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RugbyBoy (39 gold) 9 days ago

Hey guys, I'm an qualified Personal Trainer and nutrition coach, I joined this site to Meetfighters which I do regularly and would also like to offer my services and support to site members via Online Personal Training services :)

I understand that virtually everyone on this site wants to wrestle/grapple or fight and as part of that we all need a level of fitness and strength! If you are one of those people who finds it hard to workout or to eat the right foods to achieve your body goals give me a message!

I have extensive experience in this area, playing rugby for over 20 years, lifting and gym training from the age of 15 and more recently with MMA and cagefighting. I have different support packages available and its all done over Whatsapp and telephone, so wherever you are in the world I can create a support package for you!

Many thanks
Rugbyboy ;)

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BACF1 (0) 4 days ago

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very interest


Younglondonboy (0) 6 days ago

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Can you dm me and tell me more?