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Improvements to the "Invite" feature

Although there are a number of interesting entries in the suggestion box, I think the most important and least regarded feature in our site today is "Invite a friend".

Problem is that we have this site that works so well, but it's just no use if no-one knows about it. This is where the invitations come in: if every member (we have 89 as of today) invited just 5 more, and those invitees in turn invited 5 more each, we would have 2759 members! (In the best, but unlikely, case that every invitee joins the site AND there are no duplicates...)

So today I added a small enhancement to the "invite" feature: you can include a short personal message to the person you're inviting. Perhaps this will make the feature friendlier for you and your invitee as well.

Thanks for your time.

Admin out

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New "Invite a Friend" Feature

Hi everyone,

I created a new feature for invite a friend. Given that there's no point in having a great site unless it is actually put to use, I hope this feature (with your help, of course) will help spread the word.

– Admin out.

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Beta test is coming to an end

Hi everyone,

The site is nearly complete! There are a few rough edges to polish, but there will be plenty of time for that later on. What matters is that the site seem to work, and seems to be solid.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed, especially gutpuncher33 for the Dutch translation and aeneas for the German translation!

Please use the Tracker if you have found problems or got suggestions.

Admin out.

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Improved site chat

Hi everyone!

I have deployed a new site chat today. It is based on the venerable IRC (Internet Relay Chat). In fact, you can use your own IRC chat client (like XChat or mIRC in lieu of the Chat page.

Right now we're cruising at... TWO signed on users. Woot! :)

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11/26/2008 Beta Testing Starts

The site is now ready for beta testing. You can register and try all the features. We have profiles, searching, messaging, a blog engine, forums and a (rather rudimentary) chat. Registered members can upload photos to their profiles.

We have basic social networking features: You can mark users as your friend and write recommendations.

Let's see if it all works!

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