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I know being respectful of others is critical on sites like this. Everyone is weird to some degree, and we should tolerate each other's little armadillos. Uh may have the wrong word there, sorry. But you get the idea. Play nice, be respectful.

Having said that, a little lighthearted stroll along Weirdness Lane isn't harmful, is it? On the older site for alternative wrestling, Globalfight, seeing one amusing entry led me to do a keyword search. A guy wanted to "wrestle for steaks." The search found around a half dozen similar entries. I know a loser buys dinner challenge might make sense. But the interests outlined in the profiles strongly suggested the intent was that the loser would be well done, without an assist from a chef.

A guy wanted to do a brother versus brother match with me. Sounded good, until he said we needed to become blood brothers first, by cutting a finger a little and exchanging blood. I decided to remain an only child.

The times I was asked if I would ride a guy like a horse or a pig (think Deliverance - the movie, not the theological concept) didn't surprise me. But riding a guy like a turtle, super slowly? That request produced a disturbing mental image, with the part of the turtle head going in and out of the shell being played by an uncircumcised penis. I passed on terrapin pinning.

I get the almost infinite variety of gear possibilities, including the bizarre requests, with one exception. Nude except for a Hawaiian lei. That match didn't happen so I didn't get lei-ed.

A little online trash talking is great fun. But one guy went from "make you tap out" to "I'll unscrew the motel lamp light bulb and shove it up your ass, then squeeze your ass cheeks until it breaks." That seemed way too well thought out in advance.

I guess the conclusion here is that it's always okay to ask a possible opponent if a particular behavior would be acceptable, as long as the person asking does not respond to rejection with rudeness.

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canwrestle (40 ) 7/13/2021 5:33 PM

Peccadillo is the word you were searching for. A peccadillo is a small, mostly inoffensive sin or desire. Like putting ketchup on Kraft dinner, or pineapple on pizza.


lighthouseguy (4) 7/13/2021 7:15 PM

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Thanks. At least was close phonetically lol.


Ironbull (100) 7/13/2021 5:36 PM

Long live the human fetish and enjoy.

"I'm going to RIP off your clothes, beat you to a pulp, hang you upside down from a meat hook and dribble red hot oil onto you, punk"

"What kind of oil?"

"Who cares asshole ... oil"

"Not tested on bunny rabbits?"




lighthouseguy (4) 7/13/2021 7:14 PM

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I love that.That’s the vibe I was trying for. Between consenting adults nearly everything should be legal. Do it if it’s your thing, see the humor in some of it as long as the laughs are good natured and not judgmental. However as a baseball player is about to find out, there may or may not be a line between routine bruising and beating to a pulp. There’s an exception for mutually agreed upon contact sports, so in theory any outcome between guys on here is permissible.


lighthouseguy (4) 7/13/2021 7:54 PM

I need to apologize to someone who commented. Don’t recall the name, just abs that look like an old time washboard. I’m new at this. Started a reply to your comment, got distracted. Came back to it, wanted to start over so hit delete, not knowing that would happen to your comment. I’d offer you a shot at an abs punching match to compensate, but my religion frowns on suicide.


TakeThePunchesAI (4) 7/13/2021 8:28 PM

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Lol, It's okay. No offense, things happen. But "old time washboard"? Lol.


Jedi (35) 7/13/2021 10:29 PM

The Pun-ishment in the post was exquisite and much appreciated.


Georgiablue2 (1) 7/16/2021 1:07 AM

I laughed out loud at this. So true.
Thanks for posting. And by the way,
the occasional armadillo can be quite charming😉


Jedi (35) 7/16/2021 6:30 PM

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Armadillos can carry the bacterium causing leprosy, so admire their cuteness from a distance!


lighthouseguy (4) 7/16/2021 6:45 PM

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So, Armadillos have peccadillos. Who knew? Thanks guys, I'm learning a lot from just one blog post. If I do a bunch of them I may end up intelligunt.


Georgiablue2 (1) 7/16/2021 7:55 PM

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Aarrgghhh!!! Thanks for the warning Jedi. I just moved to an area where they seem plentiful and downright cute. Steering clear from now on!