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Are you getting enough Protein ? Most men DON'T

scottimike (26 )

7/29/2020 9:37 AM

interesting dietary advice ,


CubbyBoy (1)

4/11/2020 7:40 PM

Thank you!!!


RadnerBearman (0)

10/01/2019 4:22 PM

I train in the Warriors, Combatants and Gladiator mode. 80% of all men are lacking in proper nutrition, especially those who are over 60. Lets face it we don't eat right. especially if you live alone. We let Fast Carbs creep into our bodies. Fast carbs are: Corn, Rice, White Potatoes and Breads of all Kinds. Fast carbs break down to sugar in the body. If we don't burn that sugar as energy it turns to fat. We all need MORE Protein.... a sedentary man needs 56 grams of protein per day. Athletes meed more 75 grams per day. None of us get enough of the right stuff. The wrong stuff creeps into our diets. The older we get the more we will pay later. In order to burn 1 pound of fat we need to burn 3600 calories. You want to be a warrior, a combatant or a gladiator, then you need to fuel the body like one.

Easy Ways to Increase Your Protein Intake
Eat Your Protein First. When eating a meal, eat the protein source first, especially before you get to the starches. ...
Snack on Cheese. ...
Replace Cereal with Eggs. ...
Top Your Food with Chopped Almonds. ...
Choose Greek Yogurt. ...
Have a Protein Shake for Breakfast. ...
Include a High-Protein Food with Every Meal. ...
Pair Peanut Butter with Fruit.


Punishmentwrestling (0)

7/29/2020 10:11 AM

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Thanks for this. Very helpful.


typh427 (31 )

7/28/2020 5:41 AM

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Thanks man! Really helpful!

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