Oil Wrestling

yerv (0) 5/12/2015 4:13 PM

Try the make "simple". It has no perfume or colouring

Cobra7668 (14) 5/05/2015 6:32 PM

Hi Guys. I've been told that the oil has a detrimental effect on the trunks/speedo's and that oil wrestling shold always be naked for that reason. Is that a fact - or just wishful thinking?

grapl (0 silver) 5/05/2015 10:47 PM

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So go for it naked m8, like nature intended. Shower after & no messy kit to wash out.

rangerboots (12 silver) 5/05/2015 6:31 AM

Thanks for the advice on this thread guys. Using the info here I had my first oil wrestle yesterday. Settled for a cheap tarpaulin and a jar of coconut oil.

A completely different experience from normal grappling - and extremely good fun.

Have written a blog about it

Oil Wrestling - My First Experience

grapl (0 silver) 7/29/2014 11:45 AM

Oil is the ultimate fun. Gut punching, wrestling etc all good stuff, but at the end (or at the beginning LOL) of the session just put a big sheet of polythene down, oil up and go for it. Now suddenly you can't control the opponents body like normal - he slips out so easily - advantage, your bits don't get caught up as you glide over each others bodies - more advantage, if the other guy is a bit to big or heavy for you that is now less of an obstacle. Deepjoy - it tends to end up with an ecstatic finish!! Anyone who goes to London now & then who's interested pls hit me up.

wrestleunc (21) 5/11/2014 8:26 PM

No tears baby shampoo mixed with water is slippery and easy to clean up afterwards.

hungryring (0) 4/13/2014 7:23 AM

- knew someone who wanted his baby oil to smell more masculine so pissed in the bottle! :-)

rubikura (3) 6/26/2013 4:44 PM

How do you best set up a oilmatch? Do you just lay out a tarp on the floor or get a smaller pool? What do you recommend?

Oilman (40 gold) 4/14/2014 9:28 AM

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Sorry this reply is so long after your original post...........Buy a tarp from a DIY store, attach strings to the eyeholes and secure it to the sides of the room if possible. After each match remove any obvious fluid spills straightaway and wipe off the excess oil. Store away in a plastic bag so that the oil does not leak out on to other materials. Do not wash with water as the tarpaulin will begin to smell as it dries. Periodically the tarp should be replaced as the fibres get saturated with oil.

Tynesider (35 gold) 6/27/2013 6:57 AM

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Plastic sheeting like a damp proof course is good. Whatever you use make sure it is thick so stays on the ground. A really thin sheet can stick to the bodies.

Maximus (18) 6/26/2013 9:10 PM

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Yes if the grounds not to hard just lay some plastic sheeting down oil up and have a match. You could get yourself a blow up pool if you wanted to spend the cash.

trmusclarena (33) 11/06/2012 6:50 PM

grape vine oil is the best; not smell, light and not irritating eyes :)))

wrestlefun1 (22) 11/24/2011 12:47 AM

Canola oil works great. just had a match using it today. Keeps the body nice and slick which is great for cock grabs and riding. And it cleans up easily afterwards, far better than baby oil

Triumphman65 (2) 5/06/2013 12:56 PM

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Hi, I sure would love to wrestle you with only oil between us. I have used unscented baby oil and olive oil and find that olive oil though thicker stays on the skin better than baby oil that seems to have to be reapplied often in a bout. I have also applied olive oil then baby oil on top, it sure gives off a nice sheen to the body.

FitScot (26 silver) 10/01/2011 10:13 AM

Any fit lads looking for a roll-around in oil? Hit me up.

ricantarzan (5) 9/20/2011 1:22 AM

lol I just go with plain old olive oil. I'm wrestling in it, not eating a salad.

wanna roll (1) 9/18/2011 12:19 PM

Ironbull, you waiting for a two 4 one special at Waitrose? winks :)

Ironbull (100 gold) 9/18/2011 10:33 AM

If it's olive oil can it be extra virgin and organic (I'm sorry but I live in suburbia)from sustainable crops?

ricantarzan (5) 9/15/2011 10:30 AM

lol I agree with that Kane!

