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Prison Guard and the Brute Bikers - Part 4

The following story contains graphic description of male-male violence and sexual interaction. If these topics offend you, do not read.

Prison Guard and the Brute Bikers – Part 4
Back in the alley, all was quiet now except for the clunking sound from inside the dumpster. Mark relaxed for the first time since he started his battle with Big Bear. His strength was nearly spent after subduing the powerful ape and throwing him in the dumpster. Veins popped from his arms like an anatomy chart; a layer of sweat accentuating the definition of his muscles. He scanned the alley for his mobile to call the Rock Ledge police.
After a few minutes of hearing Big Bear’s fists hitting the metal sides of the dumpster, all went quiet. Mark found his phone, but it wasn’t functional, shattered during the fight. Considering what to do next, he started to hear a creaking sound. What was the sound? He could tell it was coming from the direction of the dumpster. He walked over and as he got closer heard Big Bear groaning and seeing the top of the dumpster bowing up just a bit. What was he doing? The container was only about five feet high and Big Bear was over six feet tall. Still, Big Bear’s groaning and the creaking of metal continued. Mark couldn’t fathom what was happening, what true strength was being exerted from inside the big green metal container. Then he realized… Big Bear was likely squatting inside the dumpster, pushing up with all the power in his legs as well as his upper body.
As Mark gazed across the top of the dumpster, he noticed that the pressure of the dumpster lid was pushing at the half-inch steel pins that held it in place. Big Bear’s growling got louder, as did the sound of metal trying to give way. The lid pushed up slightly and the pins began to bend. Mark could not believe what he was seeing as he watched as the thick pins bent upward. The metal groaned until the pins reached an angle where they slipped out of the loops and the lid popped open, slamming against the wall of the alley with a loud BOOM! Big Bear was standing straight up in the dumpster, his impossibly wide, hairy back facing Mark.
“RRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWRRRRRRrrrrrrrrr!!!” Big Bear roared. Still standing in the dumpster, Big Bear turned to face Mark, who now felt small compared to the massive biker bear. Lifting his arms up and out, clenching his fists then opening his hands as if reach to the heavens, Big Bear roared again and Mark stood frozen. With the agility of a cat, Big Bear jumped out of the dumpster, landing about two feet in front of Mark. Mark was paralyzed. He was confused, afraid, excited.
“DID YOU REALLY THINK THAT THING WOULD HOLD ME?!?!?” Big Bear screamed. As another show of defiance, he turned and pounded his fist once, then again into the side of the steel dumpster, forming a deep dent in the thick metal wall. “THAT’S WHAT I WILL DO TO YOUR BODY!!” he yelled again. Before Mark could react, still mesmerized, Big Bear powered a fist to Mark’s left obliques, followed by an uppercut to his jaw, nearly knocking the handsome bodybuilder out cold.
Big Bear stood supreme in front of Mark, whose body was swaying from the shock of the two blows.
Big Bear started sniffing. “Shit man, that dumpster was fuckin’ smelly man, I fuckin’ STINK now! Mark stood there motionless recovering from the punches, still in disbelief from seeing the biker bear escape from the dumpster. Big Bear stripped off his jeans, dirty from the garbage in the dumpster. He was wearing only his jock now, his ample half-hard cock pushing at the fabric. Mark was confused – what else could he do?
Big Bear turned back to Mark and slammed his right fist into Mark’s face, snapping it to one side. Then he did the same with his left fist, Mark’s head bouncing to the other side. He hit Mark again with another right, then a left. He didn’t use his full force, if he had, Mark would have been thrown back, and knocked out. Big Bear wanted to dominate Mark, make him his slave. Defeat him yes, but humiliate him also – and AWAKE during the process. After six punches to Mark’s face Big Bear stopped and Mark was barely conscious, but still standing. Big Bear’s jock was now stretched out, his 9-plus inch cock nearly at full hardness from his work-over of Mark’s handsome face, the shaft’s thickness clearly visible. Pre cum wetted the jock, discoloring the white cotton fabric. Nothing turned him on more than overpowering a formidable opponent, and Mark certainly fit the bill. Mark’s bodybuilder physique was swaying as the face hits took their toll.
