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Prison Guard and the Brute Bikers - Part 5 (ending)

The following story contains graphic depiction of violent sex between two men. If this topic offends you, DO NOT READ.

Prison Guard and the Brute Bikers - Part 5
Big Bear looked down at Mark’s perfect body. Big Bear’s cock had lost little of its hardness, a three-inch string of cum hanging from the slit. With the palm of his hand he cupped the cum-drip and brought it up to his shaft, massaging the liquid around the big fuck tool. The sensation brought his cock back to full hardness, even more than before.
Big Bear walked to Mark and sat down on his chest and slapped his face a few times, bringing him around. Then he stood up, towering over the muscle stud. Mark seemed confused until he realized what had happened, remembering his defeat before being knocked out. His ribs, back and arms ached. He felt the wetness on his leg from Big Bear’s cum. He tried to get up, supporting himself with his left arm, but it immediately gave way, no strength left at all. Big Bear laughed as he watched the once-powerful stud unable to get up off the pavement by himself. He flexed his cock up and down in front of Mark who was trying to make sense of it all. How could he have been defeated by this ugly thug? And yet, the size and amazing strength of the big brute evoked confused feelings of admiration along with fear.
Mark groaned in pain as he tried to get up. Big Bear reached down and grabbed Mark under his shoulder, hoisting-up the young 240-pound stud easily with one hand. Mark stood nearly straight up trying to regain his composure. Not sure what was to come, he looked for an escape route. Big Bear started to feel Mark’s body. His calloused hand rubbing Mark’s bruised pec mounds, his softened abs still shaped into thick bricks. He moved his hand up Mark’s veiny arm and squeezed the biceps sending pain into Mark and causing the young stud guard to try and pull away. Big Bear held on to the discolored upper arm, all bruised from the intense punching he delivered to it earlier. He wanted Mark to know who was in control before releasing it. He moved his hand back over Mark's battered gut and down to his thigh, first the right then the left.
“Looks like you got a little messy there!” he laughed as his fingers rubbed the gooey cum on Marks upper quadriceps. Then without any warning, Big Bear fired his fist into the center of Mark's destroyed abs causing Mark to cough and double over. Big Bear grabbed his hair and immediately straightened the bodybuilder up smiling at him, enjoying the contorted look on Mark’s face. Then he fired again… BAM! …delivering a deep knuckle-punch into the once-hard gut. Again, Mark coughed, his face unable to hide the pain of his destroyed ab wall.
Big Bear never felt so powerful. He was in complete control and wanted nothing more than to demolish the hot stud’s muscles. He moved his big hands down to the bulging pec slabs of the muscled guard. He closed his hands on the big mounds like a vise, his thick hairy fingers slowly crushing the muscles. Mark flexed-up his impressive pecs to resist.
“That’s right, muscleman – RESIST MY GRIP!” Big Bear bellowed as he squeezed harder. Big Bear’s thick penis was rock hard once again. He released his grip, then started bashing both pecs with his fists. BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM!
