Or it will be, come mid-July, but hey, I just got you to open this blog post.....:)

Yo guys, it is exactly six weeks to Thunderdome (July 13 - July 16). If you haven't signed up yet, you should do it now. If you are languishing in the "uncertain" category, man up and move yourself to "participant" already....:)
And if you got a notice about this blog post, and aren't signed up anywhere, you are forbidden from reading any further....lol.

Next info email is probably coming out this weekend. There have been questions about ride sharing, tent sharing, hotel sharing, adding other wrestling styles, etc., and all kinds of other exciting new developments, so please keep an eye out for it. If you are not already receiving emails about the event, please shoot me your email quickly, and I can add you to the distribution list.

Attendee update: now have 51 guys confirmed as coming, 2 listed as very likely, and another 59 listed as possible. This is going to be amazing. Can't wait to have so many of my wrestling buds gathered in one place.

If you need more info, go to Thunderdome VI under events on this site, or visit www.thunderdome.boston.

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surrey71 (25 platinum) 6/02/2018 9:16 AM

Hi, not everyone is in (or able) to get to USA (I don’t wanna visit while Trump is President anyway)


jman926 (5 bronze) 8/19/2018 2:30 PM

(In reply to this)

I hear you. I think tRump needs to be assassinated.


Spruceman (62 platinum) 6/02/2018 4:56 PM

If JT makes it over to visit here for 3 or 4 weeks; and he can take me up, I wanna be there to take on every bloke willing to take me on, starting with you :)


Spruceman (62 platinum) 6/03/2018 9:34 PM

(In reply to this)

Looking forward to what might be a first time in my life of more requests for matches than I can handle. OTOH could get enough to get a goodly share the 40 some opponents to make at venerable 100 group – so seemingly needed to get some guys to be willing to take one on. :)


pinortapforwin (0) 6/03/2018 7:42 PM

link doesnt work


Rocket (3 platinum) 6/13/2018 8:41 AM

Do not worry about what the Dump
We have the a population of liberals and Democrats will protect you from the fly over states.