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A Message to ALL of my favorites

Hey guys. A lot of stuff has been going on lately with the death in the family and a lot of other stuff, but I just wanted to give you guys an update on the next chapter in my life:
It is now official......... in Spring of 2020 my guy and I will be relocating to Omaha, Nebraska. So what that means for you guys in Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, and Minnesota..... we'd better get meeting up sometime this year! However, this year is also going to be busy for me...... here's what's on the itinerary for the rest of this year:
Feb 21-24th- Naples, FL- Non wrestling trip:
July 4-14th- Omaha, NE- non wrestling trip.
August 2-5th- Phillips, WI-non wrestling trip
September 7-14th- Orlando, FL- technically a non-wrestling trip, however, since we won't be hitting the parks until Monday the 9th..... who knows.
Thanksgiving and Christmas- non-wrestling trips.
These are just to give you a guideline on when we might be able to meet up. Anybody outside of the midwest, we'll play it by ear. If you guys have any questions, let me know.

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