes)
Helping you guys with money but not through PayPalDavid TondelliClosed[2] (10 votes)
Problem With Sorting By Country of Chatting MembersWrestleboyjoeyClosed[2] (10 votes)
Map: Problems Loading the Map and Locationswiganwrestler3001Closed[2] (13 votes)
speeding up photo moderationukgrapplerClosed[1_5] (10 votes)
Option to turn off "Logged On" NotificationsMuscleBondClosed[4_5] (16 votes)
New Photo Category: Duplicate/Off-topicMCRLON30UKClosed[4] (16 votes)
cyber wrestlers in chatZeusClosed[0_5] (13 votes)
Search: Searching for multiple countriesyorkshirescrapClosed[1_5] (15 votes)
Advanced Search / "Area" field seems to have no effect if a Country is not selectedikfClosed[2_5] (13 votes)
RSS PicturesboineClosed[0_5] (10 votes)
Messages: sending multiple photos with a replyfghterClosed[3] (17 votes)
New photo moderationChurdClosed
Blog settingsIronbullClosed[2] (11 votes)
Photos: TaggingNateMcCloudClosed[2] (13 votes)
Photos: Enlarging photos on the "ticker"RasslebearClosed[3_5] (23 votes)
"Your favourite X has logged on"TygerClosed[0] (1 votes)
DonationAndymanClosed[5] (1 votes)
Flag for abusePNWProSub1965Closed[0_5] (8 votes)
gay/bi/straightTygerClosed[4_5] (10 votes)
Newsletter font problems?IrishfighterClosed[2] (9 votes)
Chat usepshawfocusClosed[1_5] (12 votes)
translationtomfighterClosed[5] (2 votes)
Groups: Search for members in interest groupsmunichsubfightClosed[3_5] (14 votes)
Groups: Change sort order of interest group members munichsubfightClosed[4_5] (11 votes)
Bug: Simultaneous entering new feature requests can cause loss of some of the requestsmunichsubfightClosed[1] (10 votes)
Improving the Random 6 PhotosrenguinClosed[1] (10 votes)
Messages: message expiration suggestionsikfClosed[2] (12 votes)
Match Requestwiganwrestler3001Closed[3_5] (11 votes)
Chat: special characters in profile names don't work when viewing profile from chatredlandguyClosed[1] (10 votes)
top members accounts2toughwrestlers in 1 teamClosed[0] (2 votes)
message that one of your favourites has signed onhardandy312Closed
Photos: photo moderation shows number even after I voted on all photosikfClosed[1] (14 votes)
events listing commentshardandy312Closed
Photos: Upside down / sideways photosStrikeFighterClosed[3_5] (9 votes)
Deleting blog entriestrmusclarenaClosed[1_5] (10 votes)
Can't see labels when photo moddingGymGladiatorClosed
"Too many / characters in page" errorMuscleBondClosed[5] (1 votes)
strange happenings when trying to disable (your favourite has signed on)hardandy312Closed[5] (1 votes)
low-prio: notification about messages has faulty linkikfClosed[4] (11 votes)
Löschung meines Profilmario1212Closed[0] (1 votes)
Re-examine Match Requestwiganwrestler3001Closed[2_5] (10 votes)
BJJSturdyClosed[1_5] (13 votes)
Webcamhardandy312Closed[3_5] (11 votes)
monitor for match requests?lightwt4subsClosed[0_5] (10 votes)
match requests: change date field to date rangeikfClosed[4] (25 votes)
Show when members are online when you look at their profilemikesfightshowClosed[2_5] (4 votes)
Rules of Photo Postinghardandy312Closed[0_5] (9 votes)
Blog attachment images do not appear properlyAdminClosed[5] (2 votes)
Add "Date Modified" to Match Requests screen?lightwt4subsClosed[3] (8 votes)
Fight VenuesmatworkerClosed[5] (12 votes)
rewording suggestion voting page heading to clarify it is not a page for voting on photosikfClosed[0_5] (9 votes)
