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12th Birthday - Update


Today we launch some smaller improvements across some parts of the site: Donations, Chat, Messages. opened on 26th November 2008. Our 12th birthday is rapidly approaching. To get everyone in a happy celebrating mood (quite a challenge in 2020...), we gift every verified member 30 days donation status — starting Now. If you verify during November, you receive the 30 days too. (As always, members with an already active donation (and verification) will receive 30 days on top of their existing one.)
Click here to start your verification, and get one month donor status.

Donation Update:
As of today, we extended our payment options for donations.

Additional to PayPal, we now accept bank transfer, and in the next days, we will add even more payment options. This was quite a regular request from the community, and I'm happy to provide it now.

The price for donations does not change (same price since years!):
20USD (15EUR or 14GBP) (+VAT) For a full year, no automatic renew.
All our benefits can be found on the donation page

Chat Update:
Apart from some background improvements in the chat, you can now play Rock paper scissors!
Type: "!rockpaperscissors @MemberName" in the chat.
(or in short: "!rps @MemberName" to start the game.) Happy battling!

Notification Update:
Thank you for all your critic and ideas for our new Mail system. During the last weeks, we added many of your suggestions and other improvements to the Message system. Today we activate a new feature: "Offline Notifications" If you turn it on in your browser and OS, you will receive a notification of new messages even when is closed. (It does work on MAC, Windows, Android. It is not available on iPhone/iPad.)
On your settings page, turn on "Enable offline notifications"

The US election: PLEASE VOTE
In the coming week, the US election takes place. Because of COVID-19 the dates got adjusted to accommodate social distance. For your convenience, here are the updated dates:
Voting for Joe Biden Tuesday, 3rd November 2020
Voting for Donald Trump Wednesday, 4th November 2020.
Source: (1) (2)
I'm aware I'm breaking my own rules when it comes to political discussions. But that's the advantage of being the owner. Please VOTE.

Please stay polite and respectful in the comments.

Best Regards and stay safe,

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New Message Page is Up

Hello Fighters,

Our new Messenger page is up. We hope it will help you go through your messages more comfortably. It should also be a bit faster than the old mail page.

We continue our commitment to bring you the best fighting site we can.

Best regards,
The MeetFighters team.

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Meetups are back


Today's news post will be the last one regarding our COVID-19 actions for a while. I hope you all made it well trough the past couple of months, enjoyed our free videos, and our new forum design.

But you all were waiting to fight again, I got the messages, and in the past days, the voices got louder to open up Meetups (events and match requests) again. So let's start with the good news, and we will also end with good news!

Meetups are open

The new Meetups page combines the old "event" page and "match request" pages into one. It has a fresh and modern design that works even better on mobile devices. Both have COVID-19 sections that you can fill out or leave it empty as you wish. This information is provided on a voluntary basis. If someone leaves it blank, draw your conclusions. Disclaimer: MeetFighters does not verify the volunteered information.)

Sadly due to time pressure, we could not complete the new Meetups page 100%. A planned feature that will be released later will present all Meetups on a world map to make it easier to plan your travel. As well as some additional filter options. Stay tuned!

Free donations

We extend the free donation from 30 to 45 days. Everyone can enjoy for two more weeks of free donation status. If you had an existing donation, it also got extended.

The donations are open again: if you enjoyed your donor status, feel free to donate.

Be sensible about how often you meet strangers during a global pandemic.
Happy fighting. Stay safe, think twice!

Best Regards,
The MeetFighters Team

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Free Donor Status for All

Hello Fighters,

New Interest group and forum design:

As you might have noticed, today, we have launched the new interest group layout. At the same time, we merged the forum and interested groups into one page. Convenient!

The functions stay the same as before. If you join an interest group, it will be displayed on your profile.
Refreshing the (10-year-old) site code for these features is also an essential step towards providing an APP.

Help your locals

When COVID19 broke out, we first donated half of your donations to the WHO fund for a month.
As the second step, we did quickly launched FightersAid, and we sent cash out to a few small Clubs and individuals.

The final stage is that for this month, we stop accepting donations entirely. We want to encourage you to directly support any local business or charity!
Why not go to your small gym around the corner, buy a yearly pass, but then don't visit. - You can still visit the gym if you like, perhaps when it is safe, but regardless you help this small business to survive during a crazy time.

To make up for this, we are opening all donor perks to everyone - (almost) no strings attached.
Requirement: Your account must be 30 days or older. (To donate also required that your account was 30 days old)
To not crash our server, we have to limit video viewing to one video per 10min. (Sorry, but we have not the capacity of a streaming platform like YouTube. And to many video requests could slow down the site too much. - In saying that, we will monitor the situation, and might move the Videos to a CDN on the weekend.) If that happens, we remove the 10min limit.

For members who already had an active donation status:

  • You will receive a bonus month on top of your paid donator status.
  • You are not limited to one video per 10min

This stage will last for 30 days. Unless we decide to extend it. :)

Match requests

We will not open match requests for the next 30 days. What happens after that is not clear yet. But the chances are high that it might start again shortly after.

Stay safe and stay healthy,

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New project: FightersAid

Hi Fighters,

In our first news about COVID-19 we talked about forwarding 50% of all donations to WHO COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. A few weeks later, the transaction is done. It was a great way to help quickly. Today we start something new: 50% of all donations from the middle of April until the middle of June will be donated for our new project: FightersAid.

FightersAid meant to help small fighting-related communities or individuals. These can apply to the form and ask for direct financial help. Like this forum post demonstrates, I feel they are a lot of smaller clubs who currently struggle hard because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

If you know any local fighting or training related club or a small local gym that needs help, you can forward them to us:

Disclaimer: For personal reasons, I won’t aid: Video production companies or escorts, please respect these decisions. Local clubs that also support the young generation of the next fighters are slightly preferred.
In case some money is left, it will go to the WHO COVID-19 fund again.

Please spread the word if you know someone who can use this aid.

Small site adjustments to follow up on FightersAid:
We allow any kind of advertising in our dedicated sub-forum. Same disclaimer, no video-production companies, and escorts. Sharing links is allowed, no spamming.

Other site improvements

New Chat function went online to handle our chat what got busier in the past weeks and raised the reports coming out of it. To counteract them, for a few days chat room owners are online now to help the self-regulation of our chat rooms.

And as always,
Stay healthy and try to stay fit!

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