Mark was unable to fight back. He had to just take the pounding to his big beautiful pecs. The hairy brute continued the pec destruction unabated, switching between intense claw holds, compacting the big slabs in his vise-like grip, to beating on them with his big fists. The combination was devastating to the bodybuilder’s massive pec slabs. After five minutes of abuse, Mark lost control over his pectoral muscles and they started to spasm uncontrollably, the soft bruised muscles bouncing up and down.
Big Bear’s brutality was revealed fully when he grabbed Mark’s right pectoral in his hand, squeezing his thick fingers against the palm of his hand, the meaty pec trapped in between. The biker brute than started PULLING at the side of the pectoral muscle… “I’m gonna hurt u, muscle pussy!” he said quietly, but confidently. Mark felt the side of his pec start to burn… the pain slowly intensifying, he looked down to see Big Bear’s hand crushing the impressive muscle mound.
“How does that feel muscle pussy?” As the vise grip continued to pull… he was literally ripping the pec muscle away from Mark’s chest, causing the muscle stud to scream out in pain. Mark never hurt so bad as his right pec was being torn apart and his left pec spasming uncontrollably.
“I’m gonna do this to ALL your muscles!” Big Bear bellowed. Then he stopped. Dropping his grip, the right pec sagged, no longer completely intact. Mark couldn’t help it, he started to cry.
“OH, POOR BABY!” Big Bear sneered.
Big Bear moved behind Mark now, caressing the delts, traps and broad upper back. Again without warning he launched his fist into Mark’s body, this time connecting to the back about halfway up just to the right of the muscleman’s spine. Good thing too, cause a hit with Big Bear’s power into Mark’s spine might have broken it and crippled him. Instead, a rib cracked causing Mark more pain.
Mark felt totally emasculated. His body hurt all over. What was this bully going to do next? Big Bear gave him his answer as he wrapped his arms around Mark’s torso from behind and started rubbing his nipples with his fingers, flicking the fleshy nubs. Mark couldn’t help it, the sensation was making his nuts tingle. Then he felt Big Bear’s warm body against his back, the hairy pecs rubbing, the big cock pushing against Mark’s glutes. Big Bear was breathing heavy as he masterfully toyed with Mark’s chest. He pulled lightly on the brown nipples, rolled the nubs between his thumb and forefinger. It was a mixture of pain and pleasure. The aching, burning pecs combined with incredible pleasure from Big Bear’s masterful manipulation of Mark’s nubs. Mark felt his cock begin to grow, thankful that the bully behind him could not see his reaction.
Once again without warning, Big Bear lifted up his arms under Mark’s hairy pits and wrapped them behind his head securing a full nelson. Mark cried softly in pain as pressure was applied to both ruined biceps. There was no escape now.
“Time to make you my BITCH, muscleboy.” Big Bear whispered softly into Mark’s ear.
“No man, you don’t want to do this… c’mon, I know you’re no fag and neither am I, just let me go!” Mark begged.
Big Bear responded “I’ll fuck ANYTHING to get my dick off! And I ESPECIALLY like using muscle-boy ass! And how sweet it will be to take your cherry… the man who cheated and beat my dead lift!” referring to the strength contest he lost to Mark years earlier.

