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Unexpected Gut Workover

I was traveling and stopped at a gas station to fill up and there was a restaurant there so I could get something to eat. After filling up the gas tank I entered the restaurant and sit down. A waitress brought a menu and glass of water. As I was looking over the menu the waitress returned to take the order. Instead she said this guy at the counter wanted to talk to me before I ordered the meal. I said ok and she motioned for him to come over. He was a tall guy about 6'4". He said he wanted to ask me something before I ate. I said ok what is it. Out of the blue he said that he liked the fact that I had a good size belly. He got right to the point and said he had a buddy that liked to punch guys like me in the gut to see if he could make them grunt. I said that is an odd question from a stranger. He said he agreed but he wanted to ask anyway before I ate and filled my belly with food. He said it is never fun to get punched in the gut on a full stomach. I said how you know I want to get punched in the gut. He said the back of your jacket says punch me. I said wow I had forgot about that jacket saying that. I said there were times I had taking punches in the gut but it usually was with guys I knew. The guy said that is ok that his buddy would take it easy on me to start with. He said if I wanted to see if I could take a few he would call his buddy to see if he could come by. I said sure go ahead. I asked where you going to do this. He said there is a shed out back of the restaurant they could use. He said they have had other guys volunteer to be a punch bag before and they use the shed all the time. He got a call back that his buddy was coming and that we should go to the shed and get prepared. I asked prepared. The guy said yes he would explain in the shed.

After we entered the shed the guy said for me to go to the bathroom in the back and empty my bladder and if I could do a number 2 that would be good. He said for me to return with my shirt off so he could see my stomach. After he got a look at my stomach he said for me to take the belt off so the buckle would not be in the way when his buddy started the punching. After taking the belt off my pants slid down on my hips exposing my lower belly some. The guy said for me to pull them lower so all of my gut is visible and hanging over the pants. I asked if I was going to get hit in the lower belly. He said for sure his buddy would give me a few low ones during the workover.

The guys buddy has arrived. First thing I noticed was his huge hands. He was a little shorter than his friend. Probably about 6'2" tall. Maybe 220 lbs. The buddy entered the shed and immediately said his friend had found him a nice looking big belly to work over. Have you prepared him totally for this workover. The first guy said yes. The buddy had a bag with him and he opened it and took our some black leather gloves. They were not normal boxing gloves. He told the first guy to get behind me and hold my arms behind my back. The puncher then stepped in close and said ok this is what he was going to start with. First he would put some jabs into my stomach just above the belly button and to the right. Then a couple in the midsection and then to the the other side. He said to start with they would be just quick jabs to see how I responded to quick hitters. Then really fast his right fist hit my stomach not once but twice with his big gloved fist. I let out an OFFFF, OFFFF. He said how did that feel in the stomach. Before I could answer he quick hit my midsection then a quick hitter to the other side. OFFFF UGGGG. He told the first guy to hold me steady and to center me up right in front of him. I was breathing hard from the first series of hits. He said ok now for a quick hitter right in the gut below the navel. Wham the right fist sunk in and right back out. OFFFFFFFFFF. He said he loved hitting a guy below the belly button. Then another one went in about 3 inches right below the belly button angled upward. UGGGGG OFFFFFF.

He said ok take a break before you get some more in the gut. After about 15 minutes the puncher said ok you ready for some more. He said this time I would be blindfolder so I could not see the punches coming and could not tighten up my gut muscles. He told his holder to get me up and in position. He took out a blindfold and placed it over my head and covered my eyes. I could see nothing. Total darkness. He told his holder to center me up right in front of him. He told me to breathe normal and to let my big belly just hang and not tighten up. I felt his gloved fist touch my gut below the navel. Then the next thing I felt was that glove drive a punch right into my lower gut. OFFFFFFFFFFF was the reaction and sound. He told the holder to pull me back up as my knees had buckled with that last hit to the gut. Next his fist went right over my belly button. OFFFFFFF UGGGGH

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Underground Boxing Club

I saw this ad in a magazine asking for any guys that would be interested in being a heavy bag for some underground boxing guys that had this private boxing club. These boxers were looking for guys of different sizes to take punches in their stomach, midsection, and underbelly below the navel so their boxers could practice their punching skills. One of the type guys there were looking for were guys that had big bellies as well as tight muscled bellies. Since I have one of the big belly types there are looking for I answered the ad. I was told where to come to be interviewed for the type punches their boxers wanted to deliver in the belly. When I arrived at the address and knocked on the door the guy answering the door asked if I want to take punches in the stomach. I said yes and he let me into this big huge room where there were these couple boxing rings set up. I saw immediately there were a couple of boxer in one ring with guys in the corners of the ring and I could see they were getting worked over. One was a big guy that had a much bigger belly than me. He was really taking some nice hits in his abdominals. The boxer had the build of a boxer and I could tell he was very skilled at boxing.

