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The tight black glove Belly Ache

I was at this bar one time and the bartender told me that he liked work over guys with bigger than average guts. He told me he though my gut looked tough and could take a lot of punches. He wanted to know if I wanted to take a few after closing. I told him that would be interesting to see what I could take. So after he closed down the bar he had me follow him to his place. He said he had his garage set up for working guys over in the gut. After arriving at his place and we entered his garage I could see he had a lot of boxing gloves and other type gloves hanging on a rack and also some device in a corner that he called his perfect gut punching restraint. Also hanging in the center of the garage was a boxing bag. He said he was going to warm up on the bag while I when to the bathroom and emptied my bladder. He said when I returned I should have my gut exposed so he could see all of my abdominal area to include my lower gut below my navel.

When I returned he was working over the boxing bag. He turned and said ok you ready to get your belly worked over. I said yes and he said lets get strapped into the device to hold me in place. It was kinda like the corner of a boxing ring where he placed my back against the pad and put my arms over the top of the ropes and use velcro strapes to hold my arms in place. He then put on some 8oz boxing gloves and asked if I was ready. I said yes. He put a right into my stomach just above my navel. It was not a really hard punch. He said he was going to take some time to work my gut until he though I was ready for some harder hits. He said he wanted to test different areas of my abdominal area to see how I reacted to each area. So my midsection was punches from side to side and middle. Probably about 15 - 20 punches. I grunted and grasp on some of them. I asked him why he did not hit below my navel any yet. He said he was saving that for a little later. He said he had a surprise for me. As I remained strapped in he moved back to the boxing bag to work on it some more. He said these are some of the harder punches he was going to deliver. As I rested and waiting for him to move back to my belly he said ok you ready for your surprise. I said yes. He pulled out a hooded mask he said he was going to place over my eyes so I could not see the next punches coming. That way I could not tighten up when he deliver a punch. Once the hood was on I could see nothing. I could hear him breathing as he got closer to my gut. I did not know it but he had changed the 8oz to the tight black cop type gloves. He said the next punch would deliver some pain more than the first series did. Then i felt a fist impact below my navel about 3 inches with a quick hard jab. I grasp and let out a lot grunt. I felt the pain the punch delivered all over my lower belly. He said you like that because there would be some more like it. I could not respond because my head was spinning from the pain of the hit. Then I felt his fist hit me in the stomach and the other side of my midsection with 2 quick jabs then a third one went into my navel. Again I grunted with each hit. Then I felt 2 fist drive into my lower gut about in the same area as the fist one but one felt a little higher just under the navel. I was breathing heavy with each punch. He said ok he was going to let me recover for the finishing punches and he said he would remove the hood for the final round. He said he need to see the facial expression with each punch so he could tell to deliver a second hit to the same spot.
After resting for a while he said it is time to finish me off with the final round. He said the final punches would give me the belly ache that I had asked for. The hood is off and I am looking at his fist in the black cop gloves. I realize that his hands were huge, bigger than the average guy. I told him his hands were huge. He replied yes and they help cover a good portion of the belly area he was hitting. He said the final punches would be 1 or 2 punches to the stomach, midsection just above the navel and to the left of the navel. A couple would go directly into the navel impacting the navel, about inch above and below the navel. The he said the final punches could be dead center just a few inches below the navel right where the fold of my belly was. He said the punches would be delivered slowly so as to let my belly pain be felt through out my entire gut. He said you ready and I said yes. He moved in close and told me to look into his eyes and then his big right hand shot out and impacted my stomach just above and right of my navel. I grasp as the impact took its affect. He said to breath normally. After about 2 minutes he drove his right fist right into my belly button. Another huge grasp and grunt as I felt the air going out of my stomach. After another couple minutes he said the next two punches would be with his left hand. He moved in and his left fist impacted to the left and above my navel. Again I grasp and winched as the pain vibrated through my gut. Then he moved a little to his right and his left fist impacted my midsection just above the belly button. He stopped and waited as I was breathing hard. He said ok that is 4. He said he was going to repeat those 4 punches but going from left to right and center of my belly button. He said these 4 would be a little more rapid. He sank the 4 punches very quickly. He said to rest and get the air back into my belly then he would give me the final 2 or 3 punches. He told me they were going to go deep below my belly button and that if they buckled my knees he would be finished and if not he would deliver another one to the stomach and belly button. But he said just about always the ones below the navel buckle the knees. If so he would pull off the velcro straps holding me and let me drop to my knees. He moved in close and let me feel his fist touch my gut below my navel. Then with a fast lighting left his fist went in right where I had felt his fist. Then he stepped to his left and his right shot out right into the same spot and with that hit my knees went weak just as he said. I grasp with a big grunt as the air went out of my body. He reached up and pulled the velcro straps and I sank to my knees holding my lower gut.
As I started to recover he said hows that for the belly pain. Hope that is what you wanted. Maybe we do this again sometime if I am up to it.

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Gutboxer (31) 6/16/2018 5:38 PM

I am very Curious about that DEVICE?????


beaugeste (11) 6/24/2018 3:00 AM

Got interested in the story. Do the next chapter soon.


actiondudenj2 (10 ) 6/24/2018 12:56 PM

where is this happening( if real)?


Boots Hartman (4) 11/08/2018 9:11 PM

Please continue. Graphic descriptions welcome.


tlggp (0 ) 7/13/2020 7:44 PM

You hit me with the tight leather gloves....perfection