bare knuckle fist fighters

a place for bare knuckle fist fighters to find each other.

This is a group for serious standing bare knuckle fist fighters. These fights include face shots and ae conducted with rules that make sense for both men. Absolutely no cyber stuff and no call no show will remove you for the listing with proof. General rules are there should be at least one other person present to assist both fighters. Fights should be conducted in rounds with a count out being 30 seconds. A man can refuse to get up and be counted out or refuse to come out to start any round. In this group there cannot be any ties. Additionally there is to be no scoring or rounds it is a fight one winner one loser. There can be risks in this sort of fighting be sure you are up for the task and in shape to fight. Suggested range for the fighters is within 25lbs and 15 years of age as a guide. Exceptions of course. Reminder to all of those looking for serious fights. Once a guy has said no thanks there is no point trying to get them to change there mind. You want to fight and love it this is for you. no elbows/feet/knees allowed but holding and hitting is permitted

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