guys wo like being in or using them

group for guys who like using or being in the crushing hold... feel free to leave stories, ideal matches or if u want of have a killer bearhug hit me up

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Bear Hug Wishes — CELEBRITIES5411/30/2019 6:23 PMAssasinman
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Netflix bearhug clips?510/06/2019 12:07 AMemp23an
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Long held bearhug with extras710/02/2019 5:13 AMWill the wrestler
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erotic!29/05/2019 3:22 PMsilverwoodfox
Bearhug Match in Orlando, Fl28/31/2019 7:51 AMLisbonWrestler
Fat People38/21/2019 11:12 PMmicahdepeche
BEAR HUGGING587/29/2019 8:18 AMpskbob
Rear gut-crushing bearhug. Ontario, Canada47/26/2019 5:46 AMPettocontropetto
Bearhuggers in Europe?27/21/2019 4:05 PMLeoscissors63
Bearhug in uk17/09/2019 5:07 PMJjwilk
Bear hugs Uk17/08/2019 1:46 AMVinny
UK bearhuggers?15/27/2019 12:32 AMsmall uk 98
Birthday Bearhug13/12/2019 1:41 AMsqueezetoy1984
Video: Nude Bearhug Part 1 & Background On The Heel32/15/2019 6:25 AMSquashdude
Will travel for bearhug22/09/2019 10:20 PMFLbearhugger
Nude hard cock bearhug1161/16/2019 11:39 AMMan fight
Ontario Bearhug21/13/2019 1:34 AMsqueezetoy1984
movie bearhug scenes321/07/2019 6:46 PMWoSboi
Qui pour me donner correction paris112/24/2018 8:17 AMbeefy75016
Looking for someone to make me tap612/24/2018 8:14 AMbeefy75016
My turn812/16/2018 8:07 AMFLbearhugger
Lugar en Buenos Aires para luchar112/07/2018 7:24 PMELDIABLITO666
Big Vs bigger Paris December 2th512/07/2018 7:18 AMplm77
Lucha grupal en vivo dónde212/02/2018 12:04 PMCymrofight
Ouch612/01/2018 11:52 PMLovetobecrushed23
Best bearhug on site1611/30/2018 8:19 AMSwenrique
Bearhug911/29/2018 5:05 AMunclejohnny79
Another bearhug story511/24/2018 2:13 PMsamuray
Lucha grupal111/23/2018 9:46 PMJulián Ramírez
the best bearhug ever111/21/2018 10:50 AMdusty rhodes
Northern Ontario Bearhug111/09/2018 10:35 PMsqueezetoy1984
Bearhug the living hell out of me!!!310/24/2018 12:54 PMbearhugme78
Cyber hugs?210/24/2018 7:42 AMbearhugme78
Bearhug to ko1010/13/2018 8:07 PMFLbearhugger
Peleas grecorromanas110/13/2018 7:10 AMAnthony Vega
Anyone strong enough to crush me into submission.710/10/2018 7:02 PMCavalier 89
Senior Chub in Pittsburgh, PA Seeks Bearhug Cominator119/15/2018 10:58 PMunclejohnny79
Bearhug muscles petto contro petto179/01/2018 9:43 AMRaoulraouly
Gut-Crushing Bearhug118/30/2018 8:13 AMplm77
Any UK young guys?18/13/2018 9:36 AMBearhug KO
Bearhug and cockfight in Budapest .18/04/2018 2:36 PMhardfight87
Bearhug and cockfight tonight in Monza .27/29/2018 1:31 PMhardfight87
Searching someone fit, to bearhug me.17/15/2018 10:18 PMCoolmgf
Lets bearhug!266/28/2018 9:11 PMdan9692
Trading bearhugs and sweating it out26/20/2018 11:44 AMwrestlerguy21
Visiting London, Ontario July 11. Want to be bearhugged16/12/2018 4:48 AMsqueezetoy1984
Crush to k.o56/06/2018 8:21 PMShortMick
Need someone to bear hug me45/25/2018 9:52 PMCoolmgf
