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Online Events Open

Hello Fighters,

We are opening up a new page, "Meetup". This page will merge what were previously the "Match Request" and "Events" pages. I think our Events page was underrepresented and hard to find. After the virus outbreak, the new Meetup page will receive a few more features to help you Meet Fighters.

Starting today, you can submit events for online meetings such as Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype... Like real events, they will have a start date, and members need to join the event to be able to receive the link. The link provided from the event organizer will then be shared with event participants 24 hours before the event starts.

During the covid19 outbreak "Match request" and "real world events" stay disabled as mentioned in our previous News post.

Speaking of online events, if you can't wait until the end of the pandemic to satisfy your wrestling needs, checkout our brother site,!

Stay active and stay healthy,
The MeetFighters Team

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EatFighters is here

Hello Fighters,

As you may have read in our previous blog posts, we no longer recommend meetings of any sort while there is a pandemic out there. Doing so would be irresponsible and exacerbate a situation that is bad enough already. How long this will last, we cannot tell, but estimates tell us that we need to move forward. We asked you what you wanted most from us in these difficult times of isolation, and the overwhelming majority of you said you wanted food'.

So starting today and lasting until the end of the pandemic, as so declared by the World Health Organization, MeetFighters will be repurposed and rebranded as EatFighters. We will bring you Recipes (Check out our new "Recipes" section in the site menu). Our videos page will feature cooking shows and we will let you share you the latest tricks of the Kitchen in our very own news blog.

We are contracting Jamie Oliver to bring you the best equipment and are working on a deal with Amazon to get our members discounts on newly purchased cooking products. Whole Foods has already signed an exclusive EatFighters contract.


We have extended our Terms of Service with one additional point. By continuing to use the site you are implicitly accepting this:

We understand that change is hard, but in the name of the entire EatFighters team let us wish you:


Remember guys: it's always fun to go cook to cook and NO FOOD FIGHTING.

Best regards,
Chef (previously known as Admin)

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New profile badge and online training?

Hello Fighters,

Some bad news

In our previous blog post we updated that the "Match request" and "Events page" are temporarily disabled.

New profile badge

The idea came up to add a badge to indicate your cooperation with the world's effort and will not meet other fighters. But also to create some solidarity between all of us who are currently trapped home.
To add this badge to your profile, edit your profile and tick the appropriate checkbox at the bottom of the page

[IMAGE:] I stay at home to fight the virus!

Online training?

We are throwing this idea out there, for your consideration and feedback.

As we are all trapped at home, a lot of us are missing the gym or training (not to mention the actual fights!). The barbells we bought a couple of years ago are covered in dust in the corner as we are binge watching whatever Netflix is serving today.

To break this cycle, give our life a bit of structure, and stay fit and healthy, maybe we can help each other as a community. The idea is that, through some online streaming platform, someone (hopefully from our ranks) would hold online trainings for the rest of us to join and participate in. We could do this twice a day to cover time zones.

We do have a few personal trainers on MeetFighters and also members who are more than capable of leading a one-hour workout. So our questions to you, dear members, are:

  • Would YOU be willing to lead an online MeetFighters workout? (You can drop a line here, or open a support ticket to get in contact with me).
  • Would you be interested in participating in such an online-community-workout session?

Next step:

Based on your feedback, and if we find a willing trainer. I want to start rather soon, the first online session, at the beginning of a closed audience (verified members or donors). Let's see how it goes, how many join, and move forward from there.

[UPDATE 24th March 2020]:
Message from NBA:

Message from the FIFA:

And for the really tough guys, a half-hour Q&A from WHO:

Stay healthy, stay fit,
The MeetFighters team

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Official blog post on the coronavirus pandemic

Hello fighters,

In case you missed the evening news for the past several evenings, there is a coronavirus pandemic out there.

The only thing spreading faster than the virus itself is misinformation about the virus. Since we are wrestlers and not doctors, we can only offer you relief from the misinformation, which we do in the form of a link to the following site:

Q&A on coronaviruses (COVID-19) on the World Health Organization (WHO) website.

Additionally, we are forwarding 50% of all donations made to our site in the next 30 days to the WHO COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

To limit the spread of misinformation, we are asking you to stop blogging about the outbreak on our site. There is no good firsthand information to be shared here, and spreading thirdhand information is superfluous at best and dangerous/misleading at worst. Regardless of how well meaning and informed you think you are, let the experts do their jobs, and not drown out firsthand sources with your interpretations.