The "who has seen my profile" menu has disappearedfrenchcatClosed[3] (14 votes)
Keyword searchmarklondon71Closed[0_5] (8 votes)
Recommendations not loadingolderguyClosed
No problems - but much improved performanceMuscleBondClosed
Photo Moderation becoming a silly gameGymGladiatorClosed[0] (3 votes)
Profile Pic's enlargingGuysmileyClosed[0] (3 votes)
Keyword search on advanced searchesmarklondon71Closed
Suggestion - Android AppadidaspowerClosed[3] (10 votes)
Searching members by locationbillybuddClosed[1_5] (8 votes)
Gallery Photos - Mobile Site ProblemsJayR19Closed[4_5] (8 votes)
fight venuesmackemsubClosed
low priority: add Translate button to help and support entriesikfClosed[2] (9 votes)
low priority: show "Unanswered" messagesikfClosed[3] (9 votes)
forum section inaccessiblegrapplerukClosed
The "mark as past opponent" facility has disappearedLeglockloverClosed
"501 Internal Server Error" after site upgradeukeClosed[0] (1 votes)
Chat froze and I had to reload itdragonukClosed
software upgradeturpinClosed
Site is slow after software upgradeturpinClosed[5] (3 votes)
Software UpgradeLdnGrappleClosed
Photo moderationLdnGrappleClosed[5] (4 votes)
Translations/Traducciones/Tłumaczenia...OndartiruClosed[0] (1 votes)
Unable to Edit the Event Title.matworkerClosed[5] (3 votes)
Fight Venues needs a clear-up & clear-outMCRLON30UKClosed[5] (5 votes)
wrestleroomhardandy312Closed[5] (1 votes)
The rabbitkckboxerClosed
Profil-Pic-MistakemaxClosed[5] (1 votes)
Open Day on AllFightersAdminClosed[3] (19 votes)
Search by languagescrappyClosed[2] (12 votes)
Photo profilluttesympaClosed
Can't get 'members online' listnwuk heavyweightClosed
Won't access members lists or locations.scubawrestlerClosed
Who has seen my profiledonny scrapperClosed
site behaves erratically: user list pages give error, chat keeps disconnecting on me, site keeps logging me outikfClosed
cannot search by location, name, etclatinwrestlerClosed
Error with "new in your area" searchJediClosed
Can't see who is on chat.bocachicoClosed
Photo classification guidanceLdnGrappleClosed[1] (5 votes)
latest edition of mozilla firefox 12 crashing mibbet chathardandy312Closed[5] (2 votes)
Ability to edit commentsAdminClosed[5] (5 votes)
Show search results without a page reloadAdminClosed[4] (4 votes)
Wrong language used in Swedish versionJaph1966Closed
Include some recommendations in the weekly newsletterAdminClosed[4] (10 votes)
Venue : display "Defunct (permanently closed)"ladron frClosed[2_5] (2 votes)
Notifications: Tell me when someone is looking at my profileAdminClosed[2] (14 votes)
site comes up in mobile mode even under www.allfighters.infoikfClosed[0] (1 votes)
Photos: Indicate when a photo was uploaded to the siteAdminClosed[3_5] (10 votes)
download one or all private notes, sorted by users in ASCII formatTom 049Closed[2] (5 votes)
[Translation] Omissionladron frClosed
chat down 00.20 on the 14th may 2012hardandy312Closed
Statistics --- Top countrieswrestler2000Closed
[Translation] Item ommittedladron frClosed
[Translation] Item omittedladron frClosed
[Translation] Item ommitedladron frClosed
[Translation] Item ommitedladron frClosed
mandatory donations GophergodClosed[2] (5 votes)
"Fans" and "Favorites" Should Be SeparatedMatfriendClosed[0] (5 votes)
Donation page broken on Chrome BrowserMuscleBondClosed
Separate forums for adult contentwrestoClosed[4_5] (20 votes)
Creating a message - please open a new windowLdnGrappleClosed[5] (5 votes)