After watching the action in the boxing ring for awhile I was told ok time for me to go get ready for my workover. I was told to go to the bathroom and empty my bladder and if need to empty my bowels. I was told to return to the ring area with my shirt off and it was preferred that my shorts be pulled down on my hips to expose all of my lower gut below the navel. I could take a sting bikini bottom to give max exposure or just pull my shorts down but my lower belly must be visible as well as my stomach and midsection areas. Once returning I was told my puncher would be here shortly but I could go ahead and enter the boxing ring and get in position in one of the corners. Put my arms over the tops of the ropes where I was secured in place with some straps. Back against the corner with the belly facing forward. There was still action going on in the 2nd boxing ring with a couple guys getting there stomach and gut worked over by 2 boxers.

My boxer entered the ring wearing his boxer attire of boxer shorts, boots, and small size boxing gloves. He approached me in the corner and begin to explain the punches he was going to deliver to my abdominals. He said my stomach above the navel would be targeted a good bit with both jabs and solid hits. He said the entire area across the midsection above the navel would be targeted with both fist in both jabs and some solid hits. Then he said he would deliver some hits into the belly button as well as below the belly button in uppercuts into the hanging belly in both jabs and some solid hits with both left and right fist. He said it would be a very slow workover so I could feel the pain of his punches through my gut area. He said he would judge the sounds I produced on each punch to determine the next hit. He asked me if I had any questions and I asked if his first punch was going to be below the navel. He said not usually but since my gut was pretty big it did invite the first one going up into the belly. He said normally he liked to sink into the stomach with a jab followed by a solid hit designed to take the air out. I asked him about the boxing gloves he had on. They were not your normal boxing gloves. They were small and round like a ball. He said he had those specially made for gut punching. He said the ball shape would have a bigger impact than a normal boxing glove. He then said if I was ready to get started. I said yes.

He moved in close in front of me and with a quick lighting move he deliver a glove right into my stomach. Offfff UGGG I said. I grasp as I felt the air rush out of my stomach. He came again but this time he hit just above the navel right into the midsection. Again OFFFFF UGH. Then he delivered a quick jab into the liver. UGGGG. He stepped back and then he move in close and placed his right glove a few inches below my belly button and pushed in a little. He said right here for the next one and then with lighting speed the glove landed right into my belly right where he had the glove. I grasp with a big Offffffffffff as I felt the pain shoot all over my abdominals.

He stepped back and said take a break and get ready for round 2. He said round 2 would be some combo punches involving his left glove. He said he would start above the belly button going into the stomach with a left followed immediately by a right. Then proceed across the midsection with the left right combos. Then another short break before he went back below the belly button with the left and right combo right into the lower belly. He said below the belly button would be the right first followed by the left uppercut dead center below the belly button. The right would be a quick jab. You ready for the finish. I uttered yes and then one punch after the other he delivered the punches right where he said he would. As I doubled over I dropped to the knees holding my big belly as the pain sunk in.

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While on a road trip I had stopped at this truck stop for some rest and a meal. I set down at a table and the waitress came over and took my order. As I was drinking my coffee and waiting for the food I hear these 2 guys that were seated behind me talking about fighting. I could see one of the guys was a big burly black guy with big hands and big arms. The other guy was a white guy kind of skinny. They continued to talk about some of their fight experiences. I could not help but think the skinny guy must have lost a lot of fights because of his size. He even admitted he had taking the worst in a few of his fights against bigger fighters. They said most of their fights had been against other truckers and biker guys. He black guy said he loved to fight the biker guys since they are mostly white dudes that think they are tough. He said nothing racial about that but he lover to fight white guys especially those that have big bellies. He said he loved to work over big belly guys and watch them fold over his fist as they sink in deep. He said the sounds they make are awesome as they are hit in the belly. The skinny guy asked the black guy where he would hit a big belly guy first. The black guy said he almost always went for the below the belt hit. He said you hit a big belly guy below the belt he will drop. He said it hurts below the belt and makes them grunt like crazy as they fell the pain shoot all though out their abdomen. After a while the skinny got got a phone call and he said he had to go take care of something. The black guy remained behind to finish he food and drink coffee.

