Favorite Jobbers From BG East?

playfulwrestler (11 ) 3 days ago

Scottie Nguyen, definitely!


DaveStillWrestles (14 ) 3 days ago

I always enjoyed watching Christopher Bruce get worked over, and back in his early days, Brad Rochelle lost almost every match he was in.


untouchable1 (7) 4 days ago

Kip Sorrel, Jake Jenkins, Kirk Donahue, Richie Douglas.
I could go on and on 😍


ladron fr (45) 4 days ago

Troy baker was a good one..


TakeThePunchesAI (1) 4 days ago

Just out of curiosity wanted to know who are some of your favorite Jobbers from BG East? Always liked seeing Eli Black getting dominated, he was scrappy though. It's very entertaining watching Reese Wells as well. Seen a match today with Scottie Nguyen, think that might be one of the best bodies I've seen on there. Too bad he didn't do more on there.


nicky7 (41) 3 days ago

(In reply to this)

I thought Nguyen was west coast BG . I agree with you though. Rickie Martinez for me

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