Notifications: turn off for mobile devicesikfClosed[5] (1 votes)
Change to "Add favourite" to reduce server loadMuscleBondClosed[2_5] (4 votes)
Search for those able to host a match?IrishfighterClosed[5] (1 votes)
More Information about Participant List for Fighting EventsLdnGrappleClosed[0_5] (9 votes)
Better Notification System JudoguyClosed[5] (7 votes)
Profile of the dayStrikeFighterClosed[1_5] (11 votes)
[Profiles] Profile update notificationsSouthernSubClosed[2] (10 votes)
Period of inactivity before a member gets its account suspended should be extended for Countries with few members.GiulianClosed[2] (10 votes)
[low prio] Tracker CC notifications are not properly localizedikfClosed[4] (10 votes)
[Calendar] Mechanism for adding messages to the calendarVanmanClosed[2] (13 votes)
Deleted MessagesMaximusClosed[0] (6 votes)
past opponents on mobile pageVanmanClosed
[New feature] Separate notifications for favorite log onVanmanClosed[2] (16 votes)
how ugly the new site isBadassWrestlerClosed[2] (11 votes)
Pointer hover over profile picture doesn't enlarge it (Meetfighters)MCRLON30UKClosed[3_5] (11 votes)
Pop-up notifications duplicated (Meetfighters)MCRLON30UKClosed[5] (4 votes)
chat on still displays links to allfighters.infoikfClosed
[New feature] SkinsblakoreClosed[3] (17 votes)
Plain black background, let's make it customizablewerewolfClosed
"Remember Me" button doesn't seem to worksqueezetoy84Closed
No new messagesgrieksromeinsClosed[3_5] (3 votes)
Logging IndadwrestleClosed[0] (1 votes)
messagesrestleClosed[0] (6 votes)
Minor ?bug? on feedback on suggestions after photo moderation?hashbockClosed[5] (1 votes)
[Bug] Can't enlarge photos on Android tabletShort toughClosed[4] (10 votes)
profil foireuxtripabsClosed
New Users - Reasonable Levels of AttentionMCRLON30UKClosed[0_5] (10 votes)
suggestion : changing first enterable item on logon pageladron frClosed[3_5] (11 votes)
low prio: CSS: list view profile photos are cropped to wrong bounding boxikfClosed[4_5] (10 votes)
Highlighted profile name-location-weight YORKIEClosed[4_5] (10 votes)
low prio: option to turn page background (fight gym) image offikfClosed
Increase restrictions for blocked members to your profile.GiulianClosed
Portuguese Translation of the Help and Support page isn't working.GiulianClosed[1_5] (3 votes)
login screenmanuzClosed[4] (6 votes)
[New feature] Facebook-like chat with favoritesBlackSmotherKingPinClosed[1_5] (12 votes)
Share pictures and Videos on Interest groupsBlackSmotherKingPinClosed[2_5] (10 votes)
negative recommendationsYorkClosed
An improved member searchBlackSmotherKingPinClosed[0] (5 votes)
Cannot submit an eventLAWClosed[4] (10 votes)
[New feature] Match invite systemSouthernSubClosed[3] (24 votes)
[Profiles] Show common past opponentsATONMANClosed[4_5] (20 votes)
Photo Moderation: celebrity picsOpon84Closed[4_5] (10 votes)
[Photos] Ability to reorder photos in profile / galleryAdminClosed[4] (10 votes)
Messages: Inbox linksscrappyClosed[2_5] (11 votes)
[Profiles] Ask for confirmation when marking someone (cyber) past opponentAdminClosed[5] (6 votes)
[profiles] Ability to disable profile update notificationsGroundFiteClosed[3] (10 votes)
low prio: email tempate bugikfClosed
Group suddenly without any membersKiel82Closed
Dark blue fontmarklondon71Closed[1_5] (6 votes)
Bug On New Message AlertWrestleboyjoeyClosed
Location of Donation Link in DashboardWrestleboyjoeyClosed[4] (11 votes)
