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Progressing but still some ways to go!

Hey guys,

Thanks again everyone for your support during this highly frustrating time. I had my post-operation consultation with my surgeon yesterday. We were able to take off bandages and stitches are nearly all gone already.

I'm still not allowed to work, or engage in wrestling or other sports asides from indoor cycling. Nonetheless, I've got some good mobility on the clavicle already, so it's all evolving quite well, just hope it will be fast enough to face some Americans when I come over ;)

In any case, it's progressing, that's the most important!

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jonny innocent (50 ) 9/13/2019 3:07 PM

Great news, Kim. Wishing you a continued speedy recovery. And confident you will make the right decision as to when to return to the ring. 😉


Wrestlertoo (97) 9/13/2019 4:47 PM

Pleased to hear it good and don't overdo it in your anxiety to get back to wrestling....Try chess meantime! lol
Cheers, J.