Carol Singapore

The Legend and the Sock Puppet

She or he duped and fascinated many dudes in equal measure; quite a few of us on here corresponded and were even enthralled by CarolSingapore78.
Now thanks to the sterling work of MF techies, the profile has been proven a sick puppet, used by a Wrestle Nell, also of Malaysia.
Nonetheless, it was an amazing if bizarre double persona- but was it? Those who do cyber fights have always been a mystery to me and how well they imitate a female cat fighter is up to them.
Nothing really added up with Carol - but the character - and indeed her pictures- have been around a long time with MF the latest playground for he or her, but no more, and we must praise MF for that dose of reality.
Anyone else have recollections of Carol? Who was that lady in the pics? Was it you Nell?

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