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A 2 on 1 mixed wrestling experience

I’ve often wondered what it would be like to have one or more persons watch me in one of my mixed wrestling matches with a professional session wrestler. Would it make me fight harder? Would it lead to greater humiliation? I don’t know, but perhaps by describing one of my more interesting sessions the reader can decide this, sort of like they were witnessing the event. As this is a true story, I am not going to use the real names of my opponents. Yes, this is a 2 against one match. The rules are very simple, the ladies can use any hold they wish (as can I), but the ladies can also use open hand slaps to face, and closed fist punches anywhere (including the groin), except the head and neck regions. I can only defend, obviously no session wrestler allows you to return a strike.
So both the ladies are drop dead gorgeous. Kate is 30 yo and is 5’ 9”, 176 lbs, extremely muscular, and is fairly well trained and experienced in wrestling. She is wearing a red one piece bathing suit and has petite breasts. Her weight is almost entirely from her muscle mass. Leah is 29 yo and is 5’ 3”, 140 lbs, and would not have the same level of training and experience as Kate. She is wearing a brown bikini and has very prominent breasts and cleavage. I am 5’ 10”, 160 lbs and wearing a light blue Speedo. The match takes place in an apartment with mats laid out on the floor and along the walls. Got the setting?
We start off facing each other when Kate asks who I would like to wrestle first. Relieved that they were not planning to both come at me at the same time, I decide to do the manly thing and take on the bigger and more powerful Kate first. We move to a position on our knees and raise our hands into a starting position. We spend about a minute moving around, feinting attacks, looking for openings, when I move to her side and try to throw my arm around her neck to place her in a side headlock. As I try to grab onto my arm to tighten the hold, she skilfully slips out and now reverses the hold, slamming me down onto the mat in a side head lock. I realise, too late, that I am wrestling someone with substantially greater upper body strength, and someone that is really skilled, given how she so quickly reversed my hold. So clearly I am already in trouble, struggling to get out of a side headlock, being twisted and pushed into the mat…… I try to push my hand into her jaw to force her to release me, but to no avail. So best to tap out and to start over.
Without any break, next I face Leah, and again, we move about, looking for an opening. She charges forward, I move to the side, and as she goes down, I move on top of her. I move forward, to go further up on her chest, elated that I am about to win this round, but suddenly I am violently yanked backwards as Kate has entered the match by placing me in rear naked choke hold. Kate falls backwards, combining the choke with a body scissors, and Leah, grabs me by the ankles, spreads my legs apart, and jams her foot into my crotch, stomping and then twisting. Both are laughing and taunting me, saying that I will be their little pussy bitch boy soon. The foot in the crotch has caused me to have an erection, and at the same time, I am trying to pry open Kate’s choke hold. I am feeling a little light headed, so I finally submit before I pass out.
The next round starts as usual, facing only one gal, this time Kate. At one point, we are on the ground and I wind up behind Kate and have my arms moving into almost a full nelson and my legs wrapped around her in a body scissors. Remarkably, she manages to power herself up onto her knees, with me hanging onto her back, legs wrapped around her, still trying to close the full nelson. I still don’t know how she did this, other than through brute strength. She slams herself backwards. I hit the mat hard, and a fraction of a second later, I am also hit by her muscular body. I am somewhat stunned from this powerful slam, and the round ends with her easily face sitting me and flexing her biceps over me in a victory pose.
There were many additional rounds, I wrestled continuously while each of them rested between rounds, unless they decided to intervene. In one round, we started in a standing position, as Kate went into a boxing stance, very intimidating….. As I looked at her, she landed an open hand slap across my face with lightening speed, momentarily distracting me…..from Leah, who had come up behind me. Leah pulled my arms back tightly, exposing me to Kate, still in a boxing stance with both fists raised. Of course, I am now helplessly exposed as Kate starts landing combination punches to my belly. Jabs and uppercuts. I tighten my abs to absorb the blows, but after a few punches the pain starts to intensify. I manage to swing Leah around, slamming her into Kate. This gives me the opportunity to put Kate into a standing headlock….. but this is very short lived, as Leah comes up from behind, on her knees and grabs my balls, very tightly, and in a low tone of voice, tells me to let her go…….and of course, once Kate is released, the round ends with me submitting to a head scissors applied by Kate….
As the match continues, I am dripping with perspiration, and utterly exhausted. The last round is against Leah. I am totally spent, exhausted, moving slowly. Even though she is 20 lbs lighter than me, she completely kicks my ass. I feel like I am moving in slow motion, while she has unbelievable energy. She submits me with a breast smother, stands over me with a foot on my crotch in a victory pose, and then furthers the humiliation by making me suck her toe….. I think it is over, but no, as I try to raise myself on my hands and knees, she places me in a very tight standing head scissors, pulsating her muscles, tightening and releasing them around my neck. Kate joins the act, grabbing my balls, tightening and releasing as Leah tightens and releases her calve muscles around my neck……….

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Mixed wrestling - What is the female perspective?

From a male perspective, I think I understand the attraction of mixed wrestling. The erotic nature of the match certainly speaks volumes. I know for session wrestlers, financial considerations play a role, but I know this is not the whole story, because I have found they enjoy their work more than they would if they were doing this for finances alone. I remember my very first mixed session in London with a lady named Sonia. This was 17 years ago, was in my forties and she was thirty something. She was not strong and muscular looking, and I was in very good shape (and still in great shape), so I thought I could, if not take her down, at least win about half of the rounds. How could I be so wrong? Within seconds of the match starting she violently slammed me into the mat with a head scissors and for the next hour I was tapping out every two or three minutes with her taunting me the entire time. Once, and only once did I manage a body scissors and made her give in. The next day, every muscle in my body felt as though it had been dismembered by this 5’ 8” 140lb lady. The only thing that would have completed my humiliation would have been wrestling in front of an audience, but this first match has me addicted to intergender wrestling…. Since then I have had another 34 competitive mixed matches, with 14 women (having wrestled a number of women multiple times). I did not wind up nearly as sore as the first match with Sonia, but have to respect session wrestlers – they are strong, well trained, experienced and highly determined professional wrestlers that will defeat any untrained man unless the size and degree of muscularity becomes too lopsided. So what do ladies enjoy wrestling men? One lady said that when she wrestled for fun, she enjoyed humiliating boys, putting more than a few guys into headlocks to push their faces into her boobs. What do people think?

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