Mark felt the oversized cock pushing against his glutes, the pressure of the nelson holding his body in place. He thought to himself “maybe this fucker will just shoot on my ass and let me go” but it was not to be. Big Bear repositioned his body behind the muscle guard and Mark felt the swollen cock head pushing between his glutes searching for the warm, virgin hole. He clenched his glutes tight hoping to hold off the rape.
“Really man, you can’t fuck me… c’mon… you’ve beaten me, isn’t that enough? Please man… PLEASE!” Mark begged.
Hearing the pleas of the stud only excited Big Bear more. “Well - if you don’t want to get your cherry picked, why don’t you FIGHT me, eh muscleman?” But they both knew that wasn’t possible. Even if he was able to struggle, there was no way Mark could summon the strength to break Big Bear’s hold.
Big Bear started to push his fat prick through Mark's wall of glutei muscle, finding the hairy pucker within. He pushed a little harder, being sure that he was at the correct angle for penetration. With another slight SHOVE, Big Bear’s mushroom head popped through Mark’s virgin sphincter. Mark’s cock, which had become nearly fully erect, drained of blood and softened from the pain as Big Bear’s hard veiny shaft entered him.
“AAAGGGHH! NOOOOOOOO! AAAAAGGGGHHH” Mark cried out. His ass burned from the hard pole stretching his ass ring.
“Oh Yeah… feel NICE… nice warm hole you got there, stud boy!” Big Bear chortled.
Truth was, Big Bear had never been so turned on, his cock never as hard as it was at that moment. He threw his head back and grunted as he forced his dick up Mark’s tight hole, the only lube being a bit of spit and half-dried cum.
“OOOFFFUUCCCKK!” Mark yelled out in pain as his hole felt like it was being split open. Mark was sweating now and breathing heavy trying to take the pain, still in Big Bear’s punishing nelson.
Big Bear moved in and out of the tight anus, skillfully measuring the speed and angle of his strokes so as not to tear Mark’s ass, but to loosen it so the fuck would be easier. It worked, as Mark slowly relaxed, his ass accommodating the bully’s big fat prick.
At one point Mark looked up and could see the reflection of the two gladiators in a window. He couldn’t believe his eyes. His own massive muscled body impaled on the biker-bear’s prick. Mark’s own cock flopped up and down from the force of the brutal fuck.
The shadow of another person appeared on the steps leading from the bar. The bulky figure was Little Bear, who was checking on his buddy.
Mark noticed Little Bear standing on the steps leading out from the bar. His shirt was off, thick dark fur covering Little Bear’s torso, even hairier than Big Bear. He was stroking his cock observing the total dominance his big buddy was exerting over the handsome muscle stud.
Mark was silent now, just accepting the fuck and waiting for it to be over. But as Big Bear continued the sexual assault, the tingling feeling in Mark’s nuts returned and his cock began to expand again. Big Bear’s hard dick was stimulating Mark in a way he had never been stimulated before. It was then he realized that a good ass-fucking was both pleasurable and painful.
Big Bear saw their reflection too, and it he liked watching his own bulky frame humping the young muscle stud. He saw his buddy watching and stroking his ultra-fat penis. But Big Bear’s attention was focused on his dominance of Mark.
“Oh fuck, boy, you got one tight hole… nice n tight… yeah… fuck …. love your hole… so warm... making it MINE… FUCKING THE MUSCLESTUD’S HOLE! FUCK YEAH! Feels so good… pounding your ass… oh man… yeah… your no virgin anymore… you’re my FUCKING MUSCLE BITCH! TAKE MY BIG COCK MUSCLE BITCH!”
Big Bear’s cock was pushing deep into Mark, his wide cockhead hitting the muscleman’s prostate, stimulating Mark in a way he had never been stimulated before.
Big Bear noticed Mark’s growing cock in the window reflection. He laughed and called out to Little Bear “look Al, the muscle pussy is enjoying being fucked!”
“YEAH BUDDY, PLOW THAT HOLE!” Little Bear called to Mark. “Looks like he is ENJOYING your cock up his ass!” Mark’s pole bounced up and down from the force of the rape, drips of pre-cum flying off his cock.
Big Bear turned back to Mark: “Looks like my muscle bitch LIKES being fucked by his bear-daddy! YEAH! You fuckin’ weak punk thought you could take me! HA HA! Raping you good now… except that you’re ENJOYING it! Can’t call that RAPE, eh muscleman?”
Big Bear plowed Mark's ass harder and faster now. Mark could do nothing but hold on for the ride. His cock had grown to full erection as the fine line between pain and pleasure was being tested on Mark’s ass hole. And the bully’s total confidence combined with total control was turning Mark on more than he ever thought possible. His 8-inch prick was sticking up high now and his nuts were churning. Big Bear’ cock was punching at Mark’s prostate now, the pleasure it caused like nothing Mark had ever experienced, even as the rest of his body ached.
