Had another hot jobber session this past weekend that turned into me getting pounded into submission.

I knew right away this meet up was going to be great because it was actually someone I've known going back to college! He reached out on FB and asked if I was still into acting out matches. I said as long as I'm the jobber, I'm always looking for fun!

He had his house to himself last Saturday and he had asked if I had time. We hadn't seen each other in a bit so I was eager to go over, catch up and then get to work. I did my usual pre game shower, shaved my pube region, balls and made sure my tush was smooth as well.

When I got his place, we both had that immediate connection right away. We sat in living room for a bit, had a drink and then headed into the bedroom. He has this giant king size bed that is so comfortable. Everything was clean, smelled great and just felt welcoming.

I hopped on the bed, took my pants and shirt off. I had on my assless orange undies which he kinda laughed at but said he liked. He undressed and had on a navy blue speedo type number. He hopped on the bed and immediately pushed me down on my stomach.

He took my two arms and pulled back so it was almost like a makeshift kinda surfboard move which hurt but I tried to play off. I wiggled out of that and got myself up and tried to get him in a head lock which he countered and was able to flip me over his shoulder so now I was on my back. Before I had a chance to think he tore my underwear off and my cock was rock hard and standing straight up, lol.

He grabbed my cock really hard and started stroking it slow. He said if I get you to cum in the next minute, I'm going to make you suck me off and then I'm going to destroy your ass.

I tried really hard to think about anything else, but I had no chance. I splooged all over my stomach, a little bit even got on my chin. I can still hear the sound of it almost splashing.

I asked him for a towel but he said pussy jobbers don't get to clean up. He then wrapped his legs over me so he was on top of me with his balls just at my chin. He took his cock and started rubbing them over my lips then started pushing his cock right in my mouth. I started sucking him off wrapping my lips as tight as I could. I grabbed his cheeks as I was sucking and he had the firmest, smoothest ass I had ever felt. After a few seconds though he pulled out, got off of me and flipped me on my stomach.

He pulled up on my hips so my tush was sticking way up. I was a little nervous with how I looked in that position, but that concern didn't last long! Next thing I felt was his cock rubbing in between my cheeks and then.....he started just plowing so hard. I'm not gonna lie it hurt a little bit, but after a while it felt so good. Even though I just came, my cock was rock hard all over again. I started rubbing my cock, one because it felt good but also to distract me from some of the discomfort.

'Oh fuck' was the next thing I heard and then I felt his hot juice all over my back. His groaning was soooooo hot. He then grabbed towels and we got cleaned up.

We hung for a little bit, but then I decided to get dressed and head back home. We did make plans to meet up again soon.

So looking forward to my next jobber session

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I want to do the same thing to you