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True Story

I was traveling and stopped at a gas station to fill up and there was a restaurant there so I could get something to eat. After filling up the gas tank I entered the restaurant and sit down. A waitress brought a menu and glass of water. As I was looking over the menu the waitress returned to take the order. Instead she said this guy at the counter wanted to talk to me before I ordered the meal. I said ok and she motioned for him to come over. He was a tall guy about 6'4". He said he wanted to ask me something before I ate. I said ok what is it. Out of the blue he said that he liked the fact that I had a good size belly. He got right to the point and said he had a buddy that liked to punch guys like me in the gut to see if he could make them grunt. I said that is an odd question from a stranger. He said he agreed but he wanted to ask anyway before I ate and filled my belly with food. He said it is never fun to get punched in the gut on a full stomach. I said how you know I want to get punched in the gut. He said the back of your jacket says punch me. I said wow I had forgot about that jacket saying that. I said there were times I had taking punches in the gut but it usually was with guys I knew. The guy said that is ok that his buddy would take it easy on me to start with. He said if I wanted to see if I could take a few he would call his buddy to see if he could come by. I said sure go ahead. I asked where you going to do this. He said there is a shed out back of the restaurant they could use. He said they have had other guys volunteer to be a punch bag before and they use the shed all the time. He got a call back that his buddy was coming and that we should go to the shed and get prepared. I asked prepared. The guy said yes he would explain in the shed.

After we entered the shed the guy said for me to go to the bathroom in the back and empty my bladder and if I could do a number 2 that would be good. He said for me to return with my shirt off so he could see my stomach. After he got a look at my stomach he said for me to take the belt off so the buckle would not be in the way when his buddy started the punching. After taking the belt off my pants slid down on my hips exposing my lower belly some. The guy said for me to pull them lower so all of my gut is visible and hanging over the pants. I asked if I was going to get hit in the lower belly. He said for sure his buddy would give me a few low ones during the workover. He said his friend like to sink his fist into a big belly like mine.

The guys buddy has arrived. First thing I noticed was his huge hands. He was a little shorter than his friend. Probably about 6'2" tall. Maybe 220 lbs. The buddy entered the shed and immediately said his friend had found him a nice looking big belly to work over. Have you prepared him totally for this workover. The first guy said yes. The buddy had a bag with him and he opened it and took our some black leather gloves. They were not normal boxing gloves. He told the first guy to get behind me and hold my arms behind my back. The puncher then stepped in close and said ok this is what he was going to start with. First he would put some jabs into my stomach just above the belly button and to the right. Then a couple in the midsection and then to the the other side. He said to start with they would be just quick jabs to see how I responded to quick hitters. Then really fast his right fist hit my stomach not once but twice with his big gloved fist. I let out an OFFFF, OFFFF. He said how did that feel in the stomach. Before I could answer he quick hit my midsection then a quick hitter to the other side. OFFFF UGGGG. He told the first guy to hold me steady and to center me up right in front of him. I was breathing hard from the first series of hits. He said ok now for a quick hitter right in the belly below the navel. Wham the right fist sunk in and right back out. OFFFFFFFFFF. He said he loved hitting a guy below the belly button. Then another one went in about 3 inches right below the belly button angled upward. UGGGGG OFFFFFF.

He said ok take a break before you get some more in the gut. After about 15 minutes the puncher said ok you ready for some more. He said this time I would be blindfolder so I could not see the punches coming and could not tighten up my gut muscles. He told his holder to get me up and in position. He took out a blindfold and placed it over my head and covered my eyes. I could see nothing. Total darkness. He told his holder to center me up right in front of him. He told me to breathe normal and to let my big belly just hang and not tighten up. I felt his gloved fist touch my gut below the navel. Then the next thing I felt was that glove drive a punch right into my lower gut. OFFFFFFFFFFF was the reaction and sound. He told the holder to pull me back up as my knees had buckled with that last hit to the gut. Next his fist went right over my belly button. OFFFFFFF UGGGGH. Then another one went in below the belly button. OFFFFFFFF.

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