[Search] Show us who is nearby!GutPuncher89Closed[2_5] (17 votes)
My main photo on profile list wasn't refreshedpsfighterClosed[0] (2 votes)
can't access Mibbit for chatwrestlemat2001Closed[0] (1 votes)
low prio: another place with still ""ikfClosed[3_5] (3 votes)
group and topicssingleformanClosed[0] (4 votes)
low prio: profile change notifications to include diffikfClosed[2_5] (13 votes)
use of that mibbitpreppieClosed[5] (1 votes)
Share videos in forum Question?BlackSmotherKingPinClosed[0] (1 votes)
Can't change main profile picFairMatchClosed
User has uploaded a new photo. So annoying!GiulianClosed[5] (1 votes)
how i can delete my profile if i one day i wantneversayneverClosed[5] (1 votes)
how many timesKundarClosed[1_5] (15 votes)
Suggestion for searcheszeusboxClosed[5] (1 votes)
[Messages] Standard text templates managerMunich GrapplingClosed
How to change the age in the profile ?guichevalClosed[5] (1 votes)
[Notifications] Change notification settings on profile pageMuscleBondClosed[3_5] (7 votes)
E-mail notifications not received?nwuk heavyweightClosed
[events] No-shows at eventsChurdClosed[5] (9 votes)
[New feature] Definition of interestsAdminClosed[4_5] (32 votes)
[Translation] Info : item omittedladron frClosed[5] (1 votes)
Tracker/2012-10-12 2slowsubsClosed[0] (2 votes)
[search] Search for keywordsslowsubsClosed[4] (18 votes)
Tracker/2012-10-13bomberjackeClosed[0] (2 votes)
Tracker/2012-10-16ZeusClosed[5] (1 votes)
pay pal suckshuge fighting manClosed[0] (1 votes)
Photo ModerationMr BrightsideClosed[2] (5 votes)
change the “inbox – unreplied” sectionagmjClosed[2] (5 votes)
low prio: don't give notification sounds in all windowsikfClosed[1_5] (4 votes)
Duplicate messagesrestleClosed[3_5] (3 votes)
Number Past OpponentsATONMANClosed
My map locationSkinfightboyClosed[0] (1 votes)
Blocking FeatureNorcalfurClosed
Profile secondary Location: 'when you are here' field to date range with end dateLdnGrappleClosed[5] (11 votes)
supporters-only bugs&suggestionsikfClosed[0] (4 votes)
"Reply to this" makes discussions difficult to followikfClosed[5] (7 votes)
Rant about escort profilestrmusclarenaClosed[1_5] (12 votes)
Rate the opponentArmwrestling guyClosed[1_5] (12 votes)
E-Mail Bounce NotificationMuscChampClosed
Message box jumpingMidlands guyClosed[0] (1 votes)
Flag telling you you have a new message....TallblondwrestlerClosed[2_5] (4 votes)
Style indicatorsDavidBUK1Closed[1_5] (10 votes)
email bouncingBillBearNJClosed
I18n your datesmatchupClosed
Highlight common opponents.matthiasClosed[1_5] (3 votes)
[Messages] Cyber challengesZeusClosed[1] (9 votes)
low prio: link in email points to vs www.meetfighters.comikfClosed[0] (1 votes)
Search list photoDavidBUK1Closed[0] (5 votes)
wrong location (mine) on mapgpscottClosed
Why did site change format again?GuysmileyClosed
apps for meetfighters?OTKBBrobClosed[3_5] (3 votes)
Requesting no watermark on photos I uploadHammerClosed[1] (6 votes)
low prio: locations no longer display descriptionikfClosed[5] (3 votes)
Profile of the day as main pic in new templateStrikeFighterClosed[1] (5 votes)
[search] Using the browser "back" button resets the sort criteriaRNC23Closed[4_5] (13 votes)
new designmike83Closed
search results ascending or descendingTom 049Closed[5] (2 votes)
[New design] Light-on-dark versionLondonHeelClosed[1_5] (6 votes)
[new design] The minimal width of the pagekckboxerClosed