Kane78 (6) 9/15/2011 10:00 AM

OMG! All these hard fighters use baby oil, haha! You can use just olive oil or just regular vegetable oil. This does the job perfectly and after wrestling you don't smell like a baby's ass!

ricantarzan (5) 9/15/2011 8:16 AM

I also have done matches in oil and originally I used baby oil but hated the powdery scent. Now when I do oil matches, I always use Olive Oil. The ancient greeks used it, the modern day Turkish wrestlers do as well. It is excellent. I just lay out tarp on the mats and then we're good to go!

39richard (0) 8/01/2011 2:13 PM

As a fan of oil wrestling, olive oil is in my opinion the best one to use (although extra-virgin olive oil is expensive stuff!)- it has a very different feel to it than baby oil. I wonder if massage oil is a better choice. In any case, the advice everyone has given here is excellent!

Sturdy (31) 4/04/2011 9:49 PM

Isn't olive oil what the Turks have been using for centuries?

RED DADDY (2) 3/29/2011 7:58 AM

my best advice is to use CANOLA oil...stays slippery..and you know how sometimes the oil gets into your eyes and mouth..NOT A PROBLEM..and tastes okay too..cheap also..and stays good in bottle..I carry a bottle with me in my car trunk with tarps and gear..JUST IN CASE!

donphoenix (13) 3/28/2011 4:31 PM

The first time I wrestled in oil my opponent went out to buy some oil and came back with a tin of motor oil!! We used it without any ill effect but engine oil can cause dermatitis so is not recommended.

I think guys use Johnson's baby oil just because they think if it's safe for babies it must be safe for adults but I think it is based on paraffin oil if you look at the label.

What you should remember is that ALL these oils are flammable and none more so than olive oil.

I was refereeing an evening's oil wrestling between about 25 guys and the host had arranged some candles around the room to give a more romantic aura. During the wrestling some of the wrestlers came off the mat and fell against the kitchen dresser and knocked one of the candles over.

A spectator caught the candle and replaced it on the dresser but I don't how many of the participants realised how close we had come to a major disaster. If one of the wrestlers (who were all covered in baby oil by that time) had caught the candle he could easily have set himself on fire and as he would have had one foot on the plastic mat (which was also covered in baby oil) the whole mat would have been aflame in an instant and I don't know how many of the naked wrestlers would have been able to flee the room into the night in the middle of London before the whole building burnt down.

So that is a cautionary tale. Enjoy the oil but don't mix it with candles.

SQUEEZEPLAY (8) 3/28/2011 11:03 AM

i have heard that mineral oil is good and does not sting nor have a strong odor, though i have not tried it myself so I do not have firsthand knowledge.


grapl (0 silver) 2/18/2011 11:38 AM

There is one problem with baby oil. If you get it in your eyes, it stings like mad. I'm looking for the chance to try a cooking oil like guys on here are saying.

scubawrestler (70) 2/02/2011 3:19 AM

Astroglide works really well too, A bit more expensive, but very very slippery. I suggest olive oil, which is good for your skin, and like standard cooking oil, it can easily be washed off with dishwashing liquid in the shower. Just be sure to use a tub mat so you don't slip. And be sure to hold on!

Boxingmarco (34 platinum) 1/28/2011 9:53 PM

I've already used standard cooking oil. You can shower after the action using washing-up liquid.

Tynesider (35 gold) 1/28/2011 7:11 AM

The stuff I used was something like a baby gel as opposed to oil. It was scented with (I think) cammomile but the smell soon faded. It certainly remained slippery during the match.

oldscrapperderby (137 bronze) 1/26/2011 6:17 PM

I know that most guys who do oil wrestling use Johnsons Baby oil, and from past experience I know this is excellent stuff, and does the job perfectly, but it smells very strong of ,, well perfume for babies I suppose, so does anyone know of any stuff which is as good but has no odour? I've been told some guys use olive oil or sunflower oil, but also I know one guy who was allergic to them, any thoghts ?

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