Gay wrestling clubs?

HammerLock (1)

9/28/2022 9:36 PM

Don’t know any others.


HammerLock (1)

9/27/2022 6:31 PM

Mostly in London I reckon.


Letgo (3)

8/26/2022 4:28 PM

Where are there any in London or the area


John Boy123 (10)

3/30/2022 7:55 AM

Any in LA?


TallProRasl (1)

4/01/2022 8:10 PM

(In reply to this) They are gay friendly and open to anyone.


matttmann (0)

3/26/2022 4:39 PM

Here’s the Chicago one?


headscissorschgonwburbs (22 )

3/24/2022 9:06 PM

They have one in Chicago


WrestMan1994 (1)

3/21/2022 5:31 PM

Does anyone know if there’s any gay wrestling clubs in either Indiana or Illinois, want to hone my wrestling skills without worrying about getting my ass beat for popping a boner by accident?


AgentPoseidon (26)

9/21/2022 5:10 AM

(In reply to this)

I've trained in gay clubs and in jiu jitsu dojos. In neither really did anyone's boners ever become issues. In the dojos you are scrambling so hard you don't have time to think about that.

I'd seriously check out the local jiu jitsu dojos near you. Guaranteed matches if you are serious about skills as your focus.

I usually get play and fantasy stuff on here or if play is your focus.

Nothing wrong with either one, just be clear with yourself on what needs are priorities and go to workout or play accordingly.

Just my take after 2 decades as a gay wrestler. Thanks.

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