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Mixed wrestling - What is the female perspective?

From a male perspective, I think I understand the attraction of mixed wrestling. The erotic nature of the match certainly speaks volumes. I know for session wrestlers, financial considerations play a role, but I know this is not the whole story, because I have found they enjoy their work more than they would if they were doing this for finances alone. I remember my very first mixed session in London with a lady named Sonia. This was 17 years ago, was in my forties and she was thirty something. She was not strong and muscular looking, and I was in very good shape (and still in great shape), so I thought I could, if not take her down, at least win about half of the rounds. How could I be so wrong? Within seconds of the match starting she violently slammed me into the mat with a head scissors and for the next hour I was tapping out every two or three minutes with her taunting me the entire time. Once, and only once did I manage a body scissors and made her give in. The next day, every muscle in my body felt as though it had been dismembered by this 5’ 8” 140lb lady. The only thing that would have completed my humiliation would have been wrestling in front of an audience, but this first match has me addicted to intergender wrestling…. Since then I have had another 34 competitive mixed matches, with 14 women (having wrestled a number of women multiple times). I did not wind up nearly as sore as the first match with Sonia, but have to respect session wrestlers – they are strong, well trained, experienced and highly determined professional wrestlers that will defeat any untrained man unless the size and degree of muscularity becomes too lopsided. So what do ladies enjoy wrestling men? One lady said that when she wrestled for fun, she enjoyed humiliating boys, putting more than a few guys into headlocks to push their faces into her boobs. What do people think?

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