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Toronto bustee taking on challanges, Lets see if you can make me beg you to stop12/14/2018 5:26 AMXtraMile
Members who give the best ballbusting132/13/2018 10:34 PMRocket
Knees to the balls, VA92/12/2018 11:04 AMRocket
Want to be tortured72/09/2018 8:41 AMfh2150
Skype Ball Slapping Contest32/08/2018 2:29 PMjoejohnson01608
Cock slapping432/08/2018 10:36 AMAlexTritos
skype cock slapping and soft cbt32/08/2018 7:05 AMcool-fighter
Balbuster in the DC area looking for bustee42/07/2018 7:27 PMRocket
Crush the opponents cock and balls underfoot?162/06/2018 9:45 PMXtraMile
New Orleans for Mardi Gras12/05/2018 4:18 PMaustinmutual
New England72/03/2018 3:16 PMRocket
Help31/30/2018 6:10 PMgeorgiaboxboy
Women Members?31/30/2018 6:08 PMgeorgiaboxboy
Busting in Public91/26/2018 2:07 AMfred frivolous
Forced orgasm challenge , cockfight challenge in Toronto .21/25/2018 6:52 PMAisu23
Flanders Belgium21/22/2018 3:47 PMWrestexp
Forced Orgasm challenge in Milan .21/21/2018 10:26 PMGuyOtt
Balls punched with bare knuckles or boxing gloves ? Which you prefer ?431/21/2018 4:11 PMfred frivolous
Buster in the Netherlands61/20/2018 11:44 AMWrestexp
Paul's game91/12/2018 6:12 PMAlexTritos
Aquired taste51/12/2018 5:39 PMAlexTritos
Workout With Balls61/07/2018 10:19 AMThomasFFM
Cyber with low blow galore.812/30/2017 3:45 PMmikeupsteps
Ballbusting in Toronto or cyber, bustee here212/23/2017 1:35 AMHardfightFfm
I can take it112/16/2017 3:22 PMRocket
Behandeln der Eier312/16/2017 2:05 PMHardfightFfm
London ballbusting112/14/2017 4:07 PMlondonsuperballs
Recent stakes match1012/04/2017 3:36 PMMaxLuther
NYC wrestling with ballbust5411/29/2017 12:13 PMClin10
Ball busting erotic pro in NNJ511/22/2017 5:44 AMjonnetomme
give and take busting6511/11/2017 12:43 PMMaxLuther
Someone in the north of italy?411/08/2017 12:16 AMgiops
Cock ball squeze torture in san Diego muscle dudes111/02/2017 1:08 PMlatin63
Challenge in Milan tomorrow ?.110/31/2017 11:30 PMhardfight87
looking for a ballbusting wrestling410/29/2017 10:38 AMcocostudent
ballfight/sex wrestling punk war for manhood110/29/2017 10:07 AMwrestlepunkpig
Singapore Ballbust / CBT Wrestling210/29/2017 3:39 AMcocostudent
ball boxing9210/23/2017 5:00 PMmikeupsteps
Tiefgriffe2710/23/2017 2:42 PMfunraufer
CBT matc wanted in Scotland.510/21/2017 6:44 PMjonnetomme
Thailand?110/21/2017 11:31 AMianw
NE1 into attacking a guy's balls...using fists, feet, knees leaving them well swollen and bruised?410/16/2017 7:55 AMDeath45625
Ballbusting Wrestling in Texas610/15/2017 3:42 PMagniandrudra
Any Tourist for cockfight challenge , cock and ball torture from two big dicks110/15/2017 12:37 PMhardfight87
Sharing a story110/13/2017 10:38 PMbigchicago
Georgia110/10/2017 11:38 AMMinikee
Bust my balls?510/08/2017 1:31 PMdanielandrew
ball fighting/sex wrestling for manhood2510/08/2017 12:01 PMfourinhands
A little out of the way but110/04/2017 2:51 AMRocket
Ringen mit Tiefgriffen in NRW - Wesel/Duisburg/Ddorf am 10. oder 11.10.17110/03/2017 7:59 PMStefan WES
Try this110/03/2017 10:51 AMRocket
Big heel vs skinny jobber.110/03/2017 12:52 AMTopWrestle
HAMBURG : Cock & BALL WANTED for TORTURE99/29/2017 11:22 AMnico aka dominater
Cock and ball grabbing and busting in NNJ39/22/2017 8:59 AMMaxLuther
CBT Match Sydney29/12/2017 5:54 AMwrestlepunkpig
Balls / manhood / primal / primitive / punks / gutter pigs / partynplay19/12/2017 5:20 AMwrestlepunkpig
Young jobber vs heel.38/26/2017 11:07 AMHardfightFfm
One-sided beating127/28/2017 1:27 PMIOWA SUB 69
in frankfurt ???137/27/2017 7:43 PMHardfightFfm
Looking For Buster147/20/2017 8:40 PMcalihiker1
Ballbusting Open Challenge Visitors and local Toronto Fighters17/06/2017 12:26 AMXtraMile
Challenge27/01/2017 6:58 PMalecto6
Anybody in Spain?116/29/2017 1:02 PMCLIPUS
Story ausgequetscht76/10/2017 7:51 PMaustrianguy