[UPDATE 20th March 2020]: The Events page and Match page are temporary disabled.

[UPDATE 21st March 2020]:

Stay healthy, stay safe!
The MeetFighters Team.

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Profile and Picture changes

New profile layout

You’ll probably have noticed that the layout of your MeetFighters profile has changed. In an effort to give our members an instant visual overview of who you are and what you’re into, a big main photo – your Avatar – now takes up roughly a third of your profile page. Your stats, location, the languages you speak and your gear preferences are conveniently located to the right. Below the Avatar you’ll find thumbnails for any other public pictures you may have (more about this later on) and below those, your introduction text followed by your interests, preferred fighting styles and the list of your past opponents.

Changes to Photo Peer Review

Over the past number of years, our admittedly complicated rules regarding photo classification have been the number one cause of complaints and support requests. We’ve listened. Photo Peer Review has been simplified. From now on, there are only three types of pictures on
  1. Your Avatar. This is the main photo on your profile and the thumbnail that will represent you in Chat, search lists and so on. Avatar photos have to show the unobscured face or the unobscured body from the neck down to the waist (or both), they cannot be erotic, they have to be taken from the front and they can only show one person.
  2. Public Photos. Public photos are all other photos that up until now were categorized as profile photos or gallery photos. They can be ‘softcore’ but not ‘hardcore’.
  3. Private Photos. Basically, anything else. Pictures classified as ‘Private’ cannot be viewed publicly but can be attached to messages sent to other members. (Please note that uploading copyrighted images, images featuring minors or images featuring symbols of oppression will get you suspended.)
So how does this work? Simple. From now on, any picture you upload (unless you select ‘Private’) will ask Photo Peer Review to indicate whether it is erotic, and to what degree. Any pictures classified ‘hardcore’ or higher will go straight to ‘Private’, the rest can be shown publicly. - They are no other classifications, we need the erotic classification for technical and legal reasons, we have to do them.
Every picture (except hardcore or private) can be moved freely between your gallery and profile page at any time! You can now move all your cat pics to your profile page!

To set a photo as your Avatar, you’ll have to self-assess your picture by going through a series of questions. The site will then tell you whether the photo can be used as an Avatar or not, and why. After successful self-assessment, your photo will go through our peer review system for Avatar use, where photos that were wrongly self-assessed by their owners will be rejected.
Photo Peer Review is done from all members of Meetfighters, not from the site administration.
If all of this sounds complicated, it’s not. We hope that our new system will mean less classification, less complaints, and a visually cleaner site.
If you open the first time Photo Peer Review or Photo management a short tutorial will give you a quick overview.

Changes in photo management

You can still manage your photos in handy galleries (‘Boxing Gear’, for example, or ‘Action Shots’.) But now you can also drag and drop, which means moving public pictures between galleries (and from your galleries to your main profile pages) has become easier.

HD photos for all!

Soon, all of the photos on our site will be rendered in HD (High Definition) for all members – not just donating members. As there are currently well over 400,000 pictures on our site, this process will take some time, probably about a month. Our aim is to render Avatar pictures first, followed by public and private photos.

Help us grow!

Over the years we’ve found that word-of-mouth marketing is the best way of attracting genuine new members to MeetFighters. For this, we obviously depend on you – our current members. As a thank-you gift, members who recruit new members now receive 90 days of free donor status. Start spreading the word! (Invite a friend.)

Would you like to join our Translation Team?

Last but not least, we’d like to let you know that has recently been made available in Bahasa Indonesia and Thai. Our Translation Team is always on the lookout for volunteers. Fluent speakers of any languages currently MeetFighters is currently not available in are welcome, but we’re specifically interested in hearing from speakers of Polish, Greek, Russian, Chinese (both Mandarin and Cantonese), Arabic and Turkish, to name but a few that are obvious gaps on our list.

Give it a chance

It is our hope that this new system helps by keeping our goal, to show a clear picture of the person you are about to meet but additional allows you to show different pictures on your profile landing page that until now could only be appear in your gallery.
If has still too many picture rules for you, you can visit :)

The system is simple but hard to explain; it really does provide you with a lot of freedom in how you manage your pictures! Before you punch your keyboard to write a comment, give it a chance and try it out!

Best Regards,
MeetFighters Team

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