With the nelson still secure, Big Bear continued his cock-punching of Mark's ass. He couldn’t keep holding back much longer, seeing Mark’s cock hard and flopping in the reflection. His second orgasm of the night began with a forceful shot deep inside Mark.
“FUUUUUUUCK YEEEEEAAAAAH!” Big Bear screamed as he spurted shot after shot into Mark’s anus. Mark felt the warm liquid being force fed to his ass and he, too, could not hold back.
“OH MAN…. OH FUUUUCK!” he exclaimed as his jizz spewed out three feet onto the concrete in front of him. As he shot, his sphincter contracted, massaging Big Bear’s rock-hard cock-shaft and milking several smaller squirts out of the bully bear. The knowledge that his cock had forced Mark to orgasm was Big Bear’s ultimate accomplishment. This had been Big Bear’s most intense orgasm ever. Mark, too, never had cum like that. Waves of both pleasure and pain came over Mark from the long intense fucking. He shot seven streams of jizz, an orgasm that lasted a full 30 seconds not counting the intense pulsing of his cock leading up to it. He never spewed so much cum… thick streams like a fountain that gave him a pleasure he had not experienced before.
Alternative Ending 1- Golden Showers – skip if you’re not into this
Little Bear, too was overwhelmed by the scene and started to furiously jack his meat. “That’s it fucker, USE his ass!!!”
When he finished, Big Bear pushed Mark off his cock, the swollen head painfully popping back out of Mark’s sphincter, the suction of the fat plunger causing more pain for Mark as he fell down to the ground.
Big Bear’s cock was still hard from the intense fuck. He wanted one more humiliation of the handsome muscle guard before he left his victim. Mark was semi-delirious from the mix of pleasure and pain of his ass-rape.
Big Bear placed his hands behind his head, his huge upper arms semi-flexed revealing the thick black pit hair as he stood over Mark.
Big Bear smiled as he bounced his semi-hard cock. Mark hoped his punishment was over, but it was not. Little Bear walked over, standing on the other side of the slumped bodybuilder. He knew Big Bear too well: “yeah man, spray him.”
Mark didn’t have a clue what that meant, but didn’t need to wait long to find out. A stream of yellow liquid flowed from Big Bear’s cock on to Mark’s face.
Big Bear’s urine splattered on Mark’s cheeks and into his eyes. “NOOOO….. AAAGGGHHHH….. FUUUCCK!” Mark closed his eyes and cried out as Big Bear pissed all over his face.
“MMMMM…. Feeeeels GOOOOOOD!” Big Bear said as he unloaded his piss all over the defeated muscle guard.
Little Bear, jacking his cock next to Mark, let loose his own piss, a powerful stream that soaked the muscled body until it shined, beads of liquid clinging to hair, rivelets of piss dribbling off the muscle, a pool forming in the base at the base of Mark’s destroyed pecs.
“OOOOOHHHHHHHH YYYYEAAAAAAHHHH” Little Bear moaned. He needed release after all that beer and face-fucking of Rob.
The stench of bear-urine filled the alley, disgusting Mark since he knew it was emanating from his piss-covered body.
Little Bear laughed, “I never did make it to the bath room, Al!” he shouted to Big Bear as he continued to relieve himself on the prostate muscleman. After coating the beefy, broken body, Little Bear knelt down right next to Mark’s face and forced an intense stream of piss on to Mark’s face like a fire hose. He leaned over just a bit and pulled down Mark’s jaw, forcing some of the urine into the handsome stud’s mouth.
Big Bear laughed “yeah, man, FEED it to him! DRINK IT, MUSCLE PUSSY!”
Mark sputtered trying to resist the golden liquid, spitting out what he could, but being on his back, some of the piss settled in the back of his mouth and throat and he was forced to swallow. To his surprise, it did not make him sick despite its intense taste. Nevertheless, he never imagined the level of degradation that he was forced to accept at that moment. His big muscled body, beaten and broken, raped and completely humiliated.
Both men finished pissing and laughed, high-fiving each other. Mark coughed, totally emasculated.
Little Bear pulled out his phone and videoed the scene, the groaning prison guard soaked in piss, his bruised body barely able to move.
“I wonder what your slutty girlfriend or buddies at the prison would think of you NOW!” Big Bear said as Mark lay in a puddle of piss. One arm was dislocated, his biceps, abs and pecs aching bad from the brutal hammering, and pain emanating from his chest due to two busted ribs. Not to mention his aching ass ring with Big Bear’s cum dripping out.
Big Bear put on his pants, gathered his shirt and leather. He slapped Little Bear on the back as the two Brute Bikers sauntered out of the alley.