I could tell the black guy had noticed me listening to their conversation. He said you heard what we were talking about. I said yes. He said he noticed that I had a good size belly. He asked me if I had ever been hit in the belly. I said a few times but it had been awhile. He asked if I thought I could take a hit in the belly from a guy like him. I said I could be not sure how much I could take. He said you want to find out that he would be glad to show me but he warned me I would have to take more than just one hit to the belly. I said ok how many would he want to deliver. He said at least 6 but he said I think you can take more than that in my big belly. He said he had a big rig with the space he liked to use to work a guy over. He asked if I wanted to take a look and it had my curiosity up and I always wanted to get hit in the belly by a black dude. He said ok lets go.

We climbed into the back of his big rig trailer and he opened a door in the back of the trailer and we entered. He turned on a light and immediately I could see he had restraints and a lot of types of gloves hanging in a corner. I said so I will be restrained. The black guy said since his buddy was not hear that is the best way for me to take the punches since he said this way I could be held in place and facing him so my belly is always in front of his fist. He said he preferer for me to be held up but since that is not possible this was a good way for me to take the punches. I said ok. He said he would like for me to show me my abdominal area. He said to take the shirt off and take off the belt. I did that and when I took off the belt my pants slipped down a little. He said nice belly button. He said that makes a good target. He said you remember in the truck stop he like to hit a big belly guy below the belly button. I said yes. He said for me to pull my pants down lower so he could see my hanging gut. He said that is nice. He said a hit below the belt would really make me grunt. He repeated he loved to hit a big guy below the navel. He asked you want your arms over my head or over the top of the bars. I said over the bars. He said good then I could not swing around. So I backed into the corner and put my arms over the bars. He took some velcro straps and tied my arms into place. He picked a pair of gloves from the racks of gloves and put them on. He said the gloves are specially designed for hitting a guy in the belly. He said the way they mold around his fingers they are flat when he made a fist. His fist was pretty good size I must say. There was a hanging boxing bag in one corner of the big rig. He said let me show you a few of the punches he would deliver on the boxing bag. He begin to hit the bag and you could hear the pop of the leather gloves on the bag. He asked if I liked that sound. He said when he hit my gut it would be a little different. After about 10 punches to the boxing bag he said Ok lets get started.

He moved in front of my belly and told me to breath normal. He said he was still deciding where to deliver the first hit. He said should he hit the stomach, midsection above the navel, directly in the navel, of a few inches below the navel. He asked me if I wanted to chose. I asked does it matter. He said no but he wanted to give me a choice. I remembered in the truck stop he like to hit a guy below the belly button. So I figured I did not want to feel the first one that low yet. So I said to hit me in the stomach. His right fist shot out and landed directly in the stomach. I grasp for air and a loud UGGGGGG came out of my mouth. The air was gone from my stomach as I grasp and breathed heavy. He move a little more in front of my body and sized me up. He looked at my belly button and said ok here is one in the gut. His right fist again shot out and landed about 2 inches directly below my belly button. Again I grasp with a big OFFFFFFF< UGGGGGG. He said that was a nice one. He said ok you have taken 2 of the 6 punches that was agreed on. Its time for a couple of jabs right into the belly button. He got up close and said to breath normal and to look him in the eye. Then a quick right jab hit the belly button dead center. UGGGGG HGGGGG sound came out. He said he like to hit the belly button because it would get the stomach and the top of the lower gut. Ok time to feel a left fist. Then right in the belly button his left fist impacted with the jab. Again UGGGG HGGGG sound came out. He said ok let your belly hang and stick out a little. His big right fist slammed into my lower gut with a quick jab. I grasp again with a big OFFFFFFFF. He said ok that is 5. He said the 6 would be a hard on in the stomach. He said take a deep breath and relax. As I took the deep breath he hit my stomach with a deep solid hit with the right fist. OFFFFFFFF UGGGGGG was my reaction. He said ok rest. Then we decide if to continue the workover.

