Photo Peer admin need to re fix

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Earth (25 ) 5/07/2019 10:41 AM


I don't understand your sentence too.
How can you be shirtless when you wear pants and a shirt?

Anyway, here our explanation:
For use as a profile picture, a photo needs to be one of the following:

1) Portrait
Like an ID photo: the face takes the centre and is clearly visible, enough to recognize the person if you met them on a street.
2) (Upper) body
The upper body should be visible from neck to waist. Great to see some arms too!

Please note these rules changed slightly over the past 10y. You will find profiles where a back picture is still shown. Today, pictures of the back would end up in the gallery. They where are a couple of public votes in the past years to fine tune the profile classification rules.

The aim is always that you get a good overview who you will meet, We have this strict rules to avoid ending up like other social sites where the main pictures are all made up from cats, dogs and they cars.

For a full explanation of the peer review process, please check out this page:



TBLHockeyGeek (27 ) 5/04/2019 8:10 PM


Actually did not understand what you said.


Nightmareera (0 ) 5/04/2019 8:40 AM

if you wearing gear like pants and shirt should be allow clean even if your shirt less. These bullshit site photo want us to be a model.