What kind of fitness training supports wrestling

nangkushti (2 ) 18 days ago

Check out my home workout video for some exercises


celtwrestle (44) 8/28/2020 2:08 PM

I’d say you need a strong neck to bridge or withstand a headlock.
1/ Lie down on the ground looking up to the ceiling. Lift your head/neck up 20 times with your chin going towards the top of your chest. Then, rest.
You can do a set of two or three of those 20 reps (or just 10 if you feel tired or aches too much).
2/ in the same lying down position, raise head but this time do 10 or 20 left to right movements of the head/neck.
That should get the cable-like neck muscles developing, but go slow at first, building up.
Bridging exercises that amateur wrestlers do are more advanced and should be done under trained supervision if you’re a beginner.


Smoothguy999 (0) 8/14/2020 3:53 AM

Thank you for such a thoughtful reply


legflexxxer (26 ) 8/14/2020 12:53 PM

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The best way to get fit for wrestling is wrestling! Your body soon adapts.Get your self signup at a proper BJJ/wrestling/MMA club. You'll never look back!

On top of Yoga and Pilates (which are fantastic in wrestling) and maybe some basic weights as mentioned below. Nice lean body BTW! You'll find your natural attributes will both help an hinder you! I may be strong and have a great wrestlers build/stance but I have short legs, so triagnles are hard to get on. Killers when they do. Long thin limbs like yours can be killers for chokes when they cut in!


Smoothguy999 (0) 8/16/2020 2:22 AM

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Thank you for the helpful reply


Smoothguy999 (0) 8/13/2020 4:49 PM

Hi I’m new to this and getting started. I currently do Pilates and yoga and some group fitness classes but I feel like I may want to consider doing something more.

Any suggestions?


FerrelFighter (30 ) 8/13/2020 8:21 PM

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It depends on what your objectives are.
You already have a slender, lean body frame which is nice but if you really want to get into wrestling seriously, you may want to consider excercise that will build your musculature.

If you're pleased with staying lean, then the yoga and cardio will be good for you. Intensive Pilates and cardio will definitely build your stamina....very useful in a fight.

If you want to build muscle, build your arm, chest, legs, then my advice would be to adopt a free weight program. Without equipment, You could start with just pushups, pull ups, lunges etc. Better if you can get some dumbbells and a bench to diversify. Eventually, when they open again, hit the gym and get into a full free weight program.
I won't add more, since I dont know what you're looking to achieve.

Best of luck to you, and welcome to MF. Get a few good matches under your belt and you'll soon be addicted to this like the rest of us here are.

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