He said he liked to sink punches that would drop me to the knees but since I was tied up he could not do that. He said if his buddy was here I could be held up as he hit my belly. He called his buddy and asked if he was available. I was surprised his buddy said he would be right over. I was expecting the tiny white dude to return but in about 10 minutes the big rig door opened up and entered this other black dude. The new guy said I see you got a nice big one to work on. He said yes and its was time to do some drop punches. The new guy said how many he taken. The response was 6. Oh he needs a few more special one. The one that was doing the punching said ok you can give him one of your specials. I said specials. His buddy said you hit him below the navel yet. Yes I gave him 2. They both untied the straps holding me up and I was positioned in the middle of the big rig room and the first black dude to his buddy to deliver the first drop hit. He said he would let my arms go as the punch landed. His buddy stepped in front of my belly and said ok he we go. His right fist landed deep below my navel with an uppercut right into my lower belly. OFFFFFFF UGGGGGG as my knees went weak and dropped and doubled over. As the air returned to my belly I was picked up and another hit went right into the midsection just above the navel. UGGGGGG as I dropped again. Ok lets finish him off. Stand him up against the wall and lets give him a double hit. One guy one arm up against the wall the the other guy held up the other arm. One guy said he would hit me in the stomach and the other guy said he would hit me in the belly. Ok on 3. 1, 2 3 both fist hit my abdomen and all I could do was UGGGGGGGG and fell to my knees. The original guy said ok how you like getting worked over by a black guy. Was it good for you. If so and if you want more come back in a month and we will do this gain.

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Bar Encounter 2

I was back at the bar where the one of the bouncers worked my belly over good. I said down at the bar and the bartender that set up the bouncer the last time came over and said how you doing. You back for another workover. I said maybe we could discuss it after I had a few drinks. He said ok. After a few drinks the bartender said they had a new bouncer that loved to work guys over. He said he is not at work yet but he would be in soon for the late shift. In about another hour the new bouncer came in and clocked in. The bartended called him over and introduced him to me and told him the story about the last time I was here. The new bouncer said he would be glad to work my belly over again but he warned me this punches would be rough. This bouncer was about 6'6" tall with big arms like popeye and I could tell he had big hands. He said if I was ready we could go to the back storage room and he would let me have some in the belly.

Once in the back room the bouncer said for me to take my shirt off so he could see my stomach. After my shirt was all he said nice big stomach I had. He said he like to just about always put the first on in the stomach. He said it hurts in the stomach and he would me me groan from the hit. He told me to back up against the wall and face him and to put my hands to the side. He had put on some leather gloves and he said he loved the sound of the leather against a bare stomach. He moved in close and told me to look him in the eyes. To do that I had to look up since he was so tall and when I looked up his right fist drove into my stomach deep. I grasp for air and bent over in pain. He pushed me back up against the wall and hit my stomach again and again I doubled over. After a couple of minutes he told me to stand up against the wall again. He told me to unbuckle my belt and take the belt off. As I did so my pants slide down a little below my navel. He said to pull the pants on down some more. He wanted to see my big hanging belly. He said ok you want the next one in the navel or into my hanging belly. I said belly and again his right fist landed about 2 inches below the navel dead center into the belly. My knees went weak and I dropped to the knees double over. He said he loved to hit a big guy like me in the belly. The bouncer told the bartender to go get another bouncer that he needed someone to hold me up so I could not double over during the next round of punches. The other bouncer came and an picked me up and held my arms behind my back. The first bouncer then proceeded to give my some right and lefts into the midsection followed by an uppercut below the navel. I was grasping for air and my gut was on fire. My belly was in pain from the hits. Then the bouncer said ok time to finish me off. He told the other bouncer to hold me up and to put his knee into my back so my belly would stick out. Then he told the other bouncer to let go of my arms when he landed the last punch. He sank the last punch deep below the navel right up into the belly. I dropped and doubled over holding my belly and grasping for air. The bouncer said I don't think he will be back here for another work over.

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Gay Bar Encounter

I was in San Fran recently and decided to visit a Gay bar in the area because I knew I might could find a gut puncher there. After about an hour of sitting at the bar there was this guy sit down beside me at the bar. After a couple drinks he said to me that I had a nice size belly. I said thanks. He then asked if I have ever taken punches in the belly. I replied yes but it had been awhile. I could tell he was a big guy himself but he was tall and did not really have a big gut. He also had some huge hands. He asked me if he could put some punches in my belly. I replied he had some huge hands and how big was his fist. He said pretty big then showed me his fist. I said those could really wreck my gut. He said he would take it easy but he did say his punches will deliver some belly pain after the warm up. He said he would have to see my gut exposed to really get an idea where he would deliver the punches. He said some guys can take a lot and some cannot. He said he thought I could take more than normal but had to see the gut to say for sure. He said he did not live far from the bar and we could go there and he could check me out. I said ok. Then we left.

