Group for folks that like having pro-style submission moves used in a competitive, give-and-take, or jobber/heel squash matches.

Promission wrestling is a form of wrestling where professional wrestling-style holds and moves are used to wear your opponent down for an actual pin or submission.

This style can be fun in a competitive, give-and-take, or domination heel/jobber match where the holds and submission moves are cranked on with actual pressure to gain real submissions/pins/knockouts from your opponents - different from pro-fantasy which is much more about the role-playing or for "show" without the concern of a little bit (or a lot!) of pain. Be aware though that there is STILL an aspect of cooperation and a bit of role-playing between both opponents involved in promission wrestling as well (for example assisting your opponent a bit by posting your arm on their leg when being set up for a body slam or a small hop up and straightening out your legs when being pulled up for a piledriver). And always - as a reminder - always put safety first!

This group is also for folks to discuss your preferred pro-style submission holds (such as the figure-four leglock, boston crab, camel clutch, and sleepers) and impact moves (such as body slams, suplexes, and piledrivers) - whether you like taking the pain or dishing it out. Discuss likes, dislikes, preferences, potential match locations (available rings or matrooms to use or rent in particular), and hopefully find others that you can one day have a match with.

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