New DesignlutteurlgClosed[0] (1 votes)
[New design] Positioning and Android layout problemsgrapplerukClosed[4] (11 votes)
[new layout] Who is on chat is missinghighscreenerClosed
new profiles by location1try2pinme8Closed
profile ticker auto scroll1try2pinme8Closed[1] (5 votes)
"usewr sent you a message"1try2pinme8Closed
new design: does not allow me to reverse order in searchikfClosed
where have my who has seen youyr profile gone, new messagesgardenboyClosed
Bright White TextLkn4awrestletoyClosed
[New design] Welcome Blurb Takes Up Too Much SpaceMCRLON30UKClosed[0] (4 votes)
New Design - Narrow?MCRLON30UKClosed
new websitefightdudeClosed
New Design - Quick SearchWrestleboyjoeyClosed[2_5] (2 votes)
Change the color of the introduction-text.blakoreClosed
[New feature] Your next opponent - automatic suggestionStrikeFighterClosed[4_5] (15 votes)
how to reconnect to tchatladron frClosed[5] (1 votes)
Bold formatting in profile text rendering incorrectlygrapplerukClosed
Restricted profiles shown on main pageLugiClosed[5] (4 votes)
Public search shows members-only profiles/infotreag25Closed[5] (5 votes)
Photo peer review on IPadeurobritClosed
[abuse flags] Eliminate the "uncivil / bad manners" abuse flagsAdminClosed[2] (10 votes)
[Photo Peer Review] Merge the various Gallery/Fragment categoriesAdminClosed[5] (10 votes)
Messaging reply options.Scunlad1Closed[0_5] (9 votes)
my old messages were deleted when my donation expired, even though I have a support diamondikfClosed[0] (1 votes)
low prio: search list past opponents count seems to count unacknowledged past opponents as wellikfClosed[0] (3 votes)
[New feature] TestimonialsAdminClosed[5] (10 votes)
Danger: Malware Ahead! Google Chrome has blocked access to this pageSuper Jobber GuyClosed[2_5] (2 votes)
Exclusive content for favorite membersGiulianClosed[1_5] (10 votes)
Uploading private videos to your profileGiulianClosed[2] (10 votes)
When looking at online membersPaulTaylorClosed[2] (9 votes)
[Messages] Attach multiple photos to a messagePaulTaylorClosed[4_5] (18 votes)
Meet TodayPaulTaylorClosed[0] (6 votes)
Commercial Site ?boretsClosed[1_5] (6 votes)
[new design] no link to 'venues' in page navigationgrapplerukClosed[5] (6 votes)
Photo Peer ReviewmatslamClosed[5] (3 votes)
Challenged beforeBikerE1WClosed[2_5] (12 votes)
Language changes after photo reviewlooney45Closed[0] (2 votes)
Annoying "friendly reminders" from meetfighters may cause users to blacklist e-mails from this site.GiulianClosed[0_5] (9 votes)
Member list stuck on page 1muscle machineClosed
PLEASE, SIMPLYFIE SUPPORT HELP OR CONTACTlatinopponentClosed[5] (1 votes)
Deleting private notesLugiClosed[5] (1 votes)
Profile of the daywetspeedosClosed[0] (1 votes)
[events] Show other events organized by the same personAdminClosed[1] (5 votes)
Saved searches don't seem to deleteNYCTUFFClosed
Facebook like buttoncencalClosed[0_5] (10 votes)
Double results when searchingtapoutClosed
Google Maps API Key expiredgrapplerukClosed
Private notestapoutClosed
primary photoed516Closed
Match RequestsprobootmanukClosed[3] (5 votes)
Limits on group invitationsKiel82Closed[0] (1 votes)
low prio: temporarily turn off all "your favourite has logged on" messagesikfClosed[2] (10 votes)
dead linkmatchupClosed
[videos] Feedback about the video serviceAdminClosed[4] (193 votes)
button new locationssidClosed
photo peer reviewspeedosClosed[1_5] (3 votes)