“DUDE! – Ur not even TRYING to fight back! What’s the matter, am I too much for the tough prison guard?!?” Big Bear was mocking Mark now, totally cocky, his arms outstretched. Mark could barely make sense of what the biker bear was saying, he was nearly out on his feet.
“Let’s see what you got under that shirt!” Big Bear said as he lifted his hands to the collar of Mark’s white tank top. In one swift move, Big Bear jerked down splitting the shirt in two and exposing Mark’s smooth muscle-pecs. “Nice chest there, fucker” he said as he started to stroke the big pec slabs. He moved his hands down to the abs that he pummeled earlier, noticing the bruises from his earlier pounding of the young muscleman.
“OOOOH, looks like you got a little RUFFED UP! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Big Bear shouted as he lightly punched the tender ab wall.
Mark regained his composure, and while fascinated with the power of the heavyset Musclebear before him, he didn’t want to be defeated - he MUST subdue him.
He waited for the right moment as Big Bear was admiring the destroyed abs; he slammed his right fist to the side of Big Bear’s head, then his left fist.
“AAAGGHK!” Big Bear cried out, holding his head and stepping back away from Mark. This time Mark didn't hesitate, he moved in and started pummeling the hairy beast’s hard gut and chest. He tried for more shots to the big man’s head, but Big Bear’s thick forearms were protecting his face. Mark’s hits did no damage to Big Bear who nevertheless needed to recover from the powerful head punches.
“YOU FUCKER! YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT!” Big Bear screamed. Then the biker-bear slammed both fists onto each of Mark’s sloping traps, hammer fists that forced him to drop to one knee. Big Bear followed up with a knee to Mark’s chin, a hit strong enough to push him back but without hurting him seriously. Big Bear’s head was ringing from Mark’s punches… but the ache drifted away and he decided it was time to get serious with this young muscleman. As Mark stood up, Big Bear stepped toward the hairy bodybuilder, with one hand behind Mark’s neck, Big Bear swiftly lifted his knee into the bodybuilder’s crotch, this time with a direct hit. Mark curled up groaning in pain, his knees buckling. Big Bear had a specific idea in mind – Mark’s guns needed to be neutralized!
He grabbed Mark’s right forearm, lifted it up violently and smashed it against the brick wall of the warehouse. Mark flexed it instinctively and also started smashing his other veiny forearm onto Big Bear’s back. The blows were minor irritations to Big Bear. His back had layers of muscle only partially concealed by a small layer of fat that added to his impressive bulk. Big Bear was undeterred… with one of his hands firmly clamped on Mark’s right wrist, Big Bear lifted his heavy fist and SLAMMED it into the side of Mark’s flexed right biceps. Mark grunted in pain and still tried to assault Big Bears back with his meaty forearm, but the blows weren’t having much effect.
Big Bear was silent as he went to work on the huge upper arm. BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM… five more hard punches into the same spot on the biceps. Mark was moving his head back and forth trying to resist the punches to his 22” flexed balls of muscle. Mark realized that his forearm smashes weren’t having much effect. His right leg was trapped by Big Bear’s massive thigh, so he forced up his left knee into Big Bear’s crotch, but he couldn’t get the leverage he needed. The force of the knee lift was less than half power and the angle wasn’t quite right. Big Bear responded with a knee lift of his own, not so much to crush the bodybuilder’s nuts, but more as a defensive measure. It worked as Mark was kept in place and prevented from further attempts to hit Big Bear’s nuts.
Big Bear continued to pound into the flexed muscle. BAM! BAM! BAM! After a few more punches, Mark’s biceps could no longer resist. The once-powerful muscles were defeated, the flex was broken and the big ceps loosened. But Big Bear was not satisfied. He lusted for the destruction of Mark’s huge, beautiful muscles! He continued to pound his fist into the upper arm, pulverizing the muscle fibers into the brick wall. He was out to ruin the big upper arms. He was so into the muscle demolition, a bit of drool dropped from his mouth as he grunted and pounded, pounded and grunted. He punched at different angles, managing to hurt the inner portion of the triceps. He was pounding the top of the biceps into the bone and with full-power hard direct shots mashing the thick muscle strands into the hard brick.
