Our site is great but this week I've experienced the best and the worst of our site - I think.

The worst. I've been chatting with someone here in the UK but have come to believe that a well-known profile has been hi-jacked. I cannot, will not, say any more about this for the moment. Admin have been brilliant, of coure.

The best. I met a lovely guy locally, recently. We met (just down the road for me!), got on really well ... and hope to meet again. Nice guy, a new friend I think.

More importantly, I've had a lovely message today from a guy half a world away from me. He was in my favourites list. Major change in his life ... we've chatted today and I hope I've supported him a little. We're probably not going to meet. Friendships here on MF without actual wrestling ARE possible!!

The UGLY. None of US, surely?


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