wishlistcum4fightClosed[1] (9 votes)
Idea: AchievementsretserofClosed[0_5] (8 votes)
Basque languageMorroskoClosed[2_5] (6 votes)
Rotation of pictures after upload and classificationMMASportyClosed[5] (1 votes)
adding/editing private notes on member who blocks meikfClosed[2_5] (4 votes)
Add a list of profiles oneself has seenmunichsubfightClosed[3] (22 votes)
Help with testinghelixoneukClosed
Map: Profile doesn't generate from Map-Pin double clickJudomonkeyClosed
Photo moderations - Pubic regionwetspeedosClosed[5] (1 votes)
Bug: Switching the view in interest groups gives an error for non-membersmunichsubfightClosed[5] (1 votes)
my faves by countryulises007Closed
location based app for mobilepulsar 79Closed[5] (2 votes)
airport codes/reverse match requestsikfClosed[3_5] (11 votes)
low prio: 2d statistics ideasikfClosed[3] (12 votes)
[Translation] Omitted translationladron frClosed[5] (1 votes)
profile text formatting does not work properlyikfClosed
[map] Location Search missinglegflexxxerClosed[2_5] (4 votes)
meetings don't move in calendarikfClosed[5] (5 votes)
Lift and CarrycakeClosed[2_5] (15 votes)
low prio: abuse flags should be more clear about their directionikfClosed[3_5] (10 votes)
low prio: don't show terminated profiles on "What's new?" page?ikfClosed[5] (1 votes)
a message to all my favouritesulises007Closed[0] (2 votes)
[profiles] Notify favorites and past opponnets of name changeAdminClosed[5] (5 votes)
Keywords for username rejectionStrikeFighterClosed[3_5] (15 votes)
iPad compatibilitycitywrestlerClosed[4] (5 votes)
[photos] Ability to upload photos with webcamAdminClosed
blog comments - txt is dark and background is dark - makes reading difficultduncanukClosed[5] (2 votes)
Reply to message pop upLightweightClosed
blocked profilesworksopboiClosed[0] (1 votes)
Boqueio!Julio CesarClosed[0] (2 votes)
Members who were "Uncertain" on an event are listed as having attended.hashbockClosed
60fps video gets played back at half speedikfClosed[5] (2 votes)
meetings: multiple dates/date rangesikfClosed[0] (1 votes)
"Send Message" loses text being written on accidental clicksmunichsubfightClosed[4_5] (10 votes)
Past opponents on profiles issueMCRLON30UKClosed[3_5] (3 votes)
Can't remove localesqueezetoy1984Closed
add choke to interests themesferdybearClosed[0] (1 votes)
Don't delete draft mail without confirmationRasslerFTLClosed[5] (1 votes)
On Firefox / Mac / OrangeGym certain images don't loadmatthiasClosed
Managing FavoritesvolcanoClosed[0] (1 votes)
Attaching pictures to messagestapoutClosed[0] (1 votes)
Fake namesDinoClosed
[translation] evolutionladron frClosed[5] (2 votes)
Limit blocking and favoritesAdminClosed[3] (11 votes)
[profiles] Number of profile photos, gallery foldersAdminClosed[4_5] (10 votes)
More engaging groupsAdminClosed[5] (4 votes)
Update to issue 1044 - Newsletter Images BrokenMuscleBondClosed[5] (5 votes)
message expiration should not delete one side of conversationikfClosed[4_5] (9 votes)
Whom am I a favourite ofShockRClosed
Server move aftermathAdminClosed[4] (9 votes)
Feature Needed: To delete multiple Favourites & alert settingstreag25Closed[0] (1 votes)
[search] Search from aribtrary location / regionlutteur312Closed[5] (3 votes)
cannot edit title of event after creating itikfClosed[3_5] (3 votes)
Cannot connect to Chat servermunichsubfightClosed[0] (2 votes)
A Feature for Traveling WrestlersMature NYCClosed[5] (2 votes)
