Man, I tell ya, the bs never stops. I am a decent fellow looking for a decent good looking fellow and yet for some reason, they just don't exist. I recently put up a very concise personal ad with awesome photos of myself on another site, and left it there for a few weeks. What do I get hitting me up? FAKE PROFILES. Guys sending me pics of 14 yr old boys? really? Blurry photos of dudes hiding their face behind a camera (pics that are probably stolen anyway). What is it with people doing that? Does just looking at me or my profile scream " I want to be treated like shit and toyed with?" or "I am fake so please only fake people hit me up"?

Enough is enough people. You want to meet me, read my profile. Read the 7 sentences of what I am looking for. If you are offended because I call you out on your BS, or how fake you seem, then DONT BE FAKE. I am not into older men and definitely not those who are out of shape. If THAT offends you, look and follow someone else. I am not being mean. I am being HONEST. Plus, if I flat out tell you what I am looking for in my profile, why would you still email me wanting to meet or have erotic fun with me?

Anyway, I know a lot of you tell me all I do is blog negative things. Well, maybe if something POSITIVE came my way, I wouldn't. Maybe if people would stop looking at my REAL profiles, the ones with pics of me, my wrestling, my smiles, my athletecism, my body, or even pics of me with family in some places like instagram, and thinking I am fake, or need to be put down for some messed up personal reason of yours, I could move past the negativity. I WANT a bf. I WANT love. I WANT a family. I WANT a simple, happy life with someone who wrestles. It isn't THAT farfetched or SPECIFIC. Many of you want the same thing even though you say you don't or tell me this isn't a site for that. WHAT SITE IS? THEY ARE ALL THE SAME, I know, I have been on MANY. Heck I see on grindr people looking only for WHITE, or only for transgender females with foot fetishes....AND I AM PICKY? let's get serious. People's animosity towards me stems from their own lack of self awareness. They see someone who knows who he is, what he wants, and isn't perfect, and they want to prove a point. What point, god only knows.

But here is MY point. Stop the BS. I am a GOOD person. I will write this a billion times over. I know I am good. I have given of myself to hundreds of kids, adults, gays, heteros, you name it. The gay wrestling clubs out there, I am sure I inspired quite a few people to make themselves better with wrestling just by showing them you CAN be gay AND WRESTLE. I always helped out even though I didn't have to. Travelled with little to no money across the country and didn't complain when they jipped me wrestling matches. Nope, I did a lot for them and I know I have. I don't need the thanks but I do not need the hate either. And sure there will be those who will probably write "the only people who say they are good, are clearly bad" among other things. NO, I am NOT perfect, but I am not the devil that I am made out to be. So stop treating me like one.

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Tynesider (78) 5/08/2018 7:30 AM

Don't let these people annoy you so much. It is just a minot irritant that is ended by ignoring or blocking the men involved. Unfortunately you can't avoid it.

Good luck.


WrestlerandGeek (23) 5/08/2018 4:39 PM

While I understand that it happens (to everyone), there needs to be a middle ground too. I shouldnt be constantly messaged by fake people. And what is the point of some of them sending me photos of underaged boys? It just seems very odd or as if I am being targetted. Believe me, there are guys on here who i cannot name because of policy that spread a lot of lies and even tell people i like young boys which is NOT true. And the sad thing is i cannot defend myself except with public blogs.