As already planned I was to meet two other guys for wrestling, which I had not wrestled yet. This meeing was to take place at sportynord's place in Hildesheim, and on Wednesday I went there by train. I had visited sportynord back in 2017 so I knew that besides being a great host he also has an impressive matroom in his basement. A few hours after my arrival my first opponent arrived, which was eddi30 from the middle of nowhere, which was the reason why he did not have so many opponents. But I had soon realised that I should not underestimate any opponent, and eddi30 was not only 20 kgs heavier than me but also 15 years younger and probably more agile!

I therefore concluded that he could be faster than me and rather easily could put his weight on top of me and then squash me. To have a chance against him I would have to get on top of him as soon as possible, and much to my surprise it was not so difficult as I would have expected. Next challenge would be to remain there, and this wasn't so easy for he tried every mean possible to shake me off. Although I kept him in some kind of schoolboy pin he some times succeeded in shaking me off, but I was very fast in returning to my position on top, and after a while he had to give up.

After two more similar matches there was no change, for my position on top of him was a safe place to be. Though again there was not much fun in being on top of him, for although this position was safe it was also a bit boring. But only just a bit, for again he vigorously tried to shake me off, and once he finally succeeded, introducing a short ground match, which I also was able to win.

In the meantime sportynord showed up, probably called by the loud noices from the basement. If he also wanted a roll? Sure he would, and swiftly he jumped in one of his many singlets lying around the room. Sportynord was certainly older than me, so with him I didn't want to potentially crush him under my body by lying on top of him. Instead I wanted to give him a test, whether he could break free from my leg scissors without the use of his arms. I had not expected to be able to keep him in my scissors for a long time, but to my surprise it seemed possible. I kept him there for several minutes and after a while it was enough for him and he went for eddi30 instead.

While I had been pretty successful wrestling my opponents this first day things sure got more serious on Thursday when I was to meet the two other guys on the mat. First came arniebaby, who was the guy who initially had suggested this meeting. About my size and age, so we had about the same stats. Except for one thing, for I soon realised that arniebaby had more experience than I had. Which could not be a surprise for me with limited experience. But I have always liked working up a sweat in a match with another guy - and arniebaby sure could take care of that! This time I was the guy to end down on the mat, so arniebaby could have full control of me. He also had experience in Catching which I have never practised, but he never needed to use it, for he was strong enough without. I sure have a strong defense, but after a while he had succeeded in pinning down both my arms and legs so there was no alternative but to tap out. At least he was just as sweaty as I was, so certainly we both had had a good match.

Initially it was only planned that I should meet up with eddi30 and arniebaby, but in the meantime another wrestler had joined the party, and this was BoxerWOB. Which was a surprise for me, for I am not into boxing and never had, but arniebaby assured me that he was also competent in wrestling. And sure he was - but also another heavy opponent standing in front of me! Heavier than me and also shorter than me, so how should I get control of this dumpling? I didn't have to speculate long, for it didn't take him long to pull me over. This guy also was a coach to be, for while I to no avail was trying to get up again from under him he entertained the two other guys, maybe telling them what they should do in such situation. In any case I was too focused on my own situation to translate his advice into my own language.

Thus the fight with BoxerWOB didn't take so long time, but before the three other wrestlers were heading home I had another finishing match with arniebaby. Obviously there was not much changed, but it was always good to have one more match with this safe and sane guy. I probably had not wrestled too much this day, for I had only had these two fights, but nevertheless I was soon exhausted, so arniebaby could easily declare himself a winner one more time.

We soon split up, the three other guys returning home and I stayed the night at sportynord's place before I the next day continued to Berlin for more wrestling. Going back to Copenhagen by way of Berlin was definitely the long way home, but I knew I had friends there which I also could wrestle. Mainly kleiner kerl and catchbear1.

In Berlin we wrestled on Saturday, beginning with catchbear1, whom I now wrestled for the 7th time. Generally I always wrestle him when I am in Berlin, but it failed last time, so we were both happy that we could meet again. Catchbear1 is a big guy, so I had some problems getting control of him. Initially I tried locking him in a solid bearhug, but it was difficult getting a proper hold around his massive body, so I tried with a bodyscissor instead. Which wasn't much better. For although I could get my legs around his body I was not able to lock my ankles for a serious squeeze. So in the end I had to make do with pressing my legs together without the lock. And combined with a headscissor with my arms I finally succeeded keeping him under my control.

Last but not least was kleiner kerl, the guy I have wrestled more than any other guy, and this was the ninth time we wrestled, every time in Berlin, and far the most times at his place. In January we had done three rounds, which I was happy to win all, as I was in need of some success after having lost great when I had been in Paris in November - which kleiner kerl then had to pay for. So therefore I would give him a better chance this time - but it didn't really happen so. By coincidence he got between my legs, and snap, my scissors locked on him almost automatically. Like a deadlock, for it was barely possible for him to get free, so that was the end of it. Although had we kept on for a few more minutes he would have been able to escape with a totally different result. Afterwards he told me that my scissors had grown considerably stronger during the years he had known me. So maybe my idea was right, that wrestling is a good alternative for me now I no longer can run the long distances I previously could.

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BamaJDon41 (1 gold) 4/09/2019 7:18 PM

Congratulations on your matches with such great opponents!