NorthTown Fight Club

NorthTown Fight Club Meet VII

dermott manc (20) 1/24/2014 10:53 PM

Shame have other plans tomorrow would have been good to fight you and have a go at Matt Melia


Fighter Matt (38) 1/24/2014 11:38 PM

(In reply to this)

What a shame as it would be great to fight you stand up bkb. Ive had some cracking public boxing and bkb and MMA shows and really improving all the time with my boxing club training 3 times a week. Bring a friend next time too.


Fighter Matt (38) 1/22/2014 5:56 PM

The next NorthTown Fight Club meet is on Saturday 25th at Pippas Wrestling Factory in Manchester. Come along and enjoy a good days NHB training, Submission grappling and light sparring. Bring a friend too. Add youself to the event in the events list on here.

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