Milking Matches

How do you like to making milking matches interesting?


3/16/2020 6:29 PM

Combatsportsfun, you wrestle naked and fingering is part of the match to weaken your opponent and make it easier for him to shoot his load when you jerk him.


Tanman269 (0)

3/14/2020 3:33 PM

Think the ab stretch is a great hold for milking. Opponent is trapped, weakened and hard. On his feet or knees, he's yours and yiur free hand has complete freedom to milk him


Good looker (0)

3/14/2020 5:22 PM

(In reply to this)

Tanman. Ur correct


Good looker (0)

3/14/2020 7:02 AM

Single leg Boston, make him submit, then reach between his legs & Wank his trunks.


Good looker (0)

3/14/2020 7:01 AM

Sleeper hold. When he's out, he's yours


Combatsportsfun (1)

3/13/2020 10:52 PM

I haven’t done this type of match yet but I was wondering what others like to do to make this match more interesting?

An interesting ideas I’ve came up is bjj style match wearing gi and where you are allowed to strip each other’s gi until someone is milked. If opponent taps to submission, the winner picks what the loser to take off and rolls until someone is milked. Of course this can be multiple matches (in different gear if agreed).

Let me know any ideas you all have!

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