Alternative Ending 2 – Little Bear Gets Brutal
Little Bear looked on as his big buddy power-fucked the muscle stud, making Mark cum without his permission, without anyone touching the prison guard’s eight-inch dick. Mark moaned in pleasure even as his body ached. Little Bear was turned on by Mark’s rape and he worked his own super fat prick, now coated in slimy pre-cum.
Big Bear pulled out of the tight muscle guard’s ass, still nearly fully hard after his second orgasm in less than a half hour. Mark fell to the ground, partly from being pushed, partly from the failure of his body to keep him upright. He moaned in pain, rolling on his back, even as his cock was still hard from the incredible orgasm.
“C’mon, buddy, have a go at him!” Big Bear beckoned to the stocky ape.
Little Bear grinned and walked over to the prostate muscleman. Little Bear put one leg on either side of Mark’s torso, then dropped down, one knee smashing into each biceps. Mark cried out in pain. His upper arms were already ruined and the pressure of 240 pounds dropping on them further damaged his arms, once magnificent, now discolored and in the case of his right arm, in an unnatural position. Little Bear did not stop there, he grinded his knees into the biceps making Mark flail about underneath the dominant ape-man.
Little Bear’s ball sack was now right over Mark’s face. He had massive nuts, not low hanging, but two clearly separated balls, like eggs covered in curly salt n pepper hair. Little Bear’s cock was fully erect, sticking up at a 45 degree angle. It was an incredible piece of meat. Average in length at seven inches, the shaft was as thick as a soda can topped with a helmet head more than two inches wide. Mark looked at it in awe. It was not as long as Big Bears, not even as long as Mark’s own trophy cock, but it was so THICK! Above the big cock was Little Bear’s ample gut, hard and hairy.
“LICK MY NUTS!” ordered Little Bear. He grabbed the back of Mark’s head and pulled it up so Mark’s mouth could get close enough to tongue the ball-bag.
The smell of dried piss and cum and body order sickened Mark, who closed his eyes and grimaced. This did not make Little Bear happy. He cradled Mark’s head with one hand and put his other hand at the base of his own thick tool and started whacking Mark’s face. The cock was so hard it was truly a weapon, hurting Mark’s cheek and eyes.
“SUCK MY BALLS OR I WILL BREAK YOUR NOSE!” Little Bear shouted at Mark as he continued to hammer the young stud’s face. Mark believed he COULD bust his nose, so he stuck his tongue out. Little Bear maneuvered Mark’s face closer to his ball bag and Mark started licking, his eyes closed.
Mark lapped at the hairy scrotum driving Little Bear wild.
“TAKE ONE OF MY NUTS IN YOUR MOUTH!” shouted Little Bear.
The studly guard complied, grabbing one of the big eggs between his teeth, massaging it with his tongue. Little Bear moaned in pleasure. “YESSSSSS!!! THAT’S RIGHT! WORK MY FUCKIN BALLS!”
Mark was just happy the beating stopped, hoping he could pleasure this brute enough to keep him happy and calm. He could feel the coarse pubic hair rub on his tongue as he massaged the nut sack. The tongue probed one ball, then the other, pushing at it, feeling the mass of each testicle. The gonads revealed a size and density which produced copious amounts of sperm-filed cum. Little Bear had cum once, but Mark’s tongue massage was stimulating more production and he would need another release soon. Big Bear looked on with approval, stroking his long schlong and admiring his handiwork, the busted up muscle man splayed on the alley pavement.
The ball-lapping continued for about five minutes, Little Bear groaning in pleasure, his fat fuck-tool bouncing and spewing pre-cum.
All of a sudden a sharp pain emanated through Little Bear’s body from his left ball, which was in excruciating pain.
“FUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!” Little Bear screamed as he stood up bending over, holding his nuts. Mark had bit into the fleshy ball-bag, his last attempt to escape an unknown fate at the hands of these sadistic brutes! Big Bear was wondering what the fuck was going on as Mark got to his knees to make is escape. Clearly, this was a stupid move on Mark’s part.
