Playfight Ritual AMSTERDAM Musical Edition 🎶

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Promission wrestling (0) 6 hours ago

It was a great evening. Nice people, good atmosphere, awesome energy. I can hardly wait for the next playfight event!


Promission wrestling (0) 7 days ago

Looking forward to join. You can count me in!


LoveDragon (0) 7 days ago

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Great. See you in a week.


LoveDragon (0) 15 days ago

Where : Van Ostadestraat 387, 1040 VX Amsterdam

When : Feb 22

open doors @ 18:15
begin of the ritual @ 18:30

===Please read the description fully. ===
===Feel free to ask questions if you have any.===

Playfight - The Musical (edition)

This will be a special edition of the monthly Playfight rituals. Read below about them in general. The first half will be as usual (meaning fabulous), but for the second half, we'll mix things up by allowing music to be played during the playfights.
Think about how music can calm us down or bring up all kinds of emotions. Make a list of songs that you would like to support you when you will invite someone else to a playfight. For practicality and to avoid switching devices all the time, please send any tracks you might like to use (not longer than six minutes, max. 5 tracks per person). You will be able to choose one of those tracks you have prepared or let yourself be surprised by a random track from the wild selection that I will bring.
In addition to the usual ways of exiting a playfight, the end of a track will also be the end of a playfight.
If you are invited to a Playfight, you won't know the kind of music that will be played until you have accepted. It's just like you wouldn't know what the other's intention is on regular Playfight.

Thank you for the music. 🎶

About Playfight Rituals :

Come and play with other guys*.

We will share our strength and vulnerabilities in a safe and non-judgmental space.

Each playfight will be different, from aggressive to very cuddly, you can dance and let out your inner animal or just flow from one state to the next.

You will follow your own intentions and be supported by everyone to guard your own boundaries. The rules will be explained and questions can be asked after a short warmup.

During the ritual itself we will keep talking to a minimum so that our bodies can take over the communication.

Please be there in time so we can start together. You don't have to fight at all, if you don't feel like it. Rejected invitations to fight are a valid part of the ritual.
However, I would like to ask you to stay till the end of the event (or the break at about halftime), as you will be a part of the ritual whether you are fighting or not.

Wear comfortable clothes in which you can move freely and bring some dry clothes for afterwards. Long sleeves are advised to avoid mattress burns.
If you want to take off your socks, the dojo requires you to wash your feet, so you might want to bring a small towel. There are no showers, but two foot-washing basins on site.

  • = This event is open for everyone who identifies as male.

The ritual is donation-based.
The suggested donation is 10-20 Euros, but no one is denied access for lack of funding.