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The Night Before a Match

The night before a match with a new opponent.....My mind waivers between:

"Will this be the hottest match in years?" and "Will this guy even show up?"

Quite a contradiction! Where does your mind take you before an exciting new battle?

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Harrybro (7 ) 12 days ago

My mind is one of "oh my god : what am i doing. A feeling that just increases to the very match. And then when i meet the guy they are really good to get on with and my nerves go down. But its an out-of-body experience being in a hotel room, stripping to your underwear to wrestle a stranger!! Since i hope to meet you, its nice to read your blogs.


osakarob (16 ) 12 days ago

I usually feel similarly, Harrybro. Your statement is indeed true: "But its an out-of-body experience being in a hotel room, stripping to your underwear to wrestle a stranger!!" The minutes prior to two half-naked bodies smashing together are some of the most awkward. There is a beautiful chemical mix of both fear and primal aggression.

The only way that I have found to diminish that awkwardness is to have texted plenty before the match to discuss limits, expectations, etc.
And hopefully you and I will do that before your visit to Vegas!


LoserMale (0) 1 days ago

(In reply to this)

I would be really intimidated if I walked in and saw you. Big hairy guy. Look what you're doing to that poor dude in the pic. That could be me. Gotta admit. It would cross my mind what if this guy folds me up and puts me in a suitcase. Lol.

Right now I am wondering whether "hottest match in years" would mean a satisfying victory for you, or a near upset loss because of my hidden talents you weren't expecting to be unleashed.

Asking for a friend cause I ain't got no hidden talents. Lol.


Harrybro (7 ) 12 days ago

Completely agree. Keeping it on a blog level: that awkwardness, that excitement, apprehension, expectation and mostly the feeling of doing something different (forbidden) and exciting - all of that is great and makes my heart race. Look forward to talking more.


SeattleFight (356) 10 days ago

Harrybro and I had a great fairly spontaneous meeting in Vegas a few years back. I had just flown in and it was his last night there. He came to my room, we stripped to our underwear and went at it for Queen and Country. No awkwardness at all because he’s a great guy. When waiting it’s those butterflies of excitement at the impending hot combat.


Dadofight (0) 6 days ago

Legal essa partilha. Sou do Brasil e fiz algumas boaa lutas. Umas melhores que outras. E sempre vem essa ansiedade. Um misto de peso na consciência com realização de uma fantasia que fuca a noa cobrar o tempo todo uma atitude.
Mas quando a luta acontece é uma sensação ótima.