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First match of 2017

What a rush! So glad to be back wrestling again! It was brilliant to experience the competition, the sweat, the body contact, the struggle and to secure the win.
I loved dominating my sexy opponent (B2bomber) and wringing the submissions out of him. Fingers crossed that this is the first of many matches this year - bring it on!

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It begins

So after a couple of false starts my return to wrestling begins today. I've got a hot jobber waiting for me and I can't wait to dish out some punishment and totally own him! Fingers crossed this will be that start of many matches in 2017.
Wish me luck guys, and challenge me if you fancy being my next opponent!

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2017 - The Year of Wrestling

So, in relation to my last blog about how difficult 2016 has been for me I'm looking at what 2017 means to me and how I can move forward.
I've seen a lot of "2016 was a terrible year but 2017 will definitely be much better" online. You can't expect a switch to be flicked at midnight and everything will magically change - but you have the power to change things, to make things better for yourself.
I'm taking control of my year, doing all I can to make my life better, and this is where you come in!
Check out my profile, read my recommendations, drop me a message and let's wrestle!
Let's help each other to make 2017 the year of wrestling.

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I had quite an eventful summer, but not necessarily in the way I would have liked. I spent a few weeks in hospital recovering from a serious illness, I got a severe infection which in turn led to sepsis and I nearly died.
This has made me reassess my life quite a lot, do a lot of processing and thinking and it's has reaffirmed to me just how much I love to wrestle. I'm hugely out of shape at the moment following my recovery but I really want to get back to it and have as many matches as possible. Is this where you come in? Why not send me a message?

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