bearhug battle15/12/2018 10:49 PMwrestlerguy21
Looking for a bearhug squash15/10/2018 4:12 PMgamersduo
Inverted bear hugs35/10/2018 12:45 PMcooljock
London, Ontario Apr. 25-2824/21/2018 10:21 PMsqueezetoy1984
Fat Old People164/05/2018 5:17 AMJvallee8
Hot Bearhug84/01/2018 11:28 PMJvallee8
Bearhug , Nipple fight , Cockfighting in London .13/24/2018 11:21 PMhardfight87
Pass out in bearhug83/24/2018 10:01 PMLostmacVin111
Bearhug to KO North Bay, Ontario. Will help you get here12/16/2018 10:15 PMsqueezetoy1984
Slow, Rough, Sweaty12/09/2018 1:28 AMpaulkeywest
In LA 3rd and 4th February 201811/25/2018 11:50 PMPerthMan
storytime!81/03/2018 5:57 PMCrushingMuscle
BEAUTIFUL BEARHUGGERS!112/22/2017 5:09 PMunclejohnny79
Goal/Result of a Bearhug1212/14/2017 5:21 PMPiano Bear
Who wants to crush a 5ft5 young lad?411/19/2017 10:21 PMPunchyPunch
Little guy love being bearhugged!311/19/2017 2:55 PMPhoenixBigBear
Your favorite type of bearhug1911/14/2017 6:25 AMJad azar
Bearhug pic matches211/08/2017 9:40 PMlocoflex
Bearhug to KO. Can help with travel111/05/2017 9:27 PMsqueezetoy1984
You strong?111/01/2017 2:42 AMshort slim jobber
Bearhug milan110/29/2017 12:15 PMBearhuggedboy
strong big guys1510/23/2017 10:08 AMPiano Bear
Crush my tiny body510/20/2017 1:05 PMbayridgefighter
Looking to be crushed in a bearhug.110/11/2017 12:51 PMCrushmemelb
Bearhug to KO North Bay, Ont. Will cover your gas to get here.29/08/2017 12:51 AMsqueezetoy1984
Bearhug to KO - I can host or travel17/18/2017 9:57 PMsqueezetoy1984
feel that fight16/20/2017 6:20 PMSuper Stud Roy
UK challenge16/07/2017 1:02 AMBearhug KO
Bearhugs- Located in vermont16/02/2017 5:42 PMabhidodgson
Nude bear hugs1565/30/2017 7:52 AMhellcatedy
LA muscle15/13/2017 5:23 PMSuper Stud Roy
Sensual bulge to bulge bearhug...244/28/2017 5:30 AMsisuperman
Bearhug me, I'm willing to travel the distance14/02/2017 7:42 PMJjwilk
London, Ontario Apr. 27-2913/29/2017 10:19 PMsqueezetoy1984
"pocket giant" for your bearhug...53/25/2017 6:09 AMRickWrestlerFL
South of Germany13/12/2017 11:57 AMBearhuglady1
England43/11/2017 10:31 PMwrestlerspig
paris bearhug22/24/2017 9:49 AMlifterman
Bearhug in Slovakia or suroundings?12/07/2017 1:13 PMPecsaddict
Rhode Island12/04/2017 8:57 PMChris in seattle
anyone travel to Argentina? here needed so much hugs!12/01/2017 1:50 AMArgentinian 37
Anyone travelling to Costa Rica for bearhugs?11/14/2017 4:08 PMboxingfan91
Western Pennsylvania112/25/2016 3:40 AMunclejohnny79
London, Ontario bearhug112/08/2016 7:17 PMsqueezetoy1984
anybody to bearhug in France ?511/28/2016 6:09 AMSJB
Bearhug with kiss111/18/2016 7:02 PMSaad
Bearhug me in Toronto210/16/2016 10:22 PMsqueezetoy1984
Hot cyber bearhug match!19/18/2016 12:28 AMMuscleDanielF
Bearhug exercise / training??99/01/2016 8:15 AMlocoflex
UK bear hug18/25/2016 12:49 AMBearhug KO
Any bearhuggers in Phoenix AZ?18/08/2016 1:34 PMPhoenixBigBear
my ribs28/07/2016 5:25 AMGI WARRIOR
New years bearhug resolution598/04/2016 6:30 AMGI WARRIOR
Toronto in October. Want to be bearhugged28/02/2016 5:59 AMGI WARRIOR
