Squash Match - Jobber vs Heel

Barcuddufan (0)

6 days ago

Oh man, great bout. I want to face this bear in the ring too!!



5/27/2022 3:11 AM

"Everyone gets what he wants." It would seem that the jobber in this case is not into vanilla; more like red raspberry. You know, the color of blood. If it weren't for jobbers of this ability there would be more holes in the plaster in the homes of heels. (You know, gotta hit something.) I am about to go into judgmental mode. I believe each one of us has the capacity to be a heel, but my hat's off to the remarkable men who are jobbers, especially those that are like to the fellow described in this story. He has truly acted well his part, thus with him all the honor lies.


The Badger (9)

5/26/2022 11:07 PM

As a jobber, I get "squashed" a lot in my matches. Heels enjoy "having their way" with me so to speak, dominating me in the ring by employing various means of punishment to work me over and wear me down so that they can get an easy pin or submission. Almost all of the heels I wrestle are bigger in stature than I am, so it looks convincing that I will lose to them. In these types of matches, the key is for both participants to get what they want. We're not actual "pro" wrestlers, but a lot of us wanted to be. Some guys like to be the dominant heel, to feel the power of dominating and punishing another wrestler. Others like me enjoy acting the part of the jobber, making the heel look good, and making the match look good and as "real" as possible.

In the match I'm about to describe to you, I'm in the ring against a big masked bear heel. He's wearing a green mask with a black star on each side, plus green trunks and black boots. I'm wearing my black mask, with silver trunks with black highlights, plus my tall black wrestling boots. There is no referee in these matches, so almost anything goes. The ropes are part of the match, they can be used however the wrestlers want. If you want to choke your opponent with the ropes, go for it. The two wrestlers are ready to go.

The heel is an imposing figure as he impatiently waits in the opposite corner. He is pacing back and forth, and never takes his eyes off of me. He glares over at me, smiling. I can tell he is just itching to get his paws on me to show that he is the dominant wrestler. The bell rings and we both move to the middle of the ring to lock up. As I raise my arms to apply the "referees hold", the move or hold that two pro wrestlers usually engage in to begin the match, I feel the Bear's huge boot in my midsection. I also immediately feel the air rush out of my body, and now just seconds into the match, I'm slumped over, gasping for air. I go down on one knee to try to catch my breath, but I feel a sharp blow to the back of my neck and head, due to the Bear dropping a powerful elbow smash onto my body. He holds my head in place to prevent me from moving away, and repeats the move several times before he finally lets me collapse onto the canvas.

I roll onto my back in pain, and the Bear takes this opportunity to stomp several times onto my chest. He holds onto the ropes for better leverage while he drops his large boot onto my chest. I haven't been able to catch my breath from the initial boot to the midsection that he greeted me with to open the match. Needless to say, I'm at the Bear's mercy already in the bout, unable to breathe properly to mount any kind of an attack. After repeatedly stomping on my chest, the Bear reaches down and cradles my head in his massive hands and pulls me up to my feet. He pulls me close beside him and with his right arm reaches behind me for my right arm and pulls it behind my back. I'm already too dazed to resist. The Bear has me so close that my left arm is trapped around his waist behind him. With my arms effectively out of the way, I realize that my midsection is an open, inviting target. The Bear sinks his huge fist into my soft midsection several times. I slump forward a bit after he stops the punches, but he holds me up and starts punching my midsection again. He lets go of my arm and I drop to my knees, gasping for air. He is doing an effective job of softening me up.

The Bear grabs the back of my mask and pulls me to my feet. He turns me towards a corner and forcefully begins ramming my head into a top rope corner turnbuckle. After my head is bashed several times I drop to my knees but now the Bear begins ramming my head into the second rope turnbuckle. At this point in time in the match my brain is now not functioning properly due to the lack of oxygen and the pounding my head has taken with the turnbuckle. After the pounding, I slump over the ropes. I'm desperately trying to get much needed air into my lungs. But I get no relief, as the Bear drives his boot several times into my back, further depriving me of the opportunity to catch my breath. Since I'm slumped over the ropes, the Bear sees another opportunity to punish me, and he reaches through the ropes and wraps his hands around my head. He pulls down on my head and neck, choking me with the ropes. It seems like an eternity before he finally lets go.

The Bear is not done working me over, as he grabs my head and pulls me away from the ropes. He is behind me, and I'm on my knees in front of him. He grabs my left arm with one hand, and my chin with another, and twists my left arm behind my back in a painful hammerlock, while pulling my chin in the other direction. I'm in agony as the Bear stretches me and works over my arm. The Bear grinds away at the hold, which is doing double damage to my body. Shooting pain is travelling through my shoulder and left arm. My arm will no doubt be useless for the rest of the match, and my neck will be in pain from the twisting it is enduring. The Bear is quickly and successfully wearing me down with his punishment. My will to continue in the match is waning, I am almost to the point where I want the pain to stop. But the Bear is an intelligent heel. He takes me to the edge of submission, then reduces my pain so I don't tap out. He is enjoying delivering punishment and seeing his opponent suffer, so the match will continue. The match will only end when he wants it to end.

The Bear drops my left arm, but maintains his grip on my chin. He tilts my head backwards, and delivers several punishing forearm smashes to my chest. His arm feels like a club dropping onto my chest. With each forearm smash I feel the remaining air rush out of my body. He lets go of my chin, and I fall on my back onto the canvas. I'm writhing in agony from the punishment.

I feel the Bear's hands around my head. He pulls me slowly to my feet and easily picks me up into the air. I'm upside down in his arms, and he then sends me crashing down onto my back on the mat with a bodyslam. Wash, rinse, repeat, he does it again. I'm writhing slowly on my back while I lay on the canvas. The Bear leans over and stills my head with his left hand. This tells me he doesn't want me to move. He steps back, bends his left leg backwards into the air, and drops his padded knee onto my frontal lobe (forehead). I don't feel any pain, just a dullness that overtakes my body. Once wasn't enough for him, and he does it again. My body shakes and quivers a bit after the second knee drop. This was a move Harley Race used in his matches. It short circuits the brain for a few seconds, or minutes. I don't know where I am. I'm now motionless on the canvas. The Bear hooks my leg and covers me. I don't even hear the count.

For the Bear, it's another easy win. For me, I did my job, and made the heel look good.

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