Body Scissors

Whats in a squeeze? (5)

wressinglet (16) 7/10/2012 3:38 AM

I like to feel the other guy's legs wrapped tightly around me. Squeeze tight, ease up, the squeeze tight again.


mattwipe (8) 11/09/2011 7:35 AM

I've had the experience of being in a body scissors for almost ten minutes and it was ten minutes of exquisite hell. I enjoyed every second of it.

My buddy has incredible stamina and and quite powerful legs and he knows it. He can also read body language very well. He can sense when you're at your limit and just hold you at a level just shy of you submitting.Consequently, he's a master of this hold.

The most memorable match I recall with him had us wrestling for almost ten minutes whenhe got me on my stomach and slipped his leg under my waist and hooked a figure four scissors. He kept pulsing his legs giving me short, sharp squeezes that took my breath away. When he felt he had softened me up enough he rolled my onto my back and then switched to a straight body scissors.

Fortunately for him (and not for me) he had rolled us so his back was leaning against a wall and he was quite comfortable to work on me as long as he wanted–and that's what he did. He'd gradually apply pressure until I started to writhe in pain and then he would hold the pressure at that level until he felts I was getting used to it.

Almost imperceptibly he would increase the pressure a tiny bit so it was almost unnoticeable that he had done it and he would hold it at the new level for a while and keep repeating the process which took me beyond my limits of endurance. If I attempted to grab his feet and try to break the hold I would get a sudden surge of pressure that would have me gasping. He would then drop the pressure back down to the previous level.

Sometimes he would wrap me up in a full nelson while holding me in the body scissors and roll me from side to side. I felt like a rag doll being shaken and could only go along for the ride. The day we wrestled was very hot and the sweat was dripping off of us as we wrestled.

Of course, all the while he worked me in the hold he added lots of verbal abuse and taunting which really drove me crazy with misery. Guess you could say that I felt owned by him.

When I eventually submitted my ribs hurt like hell for quite a while. That had to be one of the most intense matches I have ever been in. Off the mats we were the best of friends but once we stepped on the mats each was fair game for the other as to how much punishment we inflicted on one another.

Unfortunately, a couple years later a drunk driver ended our friendship. I miss him terribly but cherish the memories we built both on the mats and off. Sometimes, when I'm caught in a body scissors I can still envision him as the one working me over. I don't know. Maybe all these memories are his legacy to me.


kurrt2005 (0) 1/15/2014 4:27 AM

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squeezetoy84 (1) 1/18/2011 8:00 AM

for me, it would have to be someone willing crush me as hardcore as i'm looking for. no matter for his size or strength.. squeezing with as much force as he can and not letting up for any reason until i'm completely passed out and limp in his legs. preferably under 40 and masculine.

I enjoy the sensation of having my lower-mid torso squeezed and crushed by strong male arms or legs. I enjoy the intense pressure of a hard squeeze, not able to escape or break from it, not able to breathe from it, love the body contact if done nude or shirtless, love the pain from it, and i especially love the attitude of the one squeezing me; knowing that he's trying to fuck me up as much as possible with his squeeze, and knowing that it's not going to stop for ANY reason until i pass out and being completely helpless while i'm in his grip. No air. No release. No escape. No mercy. I enjoy this as much if not moreso than sex. I've been into this since I was a boy and the more i'd get it, the harder i wanted it the next time, until today i like it as hardcore as I can possibly get it, without toning down.

My goal right now is to find a strong guy with strong legs, to wrap his legs around me in a body triangle (figure 4 bodyscissors), around my stomach and squeeze and tighten up, and just constantly and gradually tightening his grip without stopping until I can't breathe and constantly tightening until he's squeezing will full force and full aggression, and just keep the pressure on, without letting up for ANY reason until I'm passed out. Absolutely no mercy. I've been bearhugged & bodyscissored to pass-out quite a few times and have had some very intense encounters, but I've not yet been squeezed out in a body triangle (figure 4 bodyscissors) so something like this would be awesome. I'm willing to do this with anyone and am willing to do almost anything in return for it. Straight guys who don't like sex with men: I don't require sex for this fetish at all, so straight guys are more than welcome. I'll even hire a straight to do this for me. This is all about the fetish. I'm not looking for sex at all. I'm open to gear. If you think you'd be into this, send me a message.


wrapme (0) 1/14/2011 6:01 PM

It's a debate that's as old as invention, and one that will bear evidence in every body part still to be wrapped, locked up and trapped in the muscular vice squeezing thighs.

As the body scissors has been a longstanding fetish of mine I reserve the right to my own opinion, but I would love to hear yours on the powerful embrace we adore. Tell me yours and I'll tell you mine if you can squeeze it out of me ;-?