Sweaty frottage with all 4 hands tightly interlocked: BEST SENSATION EVER?

Jorgeler (11 ) 2 days ago

Always, hard and horny ... Struggles and excitement


rassler (5) 4 days ago

Absolutely, love fingerlocking tests of strength and have a huge hands fetish. Cockfighting/frotting at the same time is also a big turnon!


joeran (2) 1/11/2021 10:21 PM

That's my kind of wrestling. Slow, nude, sweaty with mutual climax.


rascalvent (0) 1/07/2021 11:43 AM

There is nothing better than that
Beginning with a soft test of strength, first double arm wrestling and then a standing fingerlock, moving arms up and down with hands entwined, just to play with each other biceps, muscle and fingers , which is going to be second after second more intense and strong, with palms and fingers (and bodies) glued to each other. Start feeling the sweat and the hard breathing, due to the sexual pleasure, then pushing the opponent until falling on the bed and start rolling...
In a while, 2 nude sweaty bodies gently rubbing, erect penis on erect penis, with all 4 hands interlocking fingers tightly, sweaty palms against sweaty palms, sweaty thumbs caressing each other, moaning, feeling the precum spreading on the belly, while the sexual tension increases until mutual sperm explosion
Best sensation ever.
And after the double orgasm, caressing, cuddling, playing with each other sweaty hands, rubbing palms, interlocking fingers romantically, caressing them, squeezing them, until the excitement comes back and round 2 begins

Ever tried that ? It’s been ages for me
I was barely an adolescent last time I did with this beautiful sweaty feminine chubby boy, frotting like crazy and never stop holding hands, rubbing palms and interlocking fingers

Hand fetish + frottage wrestling + sweat = heaven
Endless orgasms

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