“What the fuck, man? What happened?” Big Bear asked his buddy.
Little Bear flew into a rage. In spite of his pain, he kicked Mark in the side just as Mark was about to flee.
Little Bear kicked Mark 5 more times, shattering 2 more ribs. Then he stopped, his ball pain worsened from kicking Mark. His rage, however, could barely be contained. After a short recovery, he went back to Mark, flipped him over with one powerful kick and began STOMPING his abs, the heel of the boot pulverizing what was left of the thick, hard bodybuilder abs.
Not satisfied with wrecking his ab wall, Little Bear stomped Mark’s balls.
“YOU THINK YOU WERE GOING TO HURT MY BALLS? WELL FUCK YOU, I’M GOING TO DESTROY YOURS!” the position of Mark’s sack was such that Little Bear could not get a clear stomp, saving Mark’s balls from complete destruction.
“HOLD HIM!” Little Bear ordered his big buddy. Big Bear grabbed Mark under his shoulders and lifted him up. Little Bear faced Mark and started pummeling the emasculated bodybuilder, hitting him in the pecs, abs and face. The face shots were devastating, Little Bear’s fists breaking Mark’s nose, cheek bones and jaw. His fists were making the once-handsome muscle stud unrecognizable, turning it to hamburger. When Mark’s head drooped, his eyes shut, Little Bear stopped. Blood dripped from the face on to the bruised pecs. If he were dead, they would need dental records to identify him.
“Fuck dude, did you kill him?” Big Bear asked. “No… wait… I can feel him breathing.”
“I couldn’t fucking care” Little Bear sneered, contemplating his next move. He stroked his thick cock that had softened from the intense ball pain. He slapped Marks bloody face, bringing him back to consciousness, and without hesitation, shoved his semi-hard dick into Mark’s mouth. The girth expanded as Little Bear face-fucked the beaten muscle guard. Sadistically, Little Bear shoved the cock deep, making Mark sputter and gag.
Mark was forced to take the girthy fuck pole, thicker than Big Bear’s massive tool. Mark could barely see, his eyes swollen shut from Little Bear using his face like a punch bag. Little Bear reached down and grabbed Mark’s right hand… he lifted it up, held Mark’s right forearm with his free hand as he continued to drill Mark’s mouth.
“It’s gonna be a while before you lift again” said Little Bear as he TWISTED Mark’s hand to one side while holding his forearm firm, SNAPPING the wrist in one violent motion. Mark shrieked in pain. Little Bear sadistically started to rotate Mark’s hand back and forth intensifying the agony.
AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHH ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Mark cried out and started sobbing from the excruciating pain.
Mark’s pain was Little Bear’s pleasure; his cock spurted like a fountain down Mark’s throat. Huge wads of cum filled Mark’s mouth and spilled out.
“FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!! YEEAH!” Little Bear shouted as he the creamy liquid spurted forcefully. “FUUCK!! FUUCK!! FUCK!! FUCK!!” Little Bear repeated over and over with each pleasurable shot. The supply of cum seemed never-ending.
Little bear spewed stream after stream, Mark thought it would never end… he was forced to swallow some, but most poured from his mouth, the amount was so great. The Brute’s orgasm went on and on, an inhuman supply of jizz unloading in Mark’s mouth and dripping down to his pecs.
After nearly a minute of spurting, Little Bear pulled his fat rod out of Mark’s mouth… it was still pulsating as if it had a life of its own.
Big Bear could not hold back as he watching his buddy punish and throat-rape the young bodybuilder. He shot his third load of the night, spewing on Mark’s pecs and abs.
“His virgin ass was awesome, buddy… maybe you should have waited to blow your load.” Big Bear said as he walked toward his brutal friend.