After arriving at his place he said he had a basement where he kept all his gut punching equipment. I said equipment. He said yes and said he had an assortment of gloves and his restraints to hold me in place while he worked my gut over. This interested me on the restraints. We went down the steps to the basement and I could see he had something in a corner of the room that looked like a corner of a boxing ring sit up. He said this is my device that he would use to restrain a guy to get worked over. He then said for me to take my shirt off so he could see my stomach. After the shirt was off he said ok lets pull those sweat pants down on the hips so he could see the lower belly. He said I had a nice gut for punching. He said he like my big belly button. He said that would be on target area he would go to a good bit. He said I should go to the bathroom and empty the bladder and see if I could also take a crap. He said sometimes a punch below the navel could cause a crap in the pants. I said ok and asked if he was going to hit me below the navel. He replied yes but not at first. He said it hurts below the navel and that is a good spot to deliver a punch on a big belly like mine. So I went to the bathroom and did what he said.

After returning he said ok lets get you ready for the workover. He told me to go stand in the corner where the device for restraining was and to face him. He said to put my arms up over the top ropes and he put some strapes on my arms to hold me up. He said this would keep me from doubling over and dropping to the knees. He said he wanted to drop me to the knees but not until the end. After I was in place with arms restrained he got a pair of what was some type of boxing gloves. He said I would be able to take more if he used the gloves instead of a bar fist. He moved in close and placed a gloved fist against my stomach and then right over my belly button. He said he need to loosen me up with some like punches to start. He said where you want it the stomach or belly button. I said stomach and then his right fist impacted my stomach above the belly button and I grasp for air. He immediately hit me in the stomach again but this time it was harder. OOOOFFFFF came out of my mouth. He said nice. Now he said lets see how you take it in the belly button. I moved back a little and his right fist hit me directly over my belly button. Again I grasp for air. He move a little to the right and then he delivered a left fist into the belly button.. Offffff was the sound I made. He said ok the next 2 were going above the navel right into the stomach and then the liver. Right into the midsection. They were quick jabs and I grasp for air as his fist hit the midsection. He said I was doing good so far. He put his gloved fist up against my belly a couple inches below the belly button. He said just to relax that he was soon going to drive one into my lower gut. As I looked at his fist up against my lower gut I said that is one huge fist. He said yes and this one was going to rock my gut. All of a sudden his right fist hit my gut below the belly button and it went in hard. I grasp for air and my knees buckled but I was held up by they restraints. He said how that that feel. I said I could feel it all the way over my entire abdominal area. He said ok lets take a break. He said the next round would be rougher with more than one going below the belly button.

After about 15 minutes he put on some new gloves. These gloves were more tight on his hands. He said these would really rock my stomach. So I was expecting the next punch to go above the belly button into the stomach. However I was wrong his big fist landed about 2 inches directly below my belly button and was angled as an uppercut. OFFFFFFFFF UGGGG came out of my mouth as I grasp for air. Then almost as quick he hit me in the stomach with 2 quick jabs and then 2 quick jabs to the liver and then another one below the belly button but more straight into the gut. My gut was on fire as those punches really worked my gut over. He said ok time for another rest and get my wind back.

He said ok this round he wanted to hit me so I dropped to the knees. So he removed the arm restraints and said to just lean up against the ropes. He moved in close and told me to look up at the ceiling. As I looked up he panted a right fist right into my lower gut. My knees went weak and I dropped to the floor on my knees holding my belly. I let out a huge OFFFFFFF. He said ok 3 more and we would be finished.. I said 3 more. He said yes but they would not all be in the same spot as the first one. He said to get up and position myself again against the ropes. He said ok this time lets do a left right above the belly button followed by a hard right into the stomach. Just as quick the left landed in the midsection and as he pulled the left back the right hit the stomach. Down I went doubled over and in pain. After about 10 minutes he said ok time for the last one. But this time He was going to blindfold me so I could not see it coming. He said it was going to be below the navel but I would not see it coming and this one would be the finisher. I was just standing there with the blindfold on. I could hear him walking around but could not see him. Then I felt his fist hit my lower gut deep below the belly button. I dropped to the knees again and rolled over. He said I did good and he would love to do this again after I recovered. I said I did not know about that but maybe. He said we could do the entire workover blindfolder so I could not see where the fist was going to impact. He said those type gut workovers he like the most.

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