Big Bear was sweating now, droplets clinging to each fiber of hair. His man smell rose up, too, from the exertion and Mark took in the aroma that surrounded the two big bulls.
After about 20 more punches, Big Bear stopped and lightly squeezed the biceps. They had swollen a bit, but were completely soft and lumpy. Mark groaned in pain. His right biceps hurt bad; it was the only feeling in his right arm – the rest was numb. Big Bear released Mark’s right wrist and the arm fell to his side limp.
Big Bear backhanded the defeated muscleman across the face… twice… snapping the handsome prison guard’s head back n forth. Then Big Bear went to work on the OTHER arm! Pinning it back by the wrist, Big Bear raised his thick forearm and positioned the fist.
“ONE DOWN, ONE TO GO!” he said gleefully.
“No… no… please man… no…” Mark thought to himself. He could not bring himself to openly say it, he tried to think of a way to escape this sadistic beast. But as the beating of his other was even more brutal than the first, Mark came to realize he might have to take this beating.
“OH FUCKER, DON’T EVEN BOTHER! I’M GONNA RUIN UR MUSCLES AND TAKE UR VIRGIN ASS! MAKE YOU MY BITCH!” Big Bear said with total self-assurance. Mark now knew he was defeated and the self-confidence of the biker bear along with his superior power turned Mark on as before, but he certainly didn’t want to be fucked – not by any man, certainly not this bitch-ugly hairy bear!
“That’s right, muscle stud, I’m gonna show you what real power is and make you BEG for my body!
Big Bear continued to work on the other arm, as Mark flexed it up big and solid to resist the pulverizing Big Bear had promised. Mark tried valiantly to resist, holding the massive gun up hard, gritting his teeth. Then he finally submitted.
“no… more…. Please…. Stop…. Enough! No More!” he cried out.
Big Bear would hear none of it. In fact, he was turned on even more by the young bodybuilder’s pleas. His fat prick was pushing at the fabric of his jock, a big bulge that Mark felt rub his left thigh.
Big Bear hammered his fist into the biceps a few times, BAM, BAM, BAM - and then stopped.
“You may have been strong ONCE, but that’s all changed now! Don’t I look at ALL familiar to you??” Big Bear said quizzically. Mark was confused.
BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! Five more hard punches into Mark’s big left upper arm.
“You don’t REMEMBER me, fucker? Well, maybe cause I’m a bit BIGGER now!!!
BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! Four more brutal hits into the granite muscle. Mark didn’t know how much more he could take. He looked over at his arm… bruises appearing now even as he continued to hold the flex.
“Look at ME, Fucker!” Big Bear shouted and grabbing mark’s head, turning it toward him. “Are you SURE you don’t remember me???”
Not waiting for an answer, Big Bear continued to strike Mark’s arm. BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! Six more blows and Mark couldn’t take any more. Then he remembered….
It was four years ago, just about six months after Mark had quit bodybuilding and switched to power lifting. It was his second contest and he won. The first one he had finished third. Big Bear was the other finalist, an experienced power lifter who had won this division several times before but was defeated by Mark. And it just wasn’t that Mark was stronger, he had the perfect body and exuded masculinity. Big Bear was incensed at his loss. He retired from competition after that, but reappeared on the scene a few months ago. Mark didn’t recognize him because he had shaved his head, was significantly heavier, adding both fat and solid muscle.
Mark was unaware that Big Bear was back on the scene, nor would he even have noticed as the powerlifter brute was not someone he kept track of, or even cared about the slightest bit. Big Bear had left the state and moved down south, winning strength contests there as he continued to train. His newfound power wasn’t all due to his workouts, however. A friend from Florida told him about a new designer drug that went undetected in tests for PEDs but had amazing effects on the user. Fast recovery rates, quick muscle building and greater fat burning capabilities all in one!
“OH YEAH! Now I can see you remember me! You were a fucking roided-out bodybuilder who decided to try power lifting and with all that juice running through you… “Big Bear’s voice trailed off. Then he resumed his thumping of Mark’s arm. Mark could no longer keep it flexed, the softened muscle propped against the wall with no choice but to be target practice for Big Bear’s heavy fist.
BAM! BAM! BAM! The knuckles were separating the muscle fibers, Mark’s strength being taken away and there was nothing he could do to resist the beating.
