Martial art for a small-ish guy.

SileX (178 )

12 days ago

Despite what others would tell you, weight is a factor in combat sports. There is a good reason for weight classes at tournaments and the Olympics!

My advice is, go around your area and look at some dojos. Ask if you can sit in and watch a training. (If they say no, that is already a bad sign.) Don't look at the teacher, look at the students. If they look skilled and happy to train, you will be too if you join. Bonus points if the dojo has some guys around your size.


drkovacs (2)

20 days ago

Dear Equus! Go ahead and get lean, weight is not an advantage, it's muscle and technique. Look for partners of similar ability or older. If we weren't so far apart, I'd be happy to deal with you. Please log in to view gallery photos.


equus (1)

21 days ago

So I've been thinking lately of finally picking up training a martial art, but I'm in a lot of doubt about that being 38 and 168 cm / 58 kg (5'7'' / 128 lbs). I did some judo in my uni times and I felt that my height/weight was a blocking factor, other guys too easily overpowered me simply with their weight. (Please _do not_ advise me to go to gym and gain mass, tried that many times and for different reasons I don't want to discuss it just doesn't work for me). What would you guys advise? Are there martial arts better/worse suited for a guy my size? Or is it completely too late to start a martial art at 38? Or maybe it doesn't matter and it just takes time for a smaller guy to learn proper tricks adequate to the size?


Karategi01 (15 )

14 days ago

(In reply to this)

Dear Equus. Martial art isn't fighting sport, with kata forms practiced or tao, poomsae, it's more than sport. Try the martial arts of your choice, enjoy the best dojo adapted at your desire. But on my opinion, if you want learning B.J.J, it's more a modern fighting sport practiced in dogi (or not!) than a real martial art.

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