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My Sleeper Fetish--What It's Really Like for me.

My big dream when I was eleven or twelve and watching TV wrestling was doing sleepers. I moved on to BG East, Thunders Arena, and the world of underground VIDS when I got older. I took bjj where I learned to do the sleeper right and practiced it with others. At the gym I’d look at younger guys and try seeing them with their clothes off in the locker room without being caught. Or I’d try to imagine what it would feel like with someone’s big bicep in my neck or overwhelming me with their strength and wrestling until I passed out. But that was never enough—no, never. The more it went on and the more I got, the more I needed to have.
At my old gym I saw this guy doing squats wearing a t-shirt that had pro-wrestling on it. Once he heard I was into sleepers, he’d go for me in the hallway or in the locker room—anywhere he could get me– but I always got away. Then he hit me hard when I was walking on campus. I flipped him over my back the first time, but the second time he I was tired from something, and he put me out. It hurt when someone did it to me, but it was like a shot of heroin in the arm, and I’d always go back for more. When I got up, there was cum in my pants.
Another dude I met at my old gym was short but had huge shoulders and arms– like 18-inches. He was one of the few that came the closest to someone cut out of a muscle mag I ever saw. Before I could stop myself, I asked him to wrestle, but he said he’d do but was “too busy” or something. That’s just how it is when you have the fetish enough. He said, though, he had someone he said he was training who could do it. It turned out to be some blond guy I met in the locker room with his shirt off just the other day. A few days on he jumped on my back while I was working out in the weight room, put his arm around my neck, and was choking me out. I was able to flip him out onto the floor. Otherwise, he was going to put me out! I knew I’d hit on another guy with a fetish who behaved like he was back in junior high.
The next time I saw the big muscle guy in the gym, we went back to the mat room together. He was wearing a t-shirt and shorts to start. I could see he was a better wrestler than me, but at first appeared to be letting me take the upper hand. Then he stopped, and he pulled his shirt off. His pecs were sticking out as much as everything else. I wouldn’t even hazard guess how many roids he takes. Then we were back at it again, and he was really trying this time. Suddenly, his bicep was over my neck under one side of the chin. Right away I could feel myself slipping!
After that I moved out-of-town and for a long time went back to just fantasizing and videos. But the beat inside me wouldn’t stop. I kept looking for guys to wrestle at my new gym like before, and I bought a wrestling mat for my spare room. It took a long time before I found a guy who said he did submission wrestling at church camp and was willing to do it. There must be something about me or guys I picked to wrestle, because we always end up wanting the same thing.
We agreed to keep in touch and exchanged e-mails. I wanted to convince him to do a sleeper match and sent him some pictures from off the net. He said he was religious, and I tried to make it look as straight as possible. The only rule was you go for as many sleepers and chokes as you can and wear your opponent down and to put them out. No tap outs allowed after the third to a choke or sleeper.
He didn’t know as much wrestling as I did, especially the kinky kind of stuff I showed him. But like the other guys I wrestled, it soon turned out he was as hot as I was. He started out with his pinning me several times, once with a roll up and then a cradle. I escaped, and we went on to the front choke. He’d wrapped his legs around mine and wrapped his arms around my neck. I could feel his dick right over mine. “I wanted start you out feeling good,” he said, like he knew from the start what I was up to.
Getting more serious, he tried some Ezekiel sleepers (i.e., his elbow across my neck). It hurt a lot, but I was always able to roll out. Then he put his hand over my mouth and nose, and then came the foot chokes. Standing back up, he took hold of my arm while he pressed down with his foot on my neck, or he put his foot over my mouth and nose like he did with his hand. Or he’d hold my leg and put his foot underneath my chin, or his big toes into my carotid. He kept trying to open my mouth and stick his toe in to make me choke. He had the biggest sleeper foot fetish for sure!
After a couple of leg triangle from his guard and crunching my head into his crotch until I couldn’t breathe, I was barely able to escape. Going into the final stretch, he went for multiple rear chokes. I kept my head down to keep him away from my carotids and roll out. But I was so tired my now, I couldn’t do that much. When he got me again, he squeezed my jaw with his arm which hurt a lot. After getting away so many times, he rolled me over, put his foot up against the wall so I couldn’t roll out of it again, and gagged me with his hand. When I was almost out, he sat me up and finished me with a rear choke.
When I came to, my crotch was wet with my cum. The next time I saw him in the gym, he gripped my vertebral arteries from behind, I and started me feeling horny again. “Did you enjoy jacking off after we were done?” he said.
My face turned red. I denied it, even though I was lying. A few more years of working out, and he was 250 lbs. and had 20-inch arms. He wanted to wrestle him again. That was too soon after my surgery and couldn’t, and he moved away after that. Later, I chatted with some super heavy guys on the net who do sleepers. I wrestled this one super heavy guy in my bjj class at my old gym. I remember we started face-to-face, and he easily knocked me down with his weight, pinned me, and rolled me over, and put me in a sleeper. I remember how I could feel myself going as soon as he put his thick arm around my neck and was barely able to escape in time. Hot sleepers always win!

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chicagocroix (13)

14 days ago

Great essay and very informative with regard to anatomy! I am who enjoys all aspects of being sleepered so I could relate to every word!