“Yeah - that was it alright, you’re a fucking ROID BOY and you fuckin CHEATED! Then I decided to take a go at it. Found me some hot shit… geared-up… worked fucking amazing, don’t u think??!”
Big Bear released Mark’s left arm and it dropped to his side. Big Bear lifted up his big arms and pumped them into an amazing flex. Veins now visible for the first time wrapped around the thick biceps. Mark was truly impressed by this man’s size, at least 24 inches of rock hard beef! Big Bear moved in close to Mark’s face and flexed his right arm inches from Mark’s eyes, blocking the view of anything else. The huge muscle mound filling up before Mark’s eyes.
“How…” Mark started to say.
“How BIG is it?” Big Bear finished his sentence. That wasn’t what Mark was going to ask, but no matter. “These pipes are 24, maybe close to 25 right now. They’ve been above 25 before!” Big Bear pulled his arm back and with his other hand started stroking his biceps and triceps, squeezing and punching his own muscle. Mark was intoxicated by the site of it.
Thinking back to Kristy’s earlier question about whether the brute’s arms were bigger than his, Mark had his answer. Mark’s 22” guns were impressive, but clearly smaller than the biker-bear’s. When he was at his biggest Mark’s guns stretched the tape barely to 23, never getting close to his goal of 24”. And here before him was this ugly hairy animal with arms 25”! And not just huge, but clearly rock hard, dense muscle!
Satisfied with his handiwork on Mark’s huge guns, Big Bear decided to take another tack. He wrapped his thick arms around Mark’s broad, well-defined chest and applied a crushing bear hug to the helpless prison guard. Slowly, methodically, he began to squeeze Mark’s torso in his vise grip. Mark’s arms were useless to fight back, hanging limp at his side.
“UGGHH!” Mark groaned as Big Bear put on the crush. Big Bear knew what he was doing, his hands locked just below the center of Mark’s granite back, pulling the muscleman’s body into him, his cock now rock hard and pushing against Mark’s upper thigh. Knowing he was totally in control had the biker brute totally boned, his thick leaking pre-cum. Big Bear started flexing his pecs into Mark’s torso, the hairy globes bulging into Mark just below Mark’s own impressive pec shelf. He lifted the 260-pound bodybuilder off the pavement as the squeeze tightened.
Big Bear’s grip was so strong Mark was unable to take in air to breathe. Mark moved his head back and forth in pain trying with all his might to expand his chest. He was somewhat successful at first, but Big Bear was too strong. Big Bear’s thick arms held the muscled guard tight, squeezing ever tighter and readjusting the position to hold Mark at the center of the muscleman’s chest. There was no way the muscle stud could escape Big Bear’s iron grip. Mark moaned trying to resist the incredible grip, but he could not.
As Big Bear continued to increase the pressure he felt the strength draining from Mark, his resistance decreasing as he tried to gasp for air. The pressure was too great for even his impressive chest to handle; he valiantly resisted until he was totally limp, out. But Big Bear didn’t release his hug; he savored the pleasure of having knocked the young bodybuilder out with his crushing hug. He rubbed his fat prick up against the muscleman’s thighs. Feeling Mark’s hard body in his arms, he couldn’t help himself. He humped the thick thigh, the huge mushroom head feeling the leg hair and hard muscle of Mark’s quads. He moaned as he felt the first eruption well up from his nut sack a thick squirt of cream flooding his jock and spilling on the KO’d muscle guard. The second shot was more intense and Big Bear moaned more loudly this time, continuing the thigh-fuck. In total control of Mark’s 260-pound body, Big Bear spewed several more times. His thick cream soaked Mark’s abs and upper thigh. When he was completely spent, he sighed with satisfaction, released the hug and felt Mark’s limp body slip to the pavement. He roared over the unconscious muscleman, flexing his dripping cock in complete satisfaction of his domination of the handsome young bodybuilder.

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BamaJDon41 (1 gold) 3/10/2019 10:37 PM

What could Mark do? As soon as I saw that dumpster start to break I would have run like hell!!!!!! But that would have been a different story. Awesome imagery. Busting out of a dumpster and then an amazing bearhug. Great writing.


leanaussiemuscle (40 platinum) 3/12/2019 5:13 AM

Incredible story! Love the big dominant bear squeezing him out cold!


muscldestrctn (2 platinum) 3/12/2019 8:02 PM

(In reply to this)

Thanks guys!