Its been so ironic for me to get my first fight in. Back in Lynchburg this past February, I was all ready to fight. Shaved belly, shorts and shoes on just waiting. I was nervous but still wanted to do it. But now that I'm home its much harder now especially in the summer cause my nerves get the best of me. It's probably because I have no expectations in Lynchburg. So without further ado, I think I'm waiting until at the end of September/beginning of October for meeting. I know that some of y'all are thinking that I'm chicken and wondering what the heck I'm doing on this website. Just y'all wait!

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9 days ago

No, you want the time to be right and of course you want to be taking on the right (for you) opponent. Then there's the covid latest version and monkey pox. So, maybe for you, it is like jumping off the high diving board, one air borne the next big thing will be a splash. Or, put another way, que sera, sera. Best of luck to you; and try not to make the other guy look too bad.


Ironbull (98)

8 days ago

Getting in the ring and sparring is one of the hardest things you'll ever do.


Sparrhawk (8)

5 days ago

Why would you need to shave your belly to spar?