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Thunderdome 2021

No Thunderdome in July, 2021.
Since a bunch of guys have already asked, I am posting here to let everyone know that Thunderdome will be cancelled a second year in a row due to the continuing presence of the Covid virus. Even if things improve very quickly over the next few months, it will not be fast enough to put the event together and ensure the safety of all attendees. This sucks because I Iook forward to having you all here every July, and I know many of you look forward to participating.
As things stand now, I have every expectation that Thunderdome will happen again in July of 2022 (8th - 11th). So please count on it.
My best to all, Joe

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Comments (10)

RoB RassleorBox (4 ) 2 days ago

Thanks Joe.


bighairywrstlrpa (25) 2 days ago

Miss you buddy. Come visit Pennsylvania over the summer!


Ricotewrestler (268 ) 2 days ago

Cant wait to see you all! And Joe : you and Ellie are welcome here anytime . I’m fully vaccinated! Hoping to seeing you all in 2022


synxiec (45) 2 days ago

I appreciate your thoughtfulness. I might just visit you randomly as a surprise.


Kruhn (57) 2 days ago

Better safe than sorry. Thank you for looking out for all of us.


Roughmatch (129 ) 2 days ago

Fully vaccinated here. Thanks for being so thoughtful Joe. Yes I'll be there in 2022


mainewrestlingchub (34) 2 days ago

Totally understand Joe...miss you! Big hello to Elle also. If you guys come up for a weekend getaway in Maine this summer let me know. Would love to grab a bite of lobstah with ya bub!!!
Stay safe all and thanks for letting us all know


BobOK9 (0) 1 days ago

I’m looking forward to going to my first Thunderdome next year!


headlockmehard (20) 23 hours ago

Thanks for hosting, Joe. Had a great time when I attended and hope to see you next year!


Mainewrsl (32) 16 hours ago

Thanks for keeping us posted, Joe.