[profiles] Photo ageStrikeFighterClosed[1_5] (10 votes)
ever thought of creating a meet fighters appwresnsanClosed[5] (1 votes)
[private notes] - disabled or deleted profile of another UserTom 049Closed
[private notes] generating the message "XXX is viewing your profile" + entry visitors listTom 049Closed
Photo ReviewsSamClosed[0] (1 votes)
[profiles] profile updates from favouritesSir DavidClosed[0] (6 votes)
[venues] Hotel with room good for wrestlingATONMANClosed[5] (6 votes)
your favourites online on mobile versionmarconiClosed[2_5] (2 votes)
locations displayed on my profile got changedikfClosed[5] (1 votes)
Gut Punching on Type of matchGuysmileyClosed[2] (7 votes)
Removal of favourites and limits reset to normal usersfightmuscleClosed[1_5] (4 votes)
Newly saved searches go into map viewbirkozas25bpClosed[5] (1 votes)
3-tiered memberships?ShockRClosed[1] (9 votes)
[favorites] Split favourites into two groups.hugefanClosed[3] (9 votes)
Dialog/delete buttonsLeanmachineukClosed[5] (12 votes)
Private groups or private communities; with appointment resources of match fighting.Pedro CageClosed[0_5] (10 votes)
Enabling larger photosmanboynycClosed
Automatic deletion of location after expiration of dateWrestleboyjoeyClosed[4_5] (13 votes)
Search Box more ProminentMuscleBondClosed[5] (1 votes)
App for android/appleLdnGrappleClosed[4] (4 votes)
Cannot delete saved searchsFairMatchClosed
Discern Members Fighting and Sexual OrientationPABoxerClosed[1] (10 votes)
advertising brochuretripabsClosed[5] (1 votes)
Local places recomendationssubfightClosed[5] (3 votes)
photostripLetsplayClosed[5] (3 votes)
Posting Wrestling EvntsUKAndy99Closed[5] (1 votes)
Most recent date of wrestling past opponentsHardmatchClosed[2_5] (10 votes)
Un-needed questions for past opponentsbear2967Closed
karatebuky8Closed[4] (4 votes)
Adding Location of ChallengerslosangelessubClosed[5] (10 votes)
Restricted profiles are publicly visibleone2883288Closed[4] (5 votes)
multiple meets with individual past opponentsfightguyClosed[3_5] (6 votes)
Add Waist Measure to Physical Attributes in ProfileworkovertheguyClosed[1] (13 votes)
identifying members in photo galleriessizzermeClosed
Zoom in with iPad and iPhonehunk71fiClosed[5] (3 votes)
Typo in English original texttapoutClosed[5] (4 votes)
2 spelling forms used: "MatchMaker" and "Matchmaker"tapoutClosed[4] (4 votes)
"Silent log-in" option?tanskoClosed[1] (12 votes)
Error in reporting number of emails I sent and received in past 3 monthstorrheelClosed[0] (1 votes)
statistics in past opponents real and cyberZeusClosed
Recommendationsresl4topClosed[5] (4 votes)
New Recommendations FormatSamClosed
Favourites - Thumbnails?resl4topClosed[2] (19 votes)
Adding Stakes to InterestswpbbusterClosed[2] (15 votes)
Suspended Members email anonymitySturdyClosed[5] (2 votes)
Private blog posts?tanskoClosed[1_5] (15 votes)
[Feature Request]: Search for "Willing to Host"birkozas25bpClosed[5] (10 votes)
low-prio: typo in name change email template: hia - hisikfClosed[5] (8 votes)
Event notification went to everyone on the siteUKAndy99Closed
Searching the databaseRoughmatchClosed[5] (4 votes)
Nachricht senden funktioniert nichtFreestylefighterClosed
Adding pictures using Mobile phoneLdnGrappleClosed[5] (1 votes)
Add "Gutpunching" to InterestsAnimal KingDomClosed
Add Gutpunching to "Style"?Animal KingDomClosed[0] (2 votes)
My private picgreekgodClosed[5] (1 votes)