With Mark moaning in pain, cum all over his face, pecs and abs, Big Bear leaned to Little Bear and started kissing him while placing his hands on the smaller man’s furry chest, squeezing the ample pecs and manipulating Little Bear’s bloated nubs. Little Bear moaned in pleasure and responded in kind, grabbing Big Bear’s eraser nips, pinching, pulling and twisting them. Both men were breathing heavy, their veiny tools quickly reaching full hardness once again as they moaned and rubbed their thick veiny cocks to together and roughly working on each others’ nipples.
The two biker apes were totally into each other now, getting off on their mutual power and hyper masculinity. Big Bear lifted both his arms, flexing the mass to their full 25 inches, pumping and making Little Bear’s cock bounce.
“FUCK YEAH, man, you are a STUD!” Little Bear said admiringly to the big ape before him. Little Bear felt the huge biceps, squeezing them and punching them, turning on both men.
Little Bear flexed back, then with one hand, grabbed the back of Big Bear’s neck and guided his head to the black bush in his pit. “MMMMMMMMM” Little Bear moaned as Big Bear buried his face in the deep pit and massaged it with his tongue. Little Bear roughly pulled on Big Bear’s eraser nubs, making the bigger brute go wild on the left pit, then moved to the right one.
After 10 minutes of the mutual bear worship, Little Bear was ready to cum again, and he wanted his jizz up Mark’s ass. He broke away from Big Bear and pushed him away, dropping between Mark’s legs. He spit on his magnificent cock, rubbing the saliva all over it, making himself moan.
Then he put it at opening to Mark’s anus… “ready muscle pussy?” he asked, but did not wait for an answer. Little Bear PLOWED into the ass in a swift thrust, causing more pain for the muscled guard. The slow, hard strokes pummeling the muscled ass into total submission.
Mark moaned in pain as the brutal bear continued drilling his ass.
Mark’s eyes widened as he saw the plump mushroom head staring at him, white frothy cum and brown shit spots covering the long shaft.
“Now its time for you to clean me up before I leave!” the brutal bear ordered.
Before he could react, Big Bear pulled Marks face onto his cock, one hand opening Mark’s jaw to let the big prick in. Without any hesitation, he rammed the hard pole down Mark’s throat, gagging him. Big Bear bounced his enormous hairy pecs in front of Mark as he raped his mouth. He showed no mercy this time, unconcerned about the gurgling from the young stud’s throat. Mark puked up bile, tears dropping from his eyes from the mouth rape. Big Bear controlled the bodybuilder’s head with his meaty paws, plunging his fuck pole down Mark’s throat and then pulling back only to repeat the maneuver over and over until his cum welled up from his nut bag and he shot his wad a third time.
Although this last orgasm was not as intense, he was satisfied by the look of fear in Mark’s eyes as the brutal mouth fucking continued. Tears welled up in Mark’s eyes as he was forced to swallow the thick cream.
After the last spurt of cream, Big Bear pulled his cock out as Mark spit up cum and bile but managing not to puke. Big Bear would’ve liked that, but Mark was able to hold in despite the churning in his gut. Big Bear’s half hard dick now rested on the top of Mark’s chest.
“Fuckin' hot, man!” Big Bear exclaimed. “We’ll have to do this again!” And with that he launched his fist hard into Mark’s face, the force of the blow slamming into the bodybuilder’s jaw, knocking him out cold.
Big Bear got up off Mark and gathered his clothes. He put on only his pants before joining Little Bear and strutting down the alley together, all-powerful.

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BamaJDon41 (1 gold) 3/16/2019 8:25 AM

One of the best written fight stories I've read. It may be absolutely brutal. The bad guys may be animals. But like a great horror movie that shocks you into hyper awareness, this is a story that will be difficult to forget.


muscldestrctn (2 platinum) 3/16/2019 5:40 PM

(In reply to this)

Thank you, BamajDon!


alfredolima (14 ) 3/18/2019 1:44 AM

Great story. The fights of the men must always end with the ass of the defeated being fucked by the victor.


muscldestrctn (2 platinum) 3/18/2019 6:08 AM

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Thank you Alfredo, I agree!