Dear members,

I have changed the Fight Venues page this week. It is now a bit more wiki-like: any member with three or more past opponents can go and edit the pages there. Hopefully this will provide more up-to-date information, turning this neglected part of the site into something useful.

Also, you can now submit private fight spaces and I added some more facilities (e.g. sauna and massage).

In other news, I am working on a calendar feature. It's coming along nicely.

Smaller changes since the last site news include:

  • Translation updates. Members of the translation team will start getting special medals, just like the site supporters. (See green medal on right!)
  • A cleaner Bugs and Suggestions page.
  • Match Requests now show the date of modification.
  • Messages now show links to the messages that this message is in reply to.
  • The left column of the site has been reordered to show "Your account" more prominently.
  • Miscellaneous fixes.
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MCRLON30UK (55 bronze) 7/12/2015 6:29 PM

Thank you for the update plus improvements. The fight venue link text is broken.


Admin 7/12/2015 6:30 PM

(In reply to this)

Might be because this blog entry is over 3 years old and the feature has been scrapped since.


MCRLON30UK (55 bronze) 7/12/2015 6:38 PM

(In reply to this)

Christ, clicking on the translator gem brought me here so I automatically figured it was new news without looking at the date. Ignore me.


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