Philly Wrestlers(Philadelphia, PA)

wrestlepa (25)

12 days ago

I am about two from Philly. I can travel to wrestle


JStiles85 (15)

14 days ago

Hello to all. Philly wrestler here and do like pro and sub. I do also like erotic depending on the chemistry.


Phillystud (1)

24 days ago

We will be in center city sep 28 and 29th. Looking for submission match with body shots if into it. Also in stakes. Dick


zbobsled (0)

26 days ago

I would be interested in a good tussle.


GrizzlyWrestler16 (1 )

8/27/2022 7:56 PM

I figured that I would start a thread looking for any guys that are local to Philadelphia, on the outskirts of Philly, or visiting philly that is looking for a match. For myself, I love submission matches and erotic submission(depending on the chemistry).

But this thread is for anyone that is looking to connect with local Philly wrestlers on here and arrange matches.

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