wrong photo classificationmatslamClosed[5] (1 votes)
Firefox 28.0 betaBerlinClosed
[events] Events should have style iconsikfClosed[3] (16 votes)
Website DesignsynxiecClosed
accidentally clicked on email not to receive messagesmawarriorClosed
What about adding a new catagory of fighting on here?IKneadFightersClosed
profile and gallery photosbaileyClosed[5] (1 votes)
Email addressDomitianClosed
Top CountrieshammockClosed[2_5] (11 votes)
A seperate icon on commercial profilesjimmycocoClosed[4_5] (23 votes)
Translation Function Not WorkingDenverWrestlerClosed[5] (1 votes)
chat not working?yonkerswranglerClosed[5] (1 votes)
Bouncing emailspvkalsoClosed
How to report annoying fake accounts?hammockClosed
[videos] Sort Videos Into CategoriesMCRLON30UKClosed[5] (23 votes)
[design] pictures too largeRomaFighterClosed[1] (14 votes)
Profile update notification: comparison does not workmunichsubfightClosed[5] (2 votes)
[design] Outbox link on the left columnverkauf2001Closed[3] (18 votes)
[meetings] Ability to delete older meetingsVanmanClosed[4] (20 votes)
[groups] Changing sort order leaves member list of interest groupsmunichsubfightClosed[5] (5 votes)
[new setting] I don't want to receive XXX imagesWrestleForFun NLClosed[4_5] (18 votes)
[new feature] Fightopedia (wiki for MeetFighters)AdminClosed[4_5] (76 votes)
[Messages] Number of unread messages in the titleepj303Closed[3] (16 votes)
Location of Private NotesNJWoodbridgeClosed[5] (5 votes)
[profiles] Detail which gender are you looking forAdminClosed[5] (16 votes)
Moderating by SmartphoneWrestleboyjoeyClosed[1_5] (6 votes)
[profile] Move sexual orientation to statsverkauf2001Closed[3] (7 votes)
[messages] Make "download all messages" less easy to click on mobilematthiasClosed[4_5] (14 votes)
[DONE] Feedback on the MeetFighters andoid appAdminClosed[5] (4 votes)
[profile] "Pinning" interestBauch-TortureClosed[2_5] (11 votes)
Public Match Results / Ranking featureStrikeFighterClosed[0_5] (11 votes)
[search] Reorder saved searchesmunichsubfightClosed[2_5] (4 votes)
[search] Delete icon of saved searches removes them without confirmationmunichsubfightClosed[5] (13 votes)
1 match in the 1st year year minimum requirement or prove yourselfMCRLON30UKClosed[0] (11 votes)
[groups] Make all posts someone wrote in groups accessibleverkauf2001Closed[4] (19 votes)
[messages] Delete All Button ConfirmationoilrumbleClosed[4] (22 votes)
[search] Add "My Past Opponent Online" to preset searchesVanmanClosed[2] (10 votes)
[messages] Confirm before Delete AllslptClosed[4_5] (16 votes)
Layout change for main page (after login)MCRLON30UKClosed[2_5] (10 votes)
[interests] Adding 'Cam 2 Cam' to match structureuk submission jobberClosed[3] (27 votes)
Flags/markers for profilesikfClosed[2] (14 votes)
[new feature] Albums in the galleryRNC81Closed[5] (8 votes)
[map] Show past opponents on a world mapmunichsubfightClosed[3_5] (18 votes)
New buttons for the siteMCRLON30UKClosed[5] (1 votes)
[messages] Message search functionmunichsubfightClosed[4_5] (16 votes)
[DONE] [messages] Folders or labels for messagesmetuck12Closed[4] (24 votes)
Notification when member unsuspendsedscissorsClosed[3] (17 votes)
[search] When searching a location, show favorites and fought list firstredlandguyClosed[3] (22 votes)
Profile badge for "Willing to Host / Travel"aj71mClosed[3] (15 votes)
[DONE] [search] Exclude a tag during advanced searcheshilralClosed[3_5] (17 votes)