Boxing Bears

Let's fill our Gallery!

PhoenixBigBear (20 )

9/03/2021 2:30 PM

Thanks to all of you great men who have posted photos here in our Gallery. You've helped to enhance and build our Boxing Bears group!

If you haven't posted your photo yet, please consider doing that soon. It's a great way to connect with your fellow Bears, Cubs, Otters, and Bear-Cub-Otter friends and supporters. It can be any photo that's appropriate for our group and for posting. If you have photos of a past match or fight you want to share, please do!

Don't forget to get consent from anyone else shown in your posting photos!

We're all proud of who and what we are, we take pride in our body and in our spirit!

Show your Bear/Cub/Otter/Supporter pride and spirit! Please post some photos to our gallery.

Thanks for

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