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Offense/defense drills for new boxers

Bikerguy516 (36 )

1/19/2017 4:47 PM

Hi fellow newbies. Another member recommended this and I agree with him so I am posting it.

I think one of the best learning tools for new boxers is some kind of offense/defense drill, where one guy throws an agreed upon combination of punches, first in slow motion, then gradually faster as the other blocks them. And then maybe flip flop roles. In this way, you can learn what types of "moves" may come at you and learn how to defend against them. Plus, I always love any punching action I can get, give and take. Heavy bag work is great but bags don't fight back.

Anyone interested in doing these types of drills together? We can add other things as well if we want for either fun or learning (like wall drills or gutpunching). Please be somewhat local to NY if you want to do this with me or check my travel locations.

Thanks guys!


razorfish (130 )

1/20/2017 8:23 AM

(In reply to this)

thanks for the post. nice of you to setup a sparring group. would be great to do somthing like that here. hope you get a good response from others in NY.

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