Gear116/09/2017 8:24 PMabuster
London ball bustee seeking masculine bausters15/29/2017 6:02 PMdaveylad
Looking for a buster in East Yorkshire15/26/2017 3:58 AMSettler7
CBT mixed with SPH145/26/2017 1:54 AMboothombre
Hard cup v. Soft cup35/22/2017 8:52 AMmikeupsteps
Bust your balls L.A.35/18/2017 8:08 AMRowdyArmstrong
Buster looking for bustees165/10/2017 7:08 AMmikeupsteps
Any one 9-May night or 10 May morning in Tokyo wanna choke me out15/06/2017 1:11 AM454888qq
Search low blows185/01/2017 10:02 PMbarefighter
Low Blows Welcomed34/16/2017 1:17 AMfighter3
CBT Videos184/09/2017 7:33 PMsocal74
FRENCH CBT74/04/2017 2:16 PMkro77
Kick, stomp, punch, crush, do your best very high to no limits33/24/2017 2:05 PMfighter3
Favorite ball busting techniques213/02/2017 1:03 PMkaratekickme
Any one who are in singapore wanna strangle my neck?72/16/2017 10:00 PMCLIPUS
Any London guys around?12/14/2017 8:04 PMdaveylad
Wearing a cup.51/27/2017 3:13 PMFireball05
Spandex11/23/2017 8:15 AMjobber1
Ballbusting wrestling am Niederrhein?81/14/2017 11:02 AMCLIPUS
Creative ballbusting31/11/2017 3:46 AMTomwrestles
CBT Ballbusting in Korea(Seoul)?112/30/2016 8:38 PMericlanter
Anyone in Georgia?112/03/2016 4:13 PMRuffboy
scotland112/01/2016 1:13 PMapaganbear
Low blows wanted2411/25/2016 4:06 PMCLIPUS
Any top London guys interested ?211/22/2016 4:23 PMCLIPUS
Dad vs son811/22/2016 7:31 AMmikeupsteps
The causes of CBT arousal2511/19/2016 8:23 AMmikeupsteps
Singapore111/13/2016 8:54 PMAyumizu
Ballbusting-Fight Bayern/Kempten611/11/2016 1:17 PMfunraufer
stake matches1311/08/2016 6:13 PMJerzee guy
like to grab and work the balls5511/04/2016 10:34 AMMaxLuther
What gear?559/28/2016 5:05 PMFLMatman174
ATLANTA?39/14/2016 5:02 AMRED DADDY
New group with related interests29/14/2016 4:39 AMimajem
Am I really the only "Weirdo" on here..?319/11/2016 5:41 AMfh2150
This is ity29/08/2016 8:58 PMimajem
Practice on my balls, dont hold back319/06/2016 8:44 AMfh2150
uk139/06/2016 7:53 AMsocal74
Ballbusting in Paris18/18/2016 10:22 AMParisbb
Mutual Ball Busting57/24/2016 12:56 PMRocket
female looking for a cyberfight with lots of low blows57/16/2016 11:16 AMmark96
London - looking for ballbusters or mutual57/16/2016 12:17 AMWork me over
Winner and loser27/13/2016 10:50 PMOzScrapper
cockfight and balltorture fight.27/12/2016 12:41 AMbrilliant n buff
It is recognized as an acquired taste37/10/2016 5:24 PMfriar155
What state are you from?627/02/2016 11:27 PMtaylor26554
Toronto Members of this group16/30/2016 1:18 PMBallsOfSteel
Lutter576/28/2016 9:45 AMMaxLuther
Worst thing45/11/2016 12:25 PMbigchicago
Masc Jock looking to get busted34/07/2016 7:05 PMFloridalatinoboy1996
beim fighten an die Eier gehen64/06/2016 6:12 AMMisiu84
Torture my balls with your karate kicks - SoCal23/30/2016 12:04 AMJock Buster
How much ball shots can you take before you go down?72/29/2016 6:47 PMParkinrichard
Snap chat32/29/2016 1:58 PMParkinrichard
Take My Ball Apart with KARATE22/29/2016 1:56 PMParkinrichard
beat to balls each other62/28/2016 9:47 AMRandori
Hodenfights / Low Blow Groin Fights262/28/2016 4:29 AMParkinrichard
Waterpolo with hot and also hard ballgrabbs71/19/2016 5:11 PMstxrasler
Rammbock310/03/2015 5:05 PMHardfightFfm
nut de struction127/28/2015 9:06 PMmikeupsteps
Los Angeles CBT16/27/2015 4:32 AMLv2wrestle
balls punched trainer34/11/2015 3:55 PMianw
Netherlands?12/11/2015 6:45 PMRoald
Thanks guys but need your help.211/28/2014 5:03 AMscissornpinme69
CBT trainer211/25/2014 4:17 PMnrboxing
YOUR Special Interest2511/13/2014 8:33 PMsocal74
Eierdrücken1510/05/2014 9:55 PMFips09
Sich gegenseitig hart ins Geschlechtsteil gehen139/21/2014 3:02 PMEiergeiler
ball busting in france and spain58/16/2014 11:49 PMPatfight69
El placer de la lucha con ballbusting47/18/2014 11:49 PMmail4me76
Ballbusting45/05/2012 10:59 PMb000016