Bearhugging in Milwaukee/Chicago17/12/2016 4:21 PMpanther2016
Who Here Never Tapped or Passed out in a Bearhug?1237/12/2016 4:07 PMBuff Poser
gut-crushing bearhug16/22/2016 9:48 PMsqueezetoy1984
Bearhug to KO26/03/2016 9:17 AMGI WARRIOR
Bearhug in Alabama85/21/2016 7:11 AMGI WARRIOR
Bearhugging in Pennsylvania15/18/2016 6:54 AMbighairywrstlrpa
Reverse bearhug34/18/2016 11:40 PMMuscularhunk
Bearhug me14/14/2016 5:17 PMMuscularhunk
Bearhugs com fortão14/12/2016 3:05 PMJCF
bearhugs14/09/2016 7:12 PMGI WARRIOR
Cyperfight13/18/2016 5:06 PMMrsNick
U.K. Bearhug62/12/2016 8:36 PMmarklondon71
san diego muscle beat hug52/12/2016 3:44 PMMartinalin
New England Bear Hugs102/08/2016 4:10 AMGI WARRIOR
Nipple,cock and ball torture in Italy.11/12/2016 3:09 PMhardfight87
Choose my fate3912/16/2015 5:58 AMrustykirk
Crush me out in bearhug. Northern Ontario. Can host.111/14/2015 8:42 PMsqueezetoy1984
UK killer bearhug wanted111/10/2015 5:35 PMBearhug KO
any crushers in PA?211/07/2015 3:40 AMPA Wrestler
Bearhug fight in Milan.111/03/2015 2:04 PMhardfight87
Best bearhug210/28/2015 8:12 AMbambam
Suche starken Bearhugger18/23/2015 2:27 AMBearhugandchokeme
bearhug nashville18/11/2015 3:15 PMFierceguy21
Bearhug wanted18/11/2015 12:01 AMBrustkorbundbauchquetschung1
Looking for a bearhug crush in Northern Ontario.16/19/2015 9:50 PMsqueezetoy1984
bearhugers....16/09/2015 7:42 PMmwrestling
Squeezed to ko16/08/2015 11:23 PMFierceguy21
Anyone want to squeeze me to submission16/08/2015 11:10 PMFierceguy21
UK bearhug15/04/2015 8:36 PMMancWrestle4fun
want to feel a bearhug14/08/2015 10:07 PMFierceguy21
Visiting London, Ontario April 26th-30, Want to get crushed in a bearhug while I'm there.14/05/2015 10:24 PMsqueezetoy1984
photos53/07/2015 12:15 PMegyfighter
UK Bearhug Party22/20/2015 1:21 PMBrustkorbquetschung
Neanderthal Man11/29/2015 12:33 PMBearhug KO
ANYONE IN ISRAEL?11/20/2015 4:41 PMmenmen6
I am looking for a killerberhug11/16/2015 9:01 PMBrustkorbquetschung
My Bearhug/Bodyscissor Squeeze Goal51/10/2015 11:00 PMmanfun
Bear hugs11/10/2015 10:40 PMmanfun
testing bearhug112/17/2014 10:28 AMmwrestling
In Toronto in Mid-October18/18/2014 11:13 PMsqueezetoy1984
Bearhug Me16/22/2014 6:31 PMSquezzeandChokeMe
dvd's15/28/2014 11:44 PMUncleJohn76
gut-crushing rear bearhug13/26/2014 1:00 AMsqueezetoy1984
£10013/10/2014 10:00 PMBearhug KO
I'll be in London, Ontario for Christmas112/05/2013 1:15 AMsqueezetoy1984
Bearhugs in movies69/24/2013 8:50 PMWrestlingCowboy
In Toronto Aug. 22. Looking for a bearhug18/08/2013 11:25 PMsqueezetoy1984
UK Challenge17/27/2013 4:26 PMBearhug KO
Virtual Bearhugs?15/16/2013 2:43 PMbearhugme
Travelling for a bearhug35/05/2013 7:33 PMchokeme2
Looking for a Bearhug in Ontario, Canada24/11/2013 8:56 AMsqueezetoy1984
Bearhug in Montreal12/01/2013 8:57 PMsqueezetoy1984
Bearhugs in Italy15/17/2012 2:25 PMLottaPalermo
Best Method for Bearhug Knockout103/24/2012 6:17 PMfmrhugger
Bearhug Get-together Weekend22/24/2012 2:01 PMmarklondon71
Bearhug story51